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Get the best Home Services in Kolkata only at ZoopGo


Whether it's related to deep cleaning at home or any pest services. ZoopGo is a hub of all kinds of Home Services in Kolkata. Well, they’re the one and only solution for all your household-related services at your doorstep. Here you’re able to get the complete A to Z services at your place. Our web portal is specially designed for the best end-user experiences. 


It means you can personalize the entire list according to your requirements. Here, it will be easier to connect with our customer support services. They will provide you with the best solutions for further beneficial services. 


What are the household services you can get at ZoopGo?

Here we’re not limited to any 1 or 2 service providers. When it comes to home catering services or any pest control then we’re the first choice. For many years our experienced providers have offered you quality services. This is what enhances our popularity among those who require our best services. 


We offer: 

  • Deep Cleaning: The way of completely cleaning your residential areas with disinfectants. Even they remove the stubborn stains and rust marks. It will definitely make your entire area better and refreshing. 


  • Pest Control: From baits, herbal pesticides, or cages, the pest control services at ZoopGo work in the manner of complete pest treatment. Whether there are bed bugs in the quilt or cockroaches in the kitchen sink. They will examine the entire area and accordingly apply the best solution. 


  • Photographers: For any partying occasion or having any casual get-together. Here, you’ll end up with experienced providers. In that way, you don’t need to worry. They will capture each and every candid moment for further remembrances. Some of our photographers are likely to offer costumes, make-up artists, and hairstylists. 


  • Catering: If it’s your south Indian theme or any other cuisines. Our professional caterers in Kolkata are experienced to deliver beyond the expectation services. So, this time you don’t need to worry about the complete arrangements of the table, sitting, lighting, and decorations. Accordingly, you don’t need to worry about further arrangements at your place. 


  • Appliance repair: Whether it's your damaged washing machine or any other electrical appliance. The experienced appliance repair at ZoopGo is highly preferable for door-step services. Even if it is all safe and secure. In case if any part is highly required then the professional washing machine or AC repair will facilitate you well. In that way, you can visit us and ask whatever you want. 


Still, have any doubt?

We understand and care about all your doubts and queries. So, you will know about the best Home Services in Kolkata. It means ZoopGo is the first choice for all your requirements. 


Here you can personalize the entire list according to your nearby location and budget. In case of any queries, you can connect with us at 1800-12312-9655. Or mail us at [email protected]. Keep scrolling at us and get the best solution for all your household service requirements. 




How do I trust home services in Kolkata at ZoopGo?

All you need to visit is the feedback and comment section. Then ask and compare the way they work. Moreover, you can ask and connect with us for further beneficial services. 


Do you think the catering services are trustworthy?

Yes! They are trustworthy and work for many customers and clients. Here we are the first choice for all the quality of services at your doorsteps. Here, you need to be wise and get the best Home Services in Kolkata. 


What will be the charges of deep cleaning services?

The charges are according to the space and areas. Even, it all depends on the type of filth or area. It can be your kitchen area or toilets and anything else. So, clear all your requirements for further better services. 


Do you think the photographers are trustworthy?

No doubt! At ZoopGo you’ll end up with further professional services. Our passionate photographers are highly preferable for multiple requirements. 


How are pest services preferable to get rid of chronic pests?

Here our professional providers work according to the type of pests. Even, they apply the quality of pesticides where it will be easier to reduce the harms of pests. 

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