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Frequently Asked Questions

We will assist you by speeding your searches for service providers, by providing quotes as the first step and not the last. These pest control services listed by us will be serving your locality and meet all of your requirements.
The charges vary depending on the pest situation at your premises. If there is only one type of pest with a limited infestation the price will be lower than if different pests have infested large parts of your premises.
You can read the reviews about the Pest Control services on our portal. They will work in front of you and handle the pests. All service providers listed by us are registered with us and we have verified their commercial details.
You can DIY all pest control activities apart from reptiles. If you are successful, yes very good but if you fail you must hire the Pest Control services.
There will not be much difference as these Pest Control services don’t produce chemicals themselves, as they too purchase these. However, they are experts in their use and have the knowledge of the best ones among those available in the market.

The knowledgeable Pest Control in Defence Colony destroying the existence of pests

Defence Colony is a popular destination in Delhi for foodies and houses people and businesses. As the name suggests this locality was built to house serving and retired officers of the Indian Army. It now has a thriving and affluent community.

Pests have been a problem for Delhi for years. Their houses, the jungles have been bulldozed over and now they are invading the houses of the Delhiites. Pest Control in Defence Colony is required regularly for different types of pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, lizards, termites and ants. 

All pests are dangerous and bring different diseases and harm your living area.



What will pest control do with cockroaches?

  • Cockroaches eat up your food and they can bite you do. Their waste can contaminate everything in your house. Cockroaches Control Defence Colony are a service that will eliminate their presence from your house. 
  • They find out where the cockroaches are hiding and spray their hide-out with chemicals. 
  • Every part of the house where they may try to hide is sealed. 
  • You must keep your living area clean to avoid these pests.


What are the different ways to eliminate bed bugs?

Bed bugs are known to give an itchy sensation disrupting your sleep. They may cause skin infections and they multiply easily. Bed Bugs Control Defence Colony will be able to control this by spraying a special odour that will kill the bed bugs. Dust can also be used to trap and kill them.


How the rats will be caught by pest control?

Rats are rodents that are after your food and space. They try to stay away from humans but come in to share your living space when they cannot find food.

Rat Control Defence Colony will set traps for the rats and catch them or spray chemicals that will make them stay away from your property.There are some pests only pest control should handle Reptiles are extremely dangerous as they are poisonous.

If you ever see them it is recommended that you don't handle them yourself. Lizard Control Defence Colony bring in special chemicals which when used can be lethal for the pest.


How the pest control will save your furniture?

Termites are dangerous for your furniture or any wooden item. If you have not identified their infestation on time you may lose your woodwork and will have to buy a new one. They can be controlled effectively by the Termite Control Defence Colony. Their tools and chemicals will kill the existing termites and will not let new termites settle in.


How will pest control fight ants?

Ants can be controlled with the help of vinegar and water. Just spray these and they will die away. If you are not able to control them this way or need assistance anyway you can call Ant Control Defence Colony. They will find the areas in your house where they have built colonies and destroy them. They will apply chemicals at the right places in your house as a deterrent for them.

We at ZoopGo, are here to help you control your pest problems. Just give us your requirements, the pests that are troubling you, the size of the area you think they have infested, the date and location where you want these services.

Once you give your requirements 4 the best quotes free of cost will be listed on your smartphone. Please call us at 1800-12312-9655 for any queries you may have.

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