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1 Verified Catering Services Near Me In Kalika ji

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Khurana Banquet Caterers and Decorator
5 reviews: 1


17, 18, 19, Krishana Market, Kalkaji, Opposite Deshbandhu College Delhi - 110019


Very satisfying experience with Khurana Banquet Caterers & Decorators. Live in Kalkaji and hired them on behalf of my friend. The birthday party went smoothly and all youngsters enjoyed so much that they didn’t wanna leave. Thanks to them for the wonderful experience.

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Date: 23-08-2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will try our best to minimize your search time for these service providers. It may take you hours if not days looking for the right caterers in your area, We have analyzed the entire business and we will furnish quotes from these caterers in moments.

All of the caterers nowadays charge per plate. This can vary from Rs 200 to Rs 2000 depending on the cuisines you have chosen for the party. The greater is the number of your guests the more price offers you will get from the caterers.

Most of the caterers in this area are well established and have been in the catering business for years. The locals of the area know them and have faith in what they serve. If you have any doubts they can give you tasters and you can read reviews about them on our online portal.

They are professionals who have gained experience serving at different types of parties. They use their knowledge to provide an excellent partying experience to the guests.

The local Caterers in Kalika Ji know what the public demands

Caterers in Kalika Ji

Kalika Ji is a popular area in South East Delhi with its own metro station and is famous for its Kalika Ji and Lotus temple. People of all economic sections reside here and the Caterers in Kalika Ji are hired by them whenever they want to party. These caterers serve at economic and affordable rates. These caterers are part of the entertainment at the party. Food is supposed to keep the guests as busy as the music and other activities. These caterers clean up after the guests are gone.


How do the smooth-talking caterers serve?


There are all types of caterers in Jhandewalan. One of these are the wedding caterers specializing in wedding parties.

  • Wedding parties usually involve serving large crowds. The role of the Wedding Caterers in Kalika Ji is not just preparing and serving food but managing a large number of guests too.
  • Their service staff communicate effectively and have experience of such parties.
  • No matter how big the crowd the quality of food is never compromised.
  • The food is prepared keeping guests and their preferences in mind, which these caterers have learnt through serving at such parties over a period of time.


What all can be done by the caterers on your birthday?


Birthdays are celebrated by the older generations with as much vigour as the youngsters. They want to call their friends and family members and party together for the year that is gone and for the year they are going into. Birthday Party Caterers in Kalika Ji come into help at these parties.

  • Most of them provide the complete package involving decorations and arranging venues if you need any.
  • The cake and the snacks are the main attractions at these parties.

They must be well prepared as the guests will enjoy these throughout the evening before the main course is served, if it is to be served. Most of these parties end with snacks.


How would you like to be served at the party?


Small house parties are organised by neighbors to enjoy each other's company. You may invite a few of your near and dear ones to these parties. The Small House Party Caterers in Kalika Ji are well experienced with serving at such parties. They can prepare food at your location if your kitchen is big enough or they can bring freshly prepared food with them. You would expect self-service for such a small crowd. Anything else you need will be arranged by the caterers.


How some caterers are keeping up the faith?


There are more vegetarians in India than in the entire world. The religion and tradition try their best to educate us about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Those who believe will be served well by the Veg Caterers in Kalika Ji. They prepare veg dishes exclusively and advertise so. The food and drinks they prepare are of the highest quality as their chefs usually prepare a few items only and they try to improve with each experience.


How do different seasons offer different opportunities?


There are though some non-vegetarians in the community and the size of the community is so large that Non Veg Caterers in Kalika Ji are also available to serve non-veg items. They too clearly indicate that they serve veg and non-veg dishes. They get more opportunities in winters than in summers.


How do these caterers offer something different?


There are a number of housewives here in Kalika Ji who have joined together to form small clubs. Kitty Party Caterers in Kalika Ji are hired by these ladies to serve them some interesting food items, which allow them to pass their afternoons better in each others company.

We at ZoopGo are here to help you with the selection of appropriate caterers as per your requirements. You just need to complete the requirements form and the 4 best quotes, free of cost will be on your mobile in moments. Only the caterers serving in your locality will be listed. You can call us anytime at 1800-12312-9655 for any queries you may have.

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