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1 Verified Catering Services Near Me In Kashmiri gate

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D S Catering Services
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1856 Jamuna Bazaar, Kashmere Gate, Delhi - 110006

Neena Mehra

The crew was professional and polite. They have done the job with perfection and utmost sincerity. It was, indeed, a delightful experience with D S Catering Services! I must recommend them to others.

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Date: 23-08-2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

ZoopGo has been used successfully by thousands of customers to arrange caterers for their parties. It is popular because of the speed at which the entire search and the shortlisting are done. It starts by providing customers with quotes based on their requirements.

The per plate charges of Caterers in kashmere gate are at the higher end of the spectrum, ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,500. However, there are few caterers around for those customers with modest budgets.

All of the caterers listed by us are registered with us and we have verified their commercial details. They have reviews and ratings about their past performances from the customers who have used their services. You can discuss any of your requirements with them and you can see photos of the events they have served at. These will be good indicators of what they will be able to do for you.

Most of them do, and why should not you, after all, you are going to invest a large amount in their services and you have every right to know if what they are serving matches your high standards.

Caterers in Kashmiri Gate

The expensive Caterers in Kashmiri Gate always justify their price tag

kashmere gate is the heart of Delhi and has been since the markets and offices were built here. It’s close to government offices and residences and a large number of their residents come here to shop and recreate. It has open parks, cinemas and private offices. Residences here are the most expensive in the country as it houses the wealthiest in the city. Most of the Caterers in Kashmiri gate are at the higher end while there are a few that will serve the catering needs of those with low budgets. A large number of foreigners come to this part of the city, raising expectations from all of the citizens here.


How the Kashmiri Gate caterers always serve in style?

The caterers established here serve in other areas close to Kashmiri Gate too. If you are holding an outdoor party, the Outdoor Caterers in Kashmiri Gate will make all the arrangements for you. You should go ahead and enjoy the party while these caterers do all the huffing and puffing for you. Most of them provide interesting decorations suitable for a gathering outdoors. Their service staff in their smart dresses will impress you with the way they serve.


What is the goal of the Kashmiri Gate caterers?

There are Wedding Caterers in Kashmiri Gate too, they serve almost exclusively at wedding parties. They are used to serving large crowds and with experience with successful catering at such parties, they want to add another happy customer to their long list. The food and the services will never disappoint anyone at the party.


How the caterers in Kashmiri Gate avoid Disappointments?

The residents of kashmere gate often hold small parties to keep each other entertained and updated on the local gossip. Small House Party Caterers in Kashmere Gate, are hired for such gatherings. They almost always bring pre-prepared but fresh food cooked with lots of care and skills. They cook these items in hope that it will ignite conversation between the guests about their taste and quality.


How the centrally located Kashmere Gate caterers attract more business?

The corporate companies here are almost all Indian and are among the biggest in the country. These businesses were set up long before the multinationals came in. Corporate Party Caterers in Kashmere Gate, are required by the employees of these organizations whenever they meet for their annual or other gatherings. They specialize in the menus for these parties and serve even alcoholic drinks.


How are the caterers in Kashmere Gate different from those in the rest of the city?



  • They are the elders in terms of experience in catering. They were set up long before any other caterers in the city.
  • Most of them start serving from Rs 1,000 per plate. Their prices are comparatively high, due to the fact that they are serving in the poshest area of the capital.
  • They attract experienced and trained employees as they offer better pay and a chance to serve the high and mighty of the city.


ZoopGo, is one of the better searching options for those looking for caterers anywhere in Kashmere Gate. It lists the local caterers and those that best meet your requirements. You just need to complete the small requirements form on the portal and give your contact details. In a few moments 4 best quotes, free of cost will be on your mobile.

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