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28 Verified Pest Control Near Me In Delhi

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Average Rating (4.8) - 31 reviews

Swasti Pest Control

Swasti Pest Control 5.0 (1 Reviews)

H 550, Third Floor, Chirag, Delhi - 110017, Near Hanuman Mandir

Start From ₹599 Get Quote View Profile

Speedup Pest Solution

Speedup Pest Solution 5.0 (1 Reviews)

D-101 uttam nagar – 110059

Start From ₹599 Get Quote View Profile

Olivia Pest Control Services

Olivia Pest Control Services 5.0 (1 Reviews)

67 Block J.J Colony Khan Pur Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, Pushpa Bhawan S.O. South Delhi, J.J Colony, Khanpur, Delhi - 110062

Start From ₹399 Get Quote View Profile

Herbal Pest Control

Herbal Pest Control 5.0 (1 Reviews)

A-172, Dr. Ambedkar Nagar Sec-2, Khanpur, Delhi - 110062

Start From ₹399 Get Quote View Profile

Sahil Pest Control

Sahil Pest Control 5.0 (1 Reviews)

B 54 Arjun Nagar, Safdarjung Enclave, Near Arjun Nagar Red Light, Delhi - 110029

Start From ₹399 Get Quote View Profile

Himanshu Raj Pest Control

Himanshu Raj Pest Control 5.0 (1 Reviews)

Shop No A-102, Okhla, Delhi - 110020

Start From ₹399 Get Quote View Profile

V K Pest Control

V K Pest Control 5.0 (1 Reviews)

A-78 Bharat Vihar, Dwarka, Delhi - 110075

Start From ₹399 Get Quote View Profile

Relax Pest Control Services

Relax Pest Control Services 5.0 (1 Reviews)

Plot No.- 92, Rohini, Delhi - 110085, Near Axis Bank Atm

Start From ₹399 Get Quote View Profile

H G Pest Control

H G Pest Control 5.0 (1 Reviews)

House Number 49, East of Kailash, Delhi, 110065, Near Ladies Shri Ram College

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Pest Control Charges in Delhi

Service Name Minimum price Maximum price
Pest Control for 1 BHK ₹ 800 ₹ 1500
Pest Control for 2 BHK ₹ 1000 ₹ 1899
Pest Control for 3 BHK ₹ 1400 ₹ 3000
Pest Control for Office/Shop ₹ 10 Per Square Feet ₹ 18 Per Square Feet
Cockroach Control Rates for 1 BHK ₹ 749 ₹ 799
Cockroach Control Rates for 2 BHK ₹ 849 ₹ 899
Cockroach Control Rates for 3 BHK ₹ 1299 ₹ 1499
Rodents/Mice Control Rates for 1 BHK ₹ 729 ₹ 799
Rodents/Mice Control Rates for 2 BHK ₹ 829 ₹ 999
Rodents / Mice Control Rates for 3 BHK ₹ 1099 ₹ 1199
Termite Control Rates for 1 BHK ₹ 3199 ₹ 3399
Termite Control Rates for 2 BHK ₹ 5199 ₹ 5299
Termite Control Rates for 3 BHK ₹ 6199 ₹ 6299
Mosquito Control Rates for 1 BHK ₹ 1599 ₹ 1699
Mosquito Control Rates for 2 BHK ₹ 1999 ₹ 2099
Mosquito Control Rates for 3 BHK ₹ 2199 ₹ 2299
Bees Control Rates for 1 BHK ₹ 999 ₹ 1099
Bees Control Rates for 2 BHK ₹ 1299 ₹ 1399
Bees Control Rates for 3 BHK ₹ 1499 ₹ 1599
Bed Bug Control Rates for 1 BHK ₹ 1499 ₹ 1599
Bed Bug Control Rates for 2 BHK ₹ 2199 ₹ 2299
Lizard Control Rates for 1 BHK ₹ 699 ₹ 799
Lizard Control Rates for 2 BHK ₹ 1199 ₹ 1299
Lizard Control Rates for 3 BHK ₹ 1499 ₹ 1599
Ant Control Rates for 1 BHK ₹ 699 ₹ 799
Ant Control Rates for 2 BHK ₹ 850 ₹ 899
Ant Control Rates for 3 BHK ₹ 1099 ₹ 1199
Bird Netting Services for 1 BHK ₹ 999 ₹ 1099
Bird Netting Services for 2 BHK ₹ 1999 ₹ 2099
Bird Netting Services for 3 BHK ₹ 2999 ₹ 3199

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to leave the house for pest control as our products are safe for you all. We use such products that will not cause any harm to human beings and their other belongings in the house.

