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A celebration without food is like a relationship without a bond. Be it a corporate or festive event, making your guests' experience flavourful by serving them irresistible dishes is absolute for a crowning celebration. To make an event a gastronomical journey for your guests, hiring culinary artists (caterers) who, with their flavours and presentation, lure your guests’ hearts is imperative. Since there are several catering options available in the market, hiring the right one is not easy. And, it's always good to go through the proper channels. With 45000+ satisfied customers, 1500+ service providers, & 10+ years of experience, ZoopGo is a one-stop solution to connect with prominent caterers in Okhla, right at your fingertips. 


Which are the most popular catering styles that caterers in Okhla offered?

Whether you are booking house party caterers or wedding caterers in Okhla, choosing a catering style is essential. Here are three popular catering styles that you can opt for.


  • Plated catering -As the name suggests, in plated catering, the meal is served at guests' tables. It's the most traditional and expensive catering style. This style is best for intimate celebrations/gatherings. Moreover, you can hire top-notch intimate wedding caterers in Okhla through our platform, ZoopGo.


  • Buffet catering -Buffet catering is a form of service à la française. In this style, diners themselves plate up their favourite dishes. It's a most popular catering service that offers various dishes of meal options to guests to choose from. 


  • Cocktail dinner catering -Contrary to the typical catering style, the cocktail dinner catering style is so much more fun. Caterers aesthetically present lip-smacking food and beverages in this kind of catering. However, having a wide variety of options in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals as well as liquor is crucial to make it a great hit. 


Why should you hire caterers in Okhla through us for your next party? 

Planning a party is both exciting and stressful because you have to start from scratch. Since food is the secret of a successful celebration; hence, hiring prominent caterers who, with their delightful dishes and class-apart service, wow your guests' hearts is imperative. Here are reasons to hire caterers in Okhla through ZoopGo for your next event. 


  • Quality – By hiring professional caterers through us, you can rest assured of higher quality food with world-class service. You can hire veg as well as non-veg caterers in Okhla through us. 


  • Time-Saving – DIY catering is stressful. By having professional caterers by your side, you can keep your catering worries at bay. Plus, save your crucial time. 


  • Professional Service – If food is the heart, then service is the soul of an event, and professional caterers listed on our platform understand just that. Theywill impress your guests by waiting for them on hand and foot!


  • Menu selection –By hiring professional caterers in Okhla, you will have access to many different styles and food varieties. 


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For any further assistance or questions, you can call us on our toll-free number - 1800-12312-9655. 



How should I find affordable caterers in Okhla near me? 

You can find and connect with the best yet cost-effective caterers in Okhla through authentic online portals like ZoopGo in your vicinity. Apart from that, you can ask for recommendations from your friends and family members as well. 


Should I hire caterers in Okhla for the upcoming home party? 

Yes, you must because serving guests exquisite food with high professionalism is a secret mantra of a successful event. Moreover, besides pre-event set-up, house party caterers in Okhla also handle responsibilities of post-event clean up.


What is cheaper plated or buffet catering? 

Buffet catering is less expensive than a plated or sit-down catering.


How far in advance should I book small party caterers in Okhla? 

It's advisable to book well-regarded caterers in Okhla at least 8-9 months in advance if you don't want someone else to scoop up your favourite one. 


Why should I hire birthday party caterers in Okhla? 

If you want to enjoy the day, rather than being tied up in the kitchen all day long, you should hire professional birthday party caterers for you or your family member’s birthday party. Professional caterers will handle food preparation, service, and clean up task.


How much do outdoor caterers in Okhla cost? 

Several aspects determine the cost of outdoor caterers, such as size and type of event, type of dishes, service required (Full catering or Partial catering) location, etc. However, it may cost you around INR 500 to INR 2000 and more per plate (veg and non-veg). 


Do veg caterers in Okhla prepare dairy-free desserts?

Yes, professional vegetarian caterers do prepare dairy-free and vegan desserts. However, you need to sit and discuss this with them in advance. 

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