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5 Verified Commercial Pest Control Near Me In Delhi
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DK Pest Control Pvt Ltd


(1) Review’s

Phase 3, Nangloi, Delhi - 110041 (Near Post Office And Surajmal Metro Station)

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Udit tiwari

My experience working with D.K. Pest Control for bed bug control and disinfection was really positive. The services are also very reasonably priced.


H G Pest Control


(1) Review’s

House Number 49, East of Kailash, Delhi, 110065, Near Ladies Shri Ram College

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Ritu Mahan

It is awesome for all of us to choose pest control services at the right time. We also have chosen for H.G Pest Control professionals to curb the pest control problems. Awesome pest control solutions. We wish you all the very best for upcoming pest control services.

Central Pest Care


(1) Review’s

332, 1st Floor, Sarita Vihar, Delhi - 110076, Main Market

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Ankita Mehra

Genuine service and pricing! I hired them for termite infestation. They did an excellent job and ensured there were no termites left.

Khushbu Pest Control


(1) Review’s

954, Janta Flat, Gtb Enclave, Opposite GTB Hospital, Dilshad Garden Delhi - 110095

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews


I must say that the team members of Khushbu Pest Control are highly efficient as they complete the work in a timely manner. Their services are highly recommended.



(0) Review’s

E-7/609 Saket New Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions

We assist you by speeding up your search for service providers and connecting you quickly with them. We do this by providing quick quotes anytime you need them. All service providers will be serving in your locality and all of your requirements will be met.
The service providers listed by us are firstly registered with us. We have verified their commercial details as thoroughly as possible. If you feel the need to go through their customer reviews, these can be found on our online portal.
The charges depend on the type and size of pest infestation and the solution for these problems.
In case you have resolved the problem yourself and you want to cancel, you must let the service providers know, at once. This will allow them to reimburse your deposit and they will reschedule if they are available.
You just need to let them know where the pest base is or where you have detected them and the rest will be done by these service providers.

The Commercial Pest Control Services in Delhi are Ready for any Situation

Pests do not discriminate between the types of premises they infest. Whether it's your home, office, restaurant or any other premises, they will infest if it has the right conditions for them. These are unclean areas and areas cluttered with food crumbs. The main area pests usually target initially are your kitchen and washroom area. 

Pest Control Services for Office will provide permanent solutions 

The best time to attack the pests is as soon as you detect their presence. Most offices are kept clean by their janitor though they have wooden items, like tables which can be attacked by termites. The best way to avoid termites is to use the right chemicals at the time of construction of your building. If you haven’t done this or if there is a termite problem even after this, these service providers have their sprays and methods to tackle this problem.


Best Pest Control Services for Restaurant are waiting for you

Today it’s very simple to find these service providers. Just look online. We all will only agree to eat at a restaurant if it is spotless clean. Can you see any of us agree to eating in cluttered space, when we are offering good money for the services? However, how the kitchen area is maintained is another matter, as it is usually beyond our vision. Food pieces lying around will attract flies that can contaminate the entire area including the food being served. You must call these professionals to clean your kitchen and serving area thoroughly depending on the downtime of your restaurant and as regularly as possible. 


Most Pest Control Services for Hotel can be hired on contract

Hotel is a place which most of us will see on our holidays or corporate trips. We always expect a spotless room maintained by the hotel staff. Hotels come in all sizes, big and small, though they face the same problems that any other premises in terms of pests. They usually have contracts with these service providers who are called in any time any pest infestation is found. They empty or keep the rooms closed that are facing the problem. They also know the problems that will reoccur in a season and act beforehand. This allows them to guard themselves from any losses that will occur due to unavailability of rooms.  


Call Pest Control Services for Warehouse when you are in need

Warehouses take complete responsibility for your goods once under their care. They are not only responsible for the security but for its safety too. The common problems that these areas face are from spiders who form large cobwebs around the walls and stored goods. There can be other pest problems too. Most warehouses will prefer to handle such problems themselves, but if these problems recur despite the best efforts, you know you need professional help. These service providers are available at any time when you feel you need their services.