Commonly, pest control should be done quarterly in every house as it is crucial to get rid of cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, ants etc.

Pest control is a process of removing or managing the insects, pests etc from the house so that people can maintain a hygienic ambiance in the house.

The average duration for pest treatment is about 20 minutes but some services can be able to last it for 1 hour. Besides, it also depends upon the moisture, sanitation, and environmental conditions of how long this pest treatment may last.

Pest control service is helpful for you in eliminating the rodents, and insects that carry diseases, disinfect the kitchen and bedrooms. This will remove pests from every corner of your house and keep you safe and healthy.

The effective pest control that you can do at your home is living in a hygienic environment by following are given tips: Throw the leftover food into the dustbin, Wash the dishes after use, Keep the cupboards clean.

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Book the Pest Control Services in Delhi for Effective Treatment

Book professional pest control services in Delhi for effective treatment. Say goodbye to pests with our expert solutions.  Our experienced service providers ensure a pest free environment with efficient treatment.

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Content Highlights:

👉🏻 Procedure of Pest Control

👉🏻 Pest Control Types

👉🏻 Common Pests, Price and Treatment

👉🏻 Pest Control Method

👉🏻 Why ZoopGo for Pest Control?

👉🏻 Popular Pest Control Packages

👉🏻 Top 5 Local Pest Control Companies in Delhi

Procedure for calling Pest Control Specialist for Treatment and their Availability

Our verified companies are available 24*7 days with an experienced to get rid your pest problem.

👉🏻 Share Your Pest Problem with Us: You can share the information about the type of insects in your home or office and in how many areas this problem exists on the booking form of our website or our mobile application. According to when you want to get the treatment done, we will give you the charges, quotations and their contact details of the best pest control companies in your nearest areas to your phone or email.

👉🏻 Pest Control Specialist Visit: An experienced pest control specialist will share with you the locations of pests in your home or office, their specific reasons for their presence, how to stop them permanently, and recommend the best pest control treatment type and method.

👉🏻 Eradication of insects: Depending on the effects of insect infestation and their type, the pest control expert will apply his expertise and use the best method of treatment.

👉🏻 Monitoring the effect of treatment: After pest control, the expert will consider what effect the treatment has had and how far-reaching its impact will be. If necessary, he will come to your place again. After this, you can enjoy the environment of your home or office in an environment free from the fear of insects.

Pest Control Services Types

Although a pest control expert can provide his services everywhere, there are some places where there is a greater demand for his services. The names of some of these areas are given below.

(1) Residential Pest Control: Cockroaches may be in your kitchen or fridge cover, rats may be in your bed or store room, termites have started eating your furniture or seasonal lizards, bedbugs, mosquitoes, or spiders have taken up residence in your house. Experts will provide you a permanent solution to these problems.

(2) Commercial Pest Control: Be it a small grocery shop or a big supermarket store, a milk dairy, or a fruit and vegetable shop, a clothing shop or a seed shop, a laundry service shop, a factory, a hospital, a restaurant, school, farmhouse or If insects are not properly controlled in your corporate office, they can cause losses worth thousands and lakhs of rupees to your furniture, food items, any other item, and the health of your employees. No need to worry more our service providers has the custom affordable packages for commercial pest problems.

(3) Herbal Pest Control: This type of Treatment Company uses natural medicines, aromatic oils, leaves and sprays to drive away insects by spraying natural solutions. Herbal Pest Control is effective in destroying all types of pests like bed bugs, ants, rats, rodents, lizards etc. Zoopgo connects you with verified providers of herbal pest control service providers in Delhi who are professional and provide you with the highest quality services without giving you any reason for complaint.


