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Catering Service Charges In Delhi NCR

Service Name Minimum price Maximum price
Wedding Catering Charges Per Plate (Non Veg Menu) for Minimum 50 to 1000 Guests ₹ 850 ₹ 1000
Wedding Catering Charges Per Plate (Veg Menu) for Minimum 50 to 1000 Guests ₹ 700 ₹ 850
Party Caterering Charges Per Plate ( Veg Menu) for Minimum 30 to Maximum 1000 Guests ₹ 450 ₹ 550
Party Caterering Charges Per Plate ( Non Veg Menu) for Minimum 30 to Maximum 1000 Guests ₹ 550 ₹ 750
Corporate Party Catering Charges Per Plate (Veg Menu) for Minimum 30 to 300 Guests ₹ 450 ₹ 550

ZoopGo: The Insider of Caterers in Patel Nagar

An Occasion without a feast is like a cake without cherries on top! Rather, it’s your wedding or any casual get-together you’ll never want to compromise to serve good food. It will definitely feel like – A bowl of cherries! Yes! The professional Caterers in Patel Nagar make the moment spectacular. 


Whenever we hear about any wedding or birthday party then we thought about food. Well, it’s a foodie’s nature and it’s completely normal. So, ZoopGo is like a party-bomber! They have excellent choices in professional caterers. This web portal is can’t get enough of. 


  • The personalize options
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Available in every Urban and Rural area
  • Experienced services 
  • Or more 


How ZoopGo is the hub of catering services?


One thing that is highly appreciated about ZoopGo is the zeal of offering value-added services. They are not limited to any 2-3 services or any 5-6 states. This web portal spreads its network across the country where it is easy to search Wedding Caterers in Patel Nagar or your nearby location. 


Here is some glance of professional caterers at ZoopGo:


  1. The secret of deliciousness:

The experienced chef plus ingredients and the pinch of garnishing are all we need. The smoky flavors with the deliciousness of mind-blowing taste are the heart of every dish. So, go and get the best services now!


  1. The elegant decoration:

Not so extra and not so dull! Just a perfect theme decoration beyond the expectation is satisfying. The sitting arrangement, buffet, or any barbeque-inspiring preparation is all you need. Rather, it’s your small Party Caterers in Patel Nagar or any cocktail party – An awe-inspiring representation is the first appearance of an ideal party.


  1. Food with perfect Garnish:

The folk and knife around the dish are not enough until the food is not garnished perfectly. Rather, it’s the sprinkle of parsley or Hershey chocolate syrup. The unforgettable serving style leverages the “wowww!” ecstasy. The professional culinary chef always serves their signature dishes where you will never end up continuously staring and click photos of them. 


  1. The After Party:

Cleaning the mess like dishes, venues, tables, and chairs, etc. is the first rule of professional Birthday Party Caterers in Patel Nagar. This is the thing that shows the bright side of such catering services. 


How do I finalize the Catering Charges?

The charges are according to the platter or the number of guests. Even it also depends on the type of requirements rather you want beverages or cuisines, it can be any barbecue or anything. The catering charges are accordingly. All you need to ask them and clear all your queries and doubts. 


Connect with us! 

  • Now it’s easy to connect with us at 1800-12312-9655 or share your queries at [email protected].
  • Sign-up on our web portal and personalize the list.
  • Meet with your local Caterers in Patel Nagar within your nearby location.


This is how ZoopGo is trusted and highly appreciated. We, provide better services that you want. Hurry up! And book professional catering services now. 



Introducing caterers at ZoopGo!


Do you think Caterers at ZoopGo are professional?

Yes! They’re experienced where you don’t need to struggle for any catering arrangements.


What makes ZoopGo a better provider?

Our accurate web portal with easy-to-operate features makes us appreciated. The customizing options provide you to personalize your requirements to meet your local catering services.


How do I know about your trusted services?

You can visit our feedback section or Google reviews. For more click here and clear your doubts. Actually, we’re good! 


Planning a party?


How do I book caterers at ZoopGo?

You need to finalize a professional catering and contact them. After that fix an appointment or date of the occasion and set a meeting. Complete the payment formality and hire Caterers in Patel Nagar.


I want to include my traditional recipe – Do you think caterers at ZoopGo provide me this?

Why not! We respect the family’s traditional recipes and our professional caterers will definitely include them in the menu.   


What if I want last-minute changes in the menu; is it possible?

Well, it’s completely impossible because you’ve to confirm your big or small Party Caterers in Patel Nagar before 2 to 3 days. However, in the case of any special memories or celebrations, they’ll figure it out according to the situation. 


Do you think caterers at ZoopGo provide liquors?

Some caterers are not licensed to sell alcohol. But, they can arrange them and you’ve to pay the exact cost. Even, the Catering Charges for the arrangements of the complete cocktail party. 


What if I want to postpone my wedding date?

You need to contact our Wedding Caterers in Patel Nagar. Don’t worry they’ll deal with it according to your situation. 


The costing procedure!

What will be the catering charges?

The charges are according to the platter and dishes. You need to ask and contact me about it. 


What will be the procedure of payment?

Our caterers in Patel Nagar offer you multiple payment options according to your requirements.

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