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Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to reduce the time it takes you in the search for service providers like caterers. We have analysed the business inside out and we provide quotes as the first and not the last step. Our services are free of cost.

Caterers across the city charge per plate which includes the price of food and the services. Hence the number of guests will decide the overall cost. Often these caterers provide discounts which increase with the number of guests.

All caterers listed by us are registered with us. We have verified their commercial details. All of them provide tasters so that you know the quality of food that will be served at the party. You can always talk with them and query them about their past experiences.

We request that if such a case arises then you should update the caterer as soon as possible. This will make life easy for them and you. They will be able to reimburse any deposits in case they have not started the preparations and will be able to help you with the new date for the party if they are not already booked.

The Caterers in Colaba dishing out what you ordered

Colaba is an affluent area in south Mumbai. Its sea-facing houses are expensive and it is close to the commercial hubs in Mumbai. Caterers in Colaba are required by the residents and companies whenever they are in partying mood. They will serve anything you can imagine. They have chefs who are experts with a number of cuisines and always prepare the food and drinks with the guests in mind. They are here not just to please the guests but to impress them. They have been hired to make the party fun and will make every effort for an entertaining experience.


How do the caterers prepare themselves for the occasion?


These caterers serve at all types of functions, on any occasion. There are other caterers who will focus on one type of function like the Wedding Caterers in Colaba.

  • They are focusing on just one type of function so that they can customize their services easily according to the requirements of their clients.
  • They love large crowds and are adept at managing such gatherings.
  • They prepare large quantities of quality food in hygienic conditions.


Some caterers are capable of serving more than food


There are other caterers like the Birthday Party Caterers in Colaba, focusing just on birthday parties. They know what will be required at these parties which often end with snacks and no dinner is served.


  • They have suggestions for snacks from multiple cuisines.
  • The drinks they serve are alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as per your requirements.
  • They often offer complete packages including venue selection and decorations.
  • They can prepare the cake for you or can guide you towards a bakery that will prepare according to your instructions.



No matter what you are partying for, the caterers are here to help


Colaba has residents who want to meet up or want to enjoy a social occasion as a group. Some youngsters too invite their group for small parties to enjoy the evening together. Small House Party Caterers in Colaba are here to assist these folks. They specialize in preparing food for a small number of guests and can prepare the food at your location or bring prepared food. They have their own devices to keep the food or cold. These parties may have themes and background music. These service providers will recommend the food and drink items if you tell them the theme of your party.


How do the caterers understand the demands of the market?


There are more veggie lovers in India than anywhere else in the world. Veg Caterers in Colaba have understood the demand in the market for vegetarian food. All of them are aiming for a larger share of the pie, promoting themselves to get as much business as they can. They prepare traditional meals and fusion food too to satisfy your tastebuds. They have connections in the vegetable market and their suppliers always supply the freshest vegetables.


How do the caterers react to religious sensitivities?


The market for Non-Veg food in India is big enough to warrant the need for Non Veg Caterers in Colaba. They prepare juicy food for the non-vegetarian part of society. They observe the religious calendar and do not prepare these dishes on the days they are not meant to be served.


We at  ZoopGo are here to help you with your search for these caterers. You just need to give your requirements by completing a small form. Once you give us your contact details we will be able to furnish 4 best quotes, free of cost on your mobile. Please call us at 1800-12312-9655 for any pre-booking or post-booking queries you may have.



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