Information of Most Commonly found Pests Types, Treatment Type, Price and their prevention Pest Control services in Delhi (दिल्ली में सबसे अधिक पाए जाने वाले कीटों के प्रकार, उपचार के प्रकार, कीमत और उनकी रोकथाम कीट नियंत्रण सेवाओं की जानकारी )

(1) Termite Control (दीमक का नियंत्रण):  Termite-damaged furniture from numerous Delhi homes and workplaces is sold in the market each year, resulting in significant losses. The ill effects of termites are not limited to just furniture, it can cause serious damage to the roots of trees in your garden and even the walls of your house. Due to the humid environment here and lack of correct information about its treatment, this has become a problem in every household. If termites have entered your place too, then get termite pest control treatment done immediately because a proper treatment in the initial stage can stop it effectively. 

👉🏻  Anti Termite Treatment Type (दीमक रोधी उपचार प्रकार): Liquid Termiticide treatments (Spray), Foam Termiticide Treatment (Injection), Borate treatments, Wood preservatives, Dry Termiticides, Fumigation, and Termite shields

👉🏻  Duration (दीमक उपचार की अवधि ): The time taken to complete anti-termite treatment depends on the stage of the infestation, the type, location and whether the treatment is being used by an expert. Typically most termite fumigation treatments can take anywhere from 1 day to 3 days to complete (24 to 72 hours).

👉🏻 Termite Treatment Price: (दीमक रोधी उपचार की कीमत ) According to estimates, the charges for termite treatment in Delhi can range from Rs 1199 to Rs 10999 or even more. Termite treatment charges depend on the stage of infestation, the treatment medium used, the quality of the products, their results and the area in which termites are spread.

(2) Cockroach Control (कॉकरोच को भगाने की सर्विस):  In Delhi, there are frequent cases of stomach diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera and frequent asthma attacks due to cockroaches. Their presence can affect both children and adults alike, whether it is your home's kitchen, office canteen, bathroom or your restaurant, they can enter your body through food. Although they leave their adverse effects in every season, but their wrath subsides much later in summer, especially in the rainy season. Their permanent treatment can be taken by our cockroach pest control experts who ensure that this problem is removed from your home for a long time.    

👉🏻 Anti Cockroach Treatment Type (कॉकरोच नियंत्रण उपचार प्रकार): Insecticide Spray, Baits, Gels and Powder

👉🏻 Duration: (तिलचट्टे उपचार अवधी) : The time taken for cockroach control treatment generally ranges from 10 minutes to half an hour, but it depends on which area of your house the cockroaches are in and what treatment method the pest control expert is using.

👉🏻 Anti Cockroach Treatment Price (कॉकरोच रोधी उपचार की कीमत ): The price of custom indoor pest control in Delhi can range from Rs 599 to Rs 1499, while the price of commercial cockroach control can range from Rs 1 per square foot to Rs 2 per square foot. The cost of its treatment depends on how many square yards of area to be treated or how many rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and what treatment is used.

(3) Mice / Rats Control (चूहा नियंत्रण सेवाएँ) Rats are not only responsible for spreading dirt, but rats can also bring many serious diseases into your home such as Leptospirosis infection, hemorrhagic fever, Streptobacillus moniliformis or Spirillum minus, plague and other serious diseases. In Delhi, Indian Railways has spent several lakhs of rupees just to drive them away from the railway station. Their terror is prevalent everywhere from grocery stores to bank premises. If you are also troubled by catching and stopping rats, then you can get the solution to this problem by taking the services of experts in killing and driving away rats available on ZoopGo.

👉🏻 Types of treatments Used to Control Rats (चूहों को नियंत्रण करने के किये जाने वाले ट्रीटमेंट के प्रकार) Traps, Chemicals, Baits, Poisons and Fumigation

👉🏻  Duration (चूहा नियंत्रण की उपचार अवधि): A rat control specialist can carry out his treatment within 1 to 2 days or a few days. It depends on the number of rats, area, type of rats and the treatment used to eliminate them.

