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Frequently Asked Questions

ZoopGo as a solution speeds up your search time by fetching quotes based on your requirements. It cancels out the process of contacting and collecting details from the caterers, saving you time and effort.
These caterers mostly charge per plate, hence the final cost also depends on the number of invited guests. This per plate concept is used so that you do not have to commit to a particular sum before booking any caterers.
Most of the caterers listed with us have prior experience of serving. You can see albums with parties they have been part of. Talking with them directly is the best way for you to understand their capabilities. We only list the service providers after verifying their commercial details.
That depends on the caterer. Please talk and finalize everything with them.
Most of the caterers here specialize in multiple cuisines and together they cover almost all cuisines served on the planet.

Catering Service Charges In Delhi NCR

Service Name Minimum price Maximum price
Wedding Catering Charges Per Plate (Non Veg Menu) for Minimum 50 to 1000 Guests ₹ 850 ₹ 1000
Wedding Catering Charges Per Plate (Veg Menu) for Minimum 50 to 1000 Guests ₹ 700 ₹ 850
Party Caterering Charges Per Plate ( Veg Menu) for Minimum 30 to Maximum 1000 Guests ₹ 450 ₹ 550
Party Caterering Charges Per Plate ( Non Veg Menu) for Minimum 30 to Maximum 1000 Guests ₹ 550 ₹ 750
Corporate Party Catering Charges Per Plate (Veg Menu) for Minimum 30 to 300 Guests ₹ 450 ₹ 550

Caterers in Sector 56, Gurgaon

The innovative Caterers in Shakarpur, have a solution for every occasion

Shakarpur is based around the Yamuna river in Delhi. It is famous for its water treatment plant.

With the development of the capital, this area too has seen economic development. Caterers in Shakarpur are busy during the wedding seasons in winter and throughout the year they serve at various functions. Caterers are a necessity at any function where the number of guests is large and food is to be served. These caterers understand the requirements of their customers in the locality and are today invited to serve in other localities because their good work has made them popular. Some caterers have achieved local fame through word of mouth publicity.


What are the responsibilities of the caterers serving us?

There are all types of caterers here and the most common ones are the Wedding Caterers in Shakarpur.

  • They are hired by the groom’s family for serving guests who will accompany the groom to the wedding venue.
  • They are hired by the bride’s family to manage the entire evening and possibly serve some breakfast in the morning to the guests who have stayed overnight to see the wedding completed with religious prayers.

Some guests arrive early while some may come late. You need not worry about them, as everything in terms of food is looked after by the caterers.


How do the caterers plan and serve on your special day?

Birthday parties are held here, mostly for the young ones to entertain them and their friends. Birthday Party Caterers in Shakarpur specialize in birthdays. They can cater and help you with decorations as well. They are connected with local bakeries and can supply any type of cake that you require. Pineapple, butterscotch, velvet cake - the choices are limitless and they will never disappoint these young guests.


How the caterers are learning and growing?

Some youngsters working in MNCs whether children of locals or migrants from other Indian cities often have partying requirements. House Party Caterers in Shakarpur, are required to serve at such parties. They know the type of crowd and what they would like served. They serve alcohol too and these parties go late into the night.


The caterers will serve only what you need


  • There are some strict vegetarians here too. They include not only veggie lovers but some of them are religious and believe that eating veg will keep them pious. Veg Caterers in Shakarpur, are invited by them for any and every occasion as they do not tolerate their food to be mixed with any non-veg items.

  • The younger generation raised by KFCs and tandoor grills believes that there is nothing wrong with non-veg food. Non-Veg Caterers in Shakarpur are invited by the fans of the non-veg items which mainly includes chicken and lamb dishes. They serve Mughlai, Chinese cuisines and if you need non-veg food belonging to any other cuisine, please give them enough time so they can prepare what you need.


How do the caterers cater for all age groups?

Often there are gatherings of retired persons or homemaking ladies, who meet up to use their free time doing something only they would consider productive. Small Party Caterers in Shakarpur are always invited to serve at these gatherings. They are capable of providing serving staff and crockery for these parties if required by the customers. 

If you are looking for caterers locally please search online where most businesses have their websites or are listed with some directories. ZoopGo is an interesting solution online that is known to speed up your search. You just give your requirements and in moments 4 best quotes free of cost will be on your mobile. All service providers listed are registered with us and we have verified their details.

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