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Service and Sub-Service Price

Service Name Minimum price Maximum price
Wedding Photographer 60000 150000
Maternity Photographer 10000 25000
Birthday and personal party 12000 25000
Corporate event Photographer 7000 10000
Product Catalogue Photographer 50000 100000
Special occasion Photographer 12000 25000
Fashion Portfolio Photographer 15000 30000
Baby photoshoot 10000 18000
Pre wedding photographer 20000 50000

Full Home Cleaning

1 BHK 500
2 BHK 800
3 BHK 1200
4 BHK 1600
5 BHK 2000

Sofa Cleaning

1 Seater 500
2 Seater 800
3 Seater 1200
4 Seater 1600
5 Seater 2000

Catering Price List

For 0 to 25 Pax 800 800
For 25 to 50 Pax 500 500
For 50 to 100 Pax 1200 1200
For 100 to 250 Pax 1600 1600
For 250+ Pax 2000 2000

Photographers in Karol Bagh

Photography is an art that anyone can work with, but few will be able to master it. You need good eyes and good hand-eye coordination. You should be strong enough to carry large and heavy equipment around. You will succeed in any profession if you are keen to work in it and will fail if you lose interest. These are not some skills that we are born with but all this will have to be learnt over a period of time. You should always do what you like. Photographers in Karol Bagh are in a class of their own. This area is known for party dress shops but it has equally good photographers willing to serve you for any requirements.


How do the photographers make everything fun for you?


When you are shopping in Karol Bagh for your wedding dress, you can check out the Wedding Photographers in Karol Bagh too.

  • They have gained quick fame through the quality of their work and they have set up shops here because they know that customers with photography needs will be moving around and they will be able to offer their services to them.
  • These photographers know all the steps involved in the wedding process. They take solo photos of grooms and bride, depending on which side has hired them. They picture them together, with guests, dining together, around the sacred fire, at the departure from the wedding venue and any other photos of interest are captured too.
  • They know that they are the main artists and everything must revolve around them.


How do the photographers promote you?


Fashion is a word Karol Bagh is famous for. There are as many fashion shops here as any other part of the city. Fashion Photographers in Karol Bagh are invited to fashion shoots at fashion shows and by stores selling unique clothes. The purpose of their photos is to promote the fashionable clothes and accessories they are picturing.


How experience assists the photographers?


If you are searching for Product Photographers Near Me, you probably need photos to advertise your product on some e-commerce sites. These photographers are highly knowledgeable in this and know what photos will be accepted by these sites. They will help you with any number of products and any number of photos, but you will have to agree to their terms and conditions.


How do the photographers mind your business?


Every business has to promote itself to establish itself in the market. Corporate Photographers in Karol Bagh assist these businesses at their corporate events or capture photos of their offices and staff if there is a need for these.


How does the photographer click timeless photos?


We all love our babies and want to remember their cute looks forever. Baby Photoshoot in Karol Bagh will allow you to capture photos of your young ones, preferably smiling and playing around. A few years down the line both you and your kids will enjoy these.


How do the photographers react to your requests?


Pregnant ladies may have urges to have their photos as they want to see what they look like. These ladies are only clicked by the Maternity Photographer in Karol Bagh if they are comfortable moving around and they choose their own poses and dresses.

We at ZoopGo, help you in your search for these photographers. You just need to give us your requirements and contact details and in moments 4 best quotes free of cost will be on your mobile. If you have any query you can connect with us at 1800-12312-9655.




How will ZoopGo assist me with Photographers in Karol Bagh?

We speed up your searches by providing you with quotes as the first and not the last step. The service providers listed will be as per your requirements and they will be serving your locality.


What are the charges of Photographers in Karol Bagh?

Their charges depend on the time the photographer spends with you and the number of photos you need.


What is the quality of services of Photographers in Karol Bagh?

Every photographer has his portfolios to prove his worth. All photographers listed by us are registered with us and we have verified their commercial details.


What if I want to reschedule the photoshoot?

Please update the photographer as soon as you can so that they can adjust their diaries.

Who is the best photographer in Karol Bagh?

All photographers here are equally good. You can see their details including their portfolios online and call the one you like or you can use ZoopGo.


How will the Photographers in Karol Bagh assist at my child’s birthday party?

These photographers are professionals with experience at a large number of such parties. They will capture you all enjoying the party and the cake. Every interesting dance move will be captured and they will entertain all requests for group photos.

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