👉🏻  Price (चूहा नियंत्रण सर्विस चार्ज): The estimated charge for rat extermination service in Delhi can range from Rs 1199 to Rs 1799. However this may vary depending on the estimated charge size, requirements and treatment.

(5) Lizard Control (छिपकली नियंत्रण सेवायें): With the arrival of summer, the presence of lizards increases in every house in Delhi and with the arrival of rains, you will find them crawling on the ground also. If you also want to keep lizards away from your house, and then talk to our experts, they will help you get rid of this problem.

👉🏻 Lizard Control Service Types (छिपकली नियंत्रण सेवाओं के प्रकार): Spray chemical pesticides and Trap

👉🏻 Duration (छिपकली नियंत्रण नियंत्रण सेवा अवधि): Lizard control services take between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the size of the area.

👉🏻 Price (छिपकली नियंत्रण सेवाओं के चार्ज): The estimated cost of lizard control in Delhi ranges from Rs 699 to Rs 1499. This area may also depend on the case size.

(6) Mosquito Control (मच्छर नियंत्रण सेवाएँ): Mosquito biting is responsible for hundreds to thousands of deaths every year in Delhi. Patients of Dangue, Malaria, Chikungunya remain ill every year from summer season till Diwali due to Mosquito. If you also want to get rid of mosquitoes from your house, then you can get quick benefits by getting Moquito fogging done through pest control service.

👉🏻 Mosquito Control Types (मच्छर नियंत्रण सेवाओं के प्रकार): Fogging (Spray), Mosquito Net Fencing

👉🏻 Duration (मच्छर नियंत्रण सेवा अवधि) It takes a shot of time to spray in mosquito fogging, about 10 to 15 minutes, this can increase or decrease according to the area and requirement.

👉🏻 Mosquito Control Charges (मच्छर नियंत्रण सेवाओं के चार्ज): Mosquito control service charges in Delhi can range from Rs 1699 to Rs 1699. These charges can be higher depending on the pesticide used in fogging and the area size.

Other Pest Control Services Available at ZoopGo

Spider control, Honeybee Control, Fleas control, Moths Control, Ant Control, Ticks Control, and Wasps Control

Type of Pest Control Treatment Methods Available in Delhi

The pest control companies associated with us effectively use the most modern and effective pest control methods like gel, spray, chemical pest control, biological control, host resistance, physical control, mechanical control and biological control and herbal control whose effect lasts for a long time.

Why ZoopGo for booking pest control services?

👉🏻 Certified Pest Control Services:  We help to connect with the Top Pest Control Service Providers in Delhi. To check the identity of our business partners, our professionals demand original KYC documents of our customers such as Pan Card, Aadhar Card, and Certificate of Registration, etc.

👉🏻  Free of Costs Quotations: Through ZoopGo, we can easily grab at least 4 free of cost quotes from different service providers. Our customer support department will grab the necessary details from you and after that will connect you with the best pest control services in Delhi.

👉🏻 The Dashboard Facility: At ZoopGo we also provide a dashboard facility where customers can easily compare our reviews and ratings. Based on these ratings, we can easily choose the final pest control service providers in Delhi.

👉🏻  A team of skilled and well-trained pest control experts.

👉🏻 Verified service providers with comprehensive background.

👉🏻 Checks Experts use the quality and government approved sprays and insecticides.

👉🏻 Services customized according to requirements and budget.

👉🏻 Professional customer service solving your concerns immediately.

👉🏻 Competitive pricing

👉🏻 Easy booking facilities to acquire the top assistance at the time of Pest Infestation through ZoopGo.

👉🏻 The presence of 24/7 customer support services at the time of procuring the pest control services.

👉🏻 It is easy to compare and save up to 30% at the time of acquiring the services of ZoopGo.