Monthly Pest Control Services for Hospital will make your premises pest-free

Hospitals are always well maintained in terms of cleanliness. They even have patients suffering from diseases caused by pests in their homes. These well maintained areas rarely get infested by pests, but if they do it will earn a bad name for them, hence they try to resolve this problem as quickly as possible and take preemptive action. They call in these service providers regularly, for instance every month to make sure that there is nothing to attract and everything to repel the pests. 


Pest Control Services for Farmhouse provide customized solutions

Most farmhouses have a large garden in front and back of them, hence giving them this name. Birds, honey bees, wasps and other pests can easily find accommodation in these gardens. These are large residential areas and their maintenance is expensive. The service providers once hired will first break their nest or base and then act on removing each and everyone of them from your property. They use protective gear as they do this, so as to guard them from any dangerous bites. 


Innovative measures followed by Pest Control Services for School/College 

Most of these service providers offer free inspection visits to give you a quote for tackling your pests problems. The charges listed on their sites are approximate charges and if you define your problem well enough over the phone, they will give you a quote there and then. Schools and Colleges house youngsters and teenagers. The responsibility for their health while they are in their buildings lies with these institutions. Any major infection will get reports even in newspapers. They too hire these service providers on a regular basis. They may even get their entire area fumigated once every few months to eliminate anything that can be a risk to the students here. 


Tried and tested methods of Pest Control Services for Garment Factory

Garments attract their own kind of bugs, like moths, cricket and silverfish. Most garment factories don’t just manufacture garments but they store the raw materials and the finished product there too. To guard against the menace you can take some preventive measures, which you can learn from these service providers, like using moth balls, storing everything in a tightly closed area and you will as always need to maintain a high level of cleanliness. 


Pest Control for Manufacturing Factory is important for these businesses to survive

Manufacturing units are where we get everything made that we see in the shops. Each one of these have their logistics solutions, which include the safety of the goods as they are manufactured and delivered. These service providers will look at your products, facilities and transport vehicles and offer the right solutions for each one of them. 


Pest Control Services for Shop/ Malls will allow regular flow of customers

Maintaining high levels of hygiene is important for every premises, especially where a large number of people come and go, like the shops and malls. During the Corona time we have learnt the importance of sanitization, for keeping us in good spirits, healthwise. These organizations are as much concerned about their customers' health as they are concerned about the health of their staff. These service providers suggest chemicals available to the general public such as popular sprays to fight any pests. 


Pest Control for Pantry/Super Market is not optional, it’s mandatory

The qulity of these services are A-grade and you will agree too, once you see the impact of their services on your pest problem. The sooner you call them, the quicker and easier the solution will be. Pests can even attack packed food items. There are packaging options out there that are pest resistant, The other solution is regular cleaning and inspection to make sure there is no infestation and to handle it immediately once detected.  


Pest Control for Hostel/PG is important to retain guests

Most big cities provide the options of Hostels and PG (paying guest) for youngsters studying or working there. They all need help with cleaning, which is the first requirement for avoiding pests. Deep cleaning services in Delhi, will assist them in adding this layer of protection around their premises. If they still face this problem, their landlord must be informed as quickly as possible and they should take every action to protect the health of their tenants. This problem found in one room, can spread to other rooms too, hence the need for quick action. 


Pest Control for Theater will allow us to have uninterrupted entertainment

Most theaters stay in dark throughout the day and hence attract pests that prefer dark areas. Mouse and cockroach roam around here looking for anything they can bite on. If you have come for a horror show, you might find one here. There are different ways to tackle different pests and these service providers have solutions for each one of them. 


If your Commercial premises is facing any pest problem, the Pest Control services in Delhi offering quick solutions are available at ZoopGo. At any time you feel you need quick quotes, just complete the small requirements form on the website and see quotes from 4 of them, free of cost on your mobile. As an alternative, our consultants are available on Toll-free number 1800-12312-9655 to discuss your requirements and queries. 

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