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My makeup by TeenaMakeover was excellent and it was flawless and lasted all day. Also, give discount in makeup in wedding function. Thank you TeenaMakeover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We will shortlist the best options for you, those makeup artists available to serve you locally.
The charge mostly are upwards of Rs. 2,000 based on your requirements.
Most makeup artists are experts in hair styling too or have assistants with these skills.
Different people have different type of skins which react differently to the chemicals in the creams and lotions. If you have a history of allergic reactions to anything please let the makeup artist know before they start applying the makeup.
Most of the parties last long into the night and nobody will be available at that time to remove your makeup. You must always seek the advice of makeup artist as to what procedure to follow for removing the makeup they have applied.
You should remove the makeup once the occasion for which you have applied is over. Leaving it on for long durations can cause bacteria to settle on the makeup and lead to premature ageing of your skin.

Making a choice among Best Party Makeup Artists in Delhi

Makeup is an important activity for any lady and they are used to following this every day as part of their routine. You know how to cleanse your skin, how to apply moisturizer on it and how to nourish it. For parties you want to look your best. The dress is important for the day, but so is your hairstyle and how your face looks with the makeup. So, if you are looking for something extra from someone you can trust, you will need to select among the Best Party Makeup Artists in Delhi.


One makeup artist per colony


If you are looking for the party makeup artist in Delhi, they are available in almost every colony. There are as many makeup artists in Delhi a there are doctors. It’s a way for the ladies to connect and gossip. Sharing tips on makeup or talk on any other topic allows them to pass their time together.


We all pay for what we like


The charges of all these artists vary and  you can look online for party makeup artist in Delhi with price. Everything costs money and if you like the services you will always pay happily. The output of the make-up activity is in front of you, on the mirror, when it is complete and you can suggest, while your face is being applied with different chemicals, what you like and what you don’t.


Good work always pays


If you are yourself an expert with makeup or are not willing to shell out big amounts for it, you can hire freelance party makeup artist in Delhi. They don’t have their own salons and mostly get work through recommendations. If you do good work you will always be in demand. They also will welcome your suggestions more than other makeup artists.


South Delhi is always ahead in everything


Every part of Delhi has its own set of famous saloons and you will find, like everything else, that  party makeup artist in South Delhi are better.  South Delhi is the richest part of the city and hence the expectations for everything are higher and they cost more as well.


How can we help?


If you don’t want to go to your regular salon or for some reason they are unavailable or you want something different, we at ZoopGo, can help you find the right party makeup artist for you, online.  You can connect to our portal and fill a small requirements form. Firstly, you need to indicate the type of party or event you want the makeup for, next whether you need help with your hair too, then where would this makeup activity be, if you will be accompanied by others with makeup requests and finally the date with the location around where you are looking for these artists. In moments you will have 4 best quotes from us on your mobile, free of cost. You can compare their services and prices and choose the one that you like.   

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