Popular Residential Budgeted Pest Control Packages in Delhi

Zoopgo has presented for you some popular packages of pest control service providers which you can book as per your need:

(1) Kitchen and Bathroom Pest Control Package

👉🏻 Estimated Price: Starts from Rs 999

👉🏻 What benefit will you get: Pest control specialist will do a detailed inspection and find out why cockroaches, ants and other insects are breeding and in which areas. There will be 2 pest control visits so that by doing the treatment twice, the chain of breeding of insects will be broken, their eggs will be destroyed and you will get freedom from insects for a long time.

👉🏻 Which types of insects will we get freedom from: Along with cockroaches, ants will also be eradicated?

👉🏻 How long wills the treatment last: This treatment will work effectively for at least 90 days.


(2) Pest control package for 1 room or apartment

👉🏻 Starting Price: Rs 1499

👉🏻 What benefits will you get: A pest control specialist will inspect the entire house to find out what types of insects are there and what star effect they have. He will visit your home at least twice to check the effect of the treatment and 2 treatments will provide long term relief from insects.

👉🏻 Which types of insects will be prevented: Cockroaches, bees, ants and flies will be protected.

👉🏻 How long the treatment lasts: Once the treatment is done, the treatment will remain effective for at least 90 days.


Top 5 pest control companies in Delhi

If you want to hire the best pest control company in Delhi and are confused about which company to select, then don't worry. Below we have shared the list of top pest control companies in Delhi which are providing very good and reliable services. They have been selected based on their service, customer reviews and ratings, their address, their website, and expertise:

1. Pestigo

👉🏻 Treatments: Termite, Rodent, Bedbug, Cockroach, Mosquito , Bird, Lizard, Dog Fleas and Ticks

👉🏻 Review Rating on Google My Busines: 4.8 (898 Reviews )

👉🏻 Review Rating on Facebook Page: 4.6 (56 Reviews)

👉🏻 Address: Mayor Vihar Phase 1, Metro Pillar 157, New Delhi

👉🏻 Google My Business Map: (Click here to view on Google Map)

👉🏻 Website:



2. Unique Home Care Services

👉🏻 Treatments: Termite, Rodent, Bedbug, Cockroach, Mosquito , Bird, Lizard, Dog Fleas and Ticks

👉🏻 Review Rating on Google My Busines: 4.8 (121Reviews )

👉🏻 Review Rating on Facebook Page: Not found 

👉🏻 Address: Shop no-41, 9B, Pandav Nagar, Delhi

👉🏻 Google My Business Map: (Click here to view Google Map)

👉🏻 Website:


3. City Pest Care

👉🏻 Treatments: Termite, Rodent, Bedbug, Cockroach, Mosquito , Bird, Lizard, Dog Fleas and Ticks, Silver Fish control, Spider, Ant Control 

👉🏻 Review Rating on Google My Busines: 4.9 (335 reviews)

👉🏻 Review Rating on Facebook Page: 5.0 (67 Reviews)

👉🏻 Address: Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110076

👉🏻 Google My Business Map: (Click here to view Google Map)

👉🏻 Website:


4. Navbharat Pest Control (p) Ltd

👉🏻 Treatments: Termite, Rodent, Bedbug, Cockroach, Mosquito , Bird, Lizard, Dog Fleas and Ticks, Silver Fish control, Spider, Ant Control 

👉🏻 Review Rating on Google My Busines: 4.5 (144 Reviews)

👉🏻 Review Rating on Facebook Page: No, Reviews , Rating 

👉🏻 Address: Raghu Enclave, Block I, Raghu Nagar, Dabri, New Delhi

👉🏻 Google My Business Map: (Click here to view on Google Map)

👉🏻 Website:


5. One India Pest Control Service

👉🏻 Treatments: Termite, Rodent, Bedbug, Cockroach, Mosquito , Bird, Lizard, Dog Fleas and Ticks, Silver Fish control, Spider, Ant Control 

👉🏻 Review Rating on Google My Busines: 4.9 (101 Reviews)

👉🏻 Review Rating on Facebook Page: No, Reviews , Rating

👉🏻 Address: Madhu Vihar, East Guru Angad Nagar, Swasthya Vihar, Delhi

👉🏻 Google My Business Map: (Click here to view on Google Map)

👉🏻 Website:


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