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Aura Facilities Management Pvt Ltd


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Building No.805 1st Floor Arjun Nagar, Kotla Mubarakpur, Opp to Idfc Bank and Otm Jewelers Delhi - 110003

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I had hired deep cleaning services via Aura Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Hats off to their amazing deep cleaning solutions and well-trained staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can try ZoopGo, India is highest-rated value-aggregation platform, to find and book professional deep cleaning services in Okhla instantly under one roof at reasonable rates.
Professional deep cleaning service providers listed on ZoopGo are certified, licensed, and top players in the industry. They use high-end industrial cleaning agents and equipment to give you the desired result.
You should book professional deep cleaning services in Okhla every 6-8 months to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your space.
It depends on several factors, such as the size of your home, type of service, the package you choose, etc. On average, professionals take 30-45 minutes to deep clean a room.
Professionals listed on ZoopGo use the highest-standard deep cleaning products that are 100% safe for children and pets
Professionals associated with us are licensed and verified by us.

Cleaning services in OkhlaBook the Best Deep Cleaning Services in Okhla for a Spotlessly Clean Space! 

What do you think your daily 'Kaamwali Bai Ji's' Safai is enough to keep your little abode clean and hygienic? The shortest answer is NO. Standard cleaning does not cover the entire space. It only eliminates the dirt which is visible to the eyes. In crunch time like COVID, a clean and hygienic environment has become a top-most priority. Hence, you must book deep cleaning services in Okhla through ZoopGo, India's highest-rated portal value aggregation platform, from time to time to keep your home and health happy and healthy. 


Why deep cleaning? 

A dirty and cluttered home is a haven for unruly bacteria, germs, and viruses. Dirt and dust are unstoppable. The more dirt enters your home, the more viruses and batteries grow. Professional deep cleaning is one of the most time-tested, sure-fire ways of ensuring to eliminate those dust bunnies from your home and make it a comfortable place to live in. You need to take charge and invest in professional house deep cleaning in Okhla before those dust bunnies collaborate and make your abode hollow. 


5 Benefits of professional deep cleaning services: 

Eliminates viruses and bacteria - If you leave your home without cleaning for a long time, it can lead to harmful viruses and bacteria. Professionals use hospital-grade chemicals and cleaning agents to target all the possible areas and eradicate health hazards. 


Increases indoor air quality -  Uncleanness causes poor air quality. Deep cleaning experts handle commercial and residential cleaning with professionalism and care and improve the air quality of your space. Moreover, for the best kitchen deep cleaning services in Okhla, call ZoopGo. 


Reduces stress - The state of your living space affects your mental health significantly. A clean and cluttered free space aids in stress reduction. Professional deep cleaning services help purify your space and invite a more peaceful and healthy environment. 


Reduce Allergens -  Dirt and dust build-up over the period may contain substances that trigger allergy. Deep cleaning professionals eliminate dust from hidden and hard-to-reach areas save you and your loved ones from allergic reactions. 


Reduce bacteria from the bathroom - Did you know around 500,000 bacterial cells can be found per square inch of your bathroom surface within an hour of its use. These harmful bacteria and molds can cause health concerns. Therefore, investing in professional bathroom cleaning from time to time is the best possible way to keep germs away and prevent allergic reactions and harmful diseases. 


Why ZoopGo? 

ZoopGo is India's highest-rated value-added aggregation platform with 1500+ certified and licensed partners. It has been offering complete home services for 10+ years and has served 45000+ customers. It strives to connect you with the top players of the cleaning industry in Okhla, Delhi, at reasonable rates, instantly, under one roof. You can book the best floor deep cleaning services in Okhla, Delhi, through us for a perfect high-gloss space. 


Our offerings 

  • Verified and licensed partners 
  • Instant quotes and bookings
  • 24/7 Customer Support 
  • Review Dashboard for actionable insights 
  • Short notice bookings
  • Reasonable rates


Book your ideal deep cleaning partner just in 3 steps 

Step #1 - List your deep cleaning requirements with us to get the Instant First Four Free Quotes. If you want to hire professional bathroom deep cleaning in Okhla, specify your requirements. 

Step #2 - Check and compare quotes. 

Step #3 - Call & book! 

If you are looking for the 'Best deep cleaning services in Okhla near me,' reach out to us. We will connect you with your perfect deep cleaning partner quickly. For further queries call us on our toll-free number 1800-12312-9655. Moreover, you can download our application from Google Play Store and book our services anytime, anywhere, at your convenience.

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