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DGN Tent Event Planners and Caterers
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Office No.1A, Shri Aurbindo Marg, Adchini-Sarvodaya Enclave, Delhi - 110017

Nisha Singh

I had a great experience with DGN Event Planners and Wedding Caterers. I had received great food along with an excellent presentation of food. I would like to thank the catering service providers for lavish arrangements for my wedding. Will recommend their services to everyone around us!

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Date: 23-08-2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you speed up your search process. We provide quotes as the first step when it can take you days to get to them. We have analyzed the business for you and have developed this solution to make life easy for you.

All caterers charge per plate. You just need to tell them the number of guests and they will prepare everything. To get the total cost just multiply the cost per plate by the number of guests. There are also offers as the number of guests increase.

All caterers provide tasters so that you get an idea of what will be served. They have chefs experienced in a number of cuisines. All caterers we list are registered with us and we have verified their commercial details. There are reviews about these caterers on our online portal.

Some caterers will negotiate while others wont. You can discuss this first with the caterer so as to avoid any confusion.

You must give the caterer at least a week to get everything ready. Any time period above that is a bonus period for the caterer.

The Caterers in Ashok Vihar and their brilliant services

Caterers in Ashok Vihar

Ashok Vihar is an old settlement in north-western Delhi. The area has seen much development in infrastructure with a number of metro stations serving this locality. Caterers in Ashok Vihar, are required by residents of the area and nearby areas. Some of them have been in the business for years and know what the regular customers will request. They are always well-prepared and also know the budget of most of these customers. They all want a good party that everyone will enjoy.


Just explain what you need and the caterers will serve

These caterers can serve at any type of occasion but there are some specialists like the Wedding Caterers in Ashok Vihar. They serve at weddings only and the reason for this is that they serve their best on these occasions. They love preparing food for a large gathering and enjoy serving a huge crowd. Most of them can bring their own shamiana if a tent for them is not available. They prepare fresh and serve fresh. They start the food preparations early to serve the hungry guests on time.


Caterers serve according to the occasion

There are youngsters in every colony here who play regularly with their friends in the open parks. Birthday Party Caterers in Ashok Vihar, serve at their birthdays and they know what these young ones and their friends will like. In summer they serve ice-creams while in winters they serve hot chocolate shakes. People of other age groups who want to celebrate their day too can hire the services of these caterers.


The caterers serve any number of guests

A large party is something that everyone can see, but there are small parties too, held within the confines of a house. Small House Party Caterers in Ashok Vihar, serve at such parties where the number of guests is limited. They usually bring prepared food and serve almost exclusively in their locality. The food and drink are served in the customer’s crockery, cutlery and glassware.


How do the caterers meet the demand of the vegetarian section of society?

India has the biggest population of vegetarians on the planet and Ashok Vihar is not an exception. Veg Caterers in Ashok Vihar, always promote their business claiming that they serve and prepare only vegetarian food. They have religious photos on their card to create the desired effects. These vegetarian items though are not limited to the North Indian Cuisines and include South Indian and Chinese items.


How do the caterers serve those with something different in mind?

India’s young generations have been fed on the diet of KFCs and McDonalds. They love their tandoori food which the Non Veg Caterers in Ashok Vihar usually serve. They have their contacts in the meat market and once booked they will order the freshest meats, usually chicken, lamb or fish. They usually request at least a week in advance before getting booked so that they can prepare everything properly. They want to serve the best and do not want to leave any stone unturned.



How the caterers will help you get over boredom?

Some housewives here like to keep in touch with ladies of their age group in the locality. Kitty Party Caterers in Ashok Vihar, are required by these ladies to entertain each other on idle afternoons. These caterers are called in as cooking so many dishes for so many guests can be a burden and a single failure can lead to extreme criticism. And these caterers never fail their customers.

We at ZoopGo are here to assist you with your search for service providers like caterers. You just need to fill the requirements form with your choices and your contact details and in moments 4 best quotes, free of cost will be on your mobile. You can always connect with us at

1800-12312-9655 for any query you may have regarding any aspect of our services.

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