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No- R-18-19, Mehrauli _ badarpur RD, Pul Pehladpur New Delhi.

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Ground Floor, B-90, AALIA EXTN., NEAR SARITA VIHAR METRO DEPOT, South Delhi, Delhi-110076

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RZ-2A/3 ll nd Floor Palam Colony Dwarka Delhi-110077

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1400/1, space no. t-7, hans plaza complex, wazir nagar, kotla mubarak pur, south delhi, delhi-110003

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Prashant srivastava

best services in delhi ncr.

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E-7/609 Saket New Delhi

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Anisha Chauhan

I had hired the services of A & B Pest Control and found that their team had provided me great services for pest control. My residence is now free from the infestation of pests. Hats off to their affordable services!

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The professionals are quite astute and had provided me awesome assistance for controlling pest. Everything was good except that I had to wait for them as they had arrived half an hour late from the scheduled time

Hire the Services of Best Pest Control Service Providers in Delhi Through ZoopGo

It won’t be an exaggeration in saying that every individual wants to live in a pest-free environment.  As far as residential properties are concerned or commercial sectors are concerned, it is quite hard to bear pests in the house and commercial sectors. Our Capital city Delhi being the financial hub of the entire country sees the arrival and departure of many people in this city. Owing to an increase in the demand for commercial property as well as residential property along with increasing population living to settle here, this city is also not free from pests. Therefore, at times different people have seen an increase in the demand for the services of Pest Control Delhi.

Let’s envision if you feel the presence of termites, rodents, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes all around you, how will you feel? It will give a nasty feeling to all of us if pests all roaming all around us. Therefore, it is extremely important to grab knowledge about what is pest control, Types of pest Control Treatment, Residential Pest Control, and office Pest control services, along with charges table.

Different Types of Pest Control Treatment in Delhi That Every Individual Must Know:

When we see a huge amount of pests near us we find it hard to shun these pests away from our residential and commercial properties. Here, the need for the Pest Control Services in Delhi comes in. These commercial pest control services in Delhi cater to the needs of people who want to get rid of bugs inside their house. Here, we are mentioning the Types of Pest Control Treatment that everyone must know.

  • Termite Control Services: The presence of termites may cause huge destruction as termites may emerge from the soil, mud tubes, etc. It is hard to prevent termites on your own. So, people often seek commercial termite control services.
  • Cockroaches and Ant Control Services: The excessive presence of cockroaches and ants calls for the need of commercial and Ant control services.
  • Bed Bugs Control Services: Bed bugs are a type of pests that sucks the blood of human beings and thereby cause many health problems such as rashes, allergy, and other kinds of psychological symptoms. Therefore, many people often seek for Commercial Bed Bug Control Services in Delhi.
  • Rat Control Services: Do lots of rats roam around in your house from one place to the other? If yes, it is high time that you must seek professional rat control services to control the infestation of pests in your home.
  • Lizard Control Services: Most of us have an inbuilt fear of lizards. But we all have seen lizards roaming around our offices and residences. To control their excessiveness, sometimes the folks do not hesitate in obtaining Professional Lizard Control Services.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services in Delhi

Delhi the capital of India is widely known for its commercial centers and residential centers. At the time of infestation, the residents of Delhi often seek the best pest control services in Delhi. If you directly go to obtain any of the pest control services, it can be extremely harmful to you. It can lead to wastage of time and money. Therefore, we all seek for a reliable platform to procure the services of Residential Pest Control. Here, the role of ZoopGo Comes in that helps people to connect with the residential pest control and the services of Pest Control for Office and Work Place. Let’s see how the platform of ZoopGo helps us to connect with the Top Pest Control Services in Delhi.

Note: You can easily take the benefit of pest control services in residential and official segments respectively.

How ZoopGo is the Best Platform to Procure the Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services in Delhi?

ZoopGo is a mediator to connect customers with the Best Pest control services in Delhi. Let’s see how ZoopGo helps us to root out our queries regarding pest control.

  • Certified Pest Control Services: ZoopGo helps us to connect with the Top Pest Control Service Providers in Delhi. To check the identity of our business partners, our professionals demand original KYC documents of our customers such as Pan Card, Aadhar Card, and Certificate of Registration, etc.
  • Free of Costs Quotations: Through ZoopGo, we can easily grab at least 4 free of cost quotes from different service providers. Our customer support department will grab the necessary details from you and after that will connect you with the best pest control services in Delhi.
  • The Dashboard Facility: At ZoopGo we also provide a dashboard facility where customers can easily compare our reviews and ratings. Based on these ratings, we can easily choose the final pest control service providers in Delhi.

What are the Approximate Charges of Acquiring the Best Pest Control Services in Delhi?

At ZoopGo, we understand the concerns of different service providers that they want to be aware of the approximate Costs of Pest Control Services in Delhi. So, here, at this place, we have compiled a table of different pest Control Services Charges in Delhi.


  • It is easy to compare and save up to 30% at the time of acquiring the services of ZoopGo.
  • Easy and hassle-free services to connect our customers with the top services
  • Easy booking facilities to acquire the top assistance at the time of Pest Infestation through ZoopGo.
  • Quick and reliable services through our platform.
  • The presence of 24/7 customer support services at the time of procuring the pest control services.

Termite Control charges

Cockroach Control Charges

Bed Bug Control Charges

Rats Control Charges

Charges Applicavle on Area

9500 - 12500 INR

850-1700 INR

1600-4500 INR

825 - 1450 INR

One BHK to Five BHK




It is just a cakewalk to connect with us. You can download the ZoopGo App by visiting the Google play store. You can send your queries to our toll-free Number 1800-12312-9655


Pest Control Services FAQS


How much does pest control service cost?

The pest control service cost has been categorized as:

  • Termite control- 9500-12500 INR
  • Cockroach control- 850-1700 INR
  • Bed Bug Control- 1600-4500 INR
  • Rats Control- 825-1450 INR


Do I need to leave the house for Pest Control?

No, you do not need to leave the house for pest control as our products are safe for you all. We use such products that will not cause any harm to human beings and their other belongings in the house.


How often should pest control be done?


Commonly, the pest control should be done quarterly in every house as it is crucial to get rid of cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, ants etc.


What do I understand by the term “pest control”?


Pest control is a process of removing or managing the insects, pests etc from the house so that people can maintain a hygienic ambiance in the house.


How long does the pest treatment last?


The average duration for pest treatment is about 20 minutes but some services can be able to last it for 1 hour. Besides, it also depends upon the moisture, sanitation, and environmental conditions of how long this pest treatment may last.


How is pest control service helpful?


Pest control service is helpful for you in eliminating the rodents, and insects that carry diseases, disinfect the kitchen and bedrooms. This will remove pests from every corner of your house and keep you safe and healthy.


What is effective pest control at home?


The effective pest control that you can do at your home is living with a hygienic environment by following are given tips:


  • Throw the leftover food to the dustbin.
  • Wash the dishes after use.
  • Keep the cupboards clean.


What kind of pest control services are offered by professionals?

There are many kinds of pest control services that the professionals offer:

  • Biological pest control.
  • Mechanical pest control.
  • Chemical and natural pesticides.
  • Elimination of breeding grounds, food sources and many more.


 Will The Pest Control Treatment Harm My Furniture?

Never, a professional pest controller uses such pesticides that do not harm the furniture.


How Long after the initial treatment does it take to See the Results?

In most of the cases, you can get instant results but in case of rodents and cockroaches, it will take some time or maybe a little longer like more than 2 days or maybe 2 weeks. 


What are the Benefits of Hiring Pest Control Services?

The benefits of hiring pest control services are:


  • Eliminate pests form house
  • Protect your health
  • Identifying the source
  • Decrease the risk

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