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2 Verified Deep Cleaning Services Near Me In Janakpuri
Average Rating (4) - 3 reviews

Inder Enterprises


(2) Review’s

Ground Floor, H.No- 163, KH.No- 200/141, Gali No- 2, Aya Nagar Extension, H- Block, Phase- 6, South West Delhi-110047

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very good service

Kamal Arora

My office furniture and floors are deep cleaned by this company. Our entire office staff is now working in a better environment.

Helpers Home


(1) Review’s

B 85, Gali No . 2, Janakpuri A Block, Shiv Mandir, Delhi - 110058

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Anshul Singh

I had chosen the services of Helpers home as it would help us all in getting the best cleaning services assistance at the time of need.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will speed up your search by providing you quotes as the first step and not the last. The cleaners will be serving in your locality and meet all of your requirements.
The charges depend on the size of your premises. Deep cleaning a big office will obviously cost more than getting a 1 BHK house deep cleaned.
All service providers listed by us are registered with us and we have verified their commercial details. Please read customer reviews about them on the online portal.
You just need to provide a regular supply of fresh water and electricity.
We recommend that you let the service providers know as soon as you can of your such plans. If possible they will refund any deposits and reschedule if they are available.
These cleaners will clean only the physically reachable parts of your premises. If you ask them to clean your facade they will not be able to as cleaners for that will be trained in different tools and methods.

Deep Cleaning in Janakpuri will be an enjoyable experience that will last


Janakpuri has been an affluent area ever since its inception. Most households here use help to maintain their premises. However, the new concept of professional cleaners has become popular here as in other posh areas of Delhi. The Corona Pandemic has made hiring their services almost mandatory here.

The services for Deep Cleaning in Janakpuri include not just cleaning up of your space but disinfecting it too. All of them have an online presence as they are trying to present themselves as technologically aware professionals. Their owners are mostly former managers of hotels, who handled a team there and are using their skills to establish a business they know will succeed if they put in the right effort.


How this service will allow you to enjoy your bathroom again?

Deep cleaning as a service can be performed for the entire house or parts of your house. Bathroom Deep Cleaning in Janakpuri will involve cleaning up of the floor and walls, which means removal of any stains or marks without causing any damages. They use glass cleaners to clean the mirrors and glass windows. Bathroom cleaners are used to clean all bathroom items apart from the toilet which is cleaned with a toilet cleaner. They will clean up your geyser too and remove any cobwebs on the walls. The doors and the handlebars will be cleaned up too.


How a clean kitchen will help you with delicious meals?

The kitchen is an important part for the ladies of the house who spend a lot of time their every day preparing meals for the family. Cleanliness of the kitchen is paramount as you will be able to cook hygienic food only in clean surroundings. Vapours from the cooking pots add grease and colour to the walls. Kitchen Deep Cleaning Janakpuri will be the best option for you. They will clean the floor, the walls and the empty cabinets. They will use special scrubbers to wipe the grease off from your kitchen. They will clean your fridge, microwave and your exhaust too. Your sink will be cleaned up properly to make sure that there are no blockages.


Cleaning and disinfecting for a healthy lifestyle

While cleaning any room of your premises, the deep cleaners always start with the floor. In case you need their services just for Floor Deep Cleaning Janakpuri, that can be arranged too. They will use a mop and clean water for the first part of floor cleaning. Then they will add disinfectants like phenyl to clean water and clean the floor again with it and a mop. 


You will breathe easy with a clean carpet

Most of us get our carpets dry cleaned once a year. However, if you hire deep cleaners, they will perform Carpet Cleaning in Janakpuri too. These cleaners will vacuum clean your carpet and use brushes and chemicals on any stains that the vacuum cleaner could not remove.


All of your suggestions are welcome

If you want all of the above services, as part of a package you can hire these services for Full Home Cleaning in Janakpuri. Your help may clean your place Every day but the professional cleaners will go to every part of it, that is within their reach. They all come wearing their IDs, carrying the requisite chemicals and tools for the job. You can either stay in a separate room as they clean up or you can observe them and make suggestions if you are not satisfied.


We at ZoopGo are here to help you with your search for deep-cleaning services. All you need to do is complete a small requirements form and give us your contact details. In moments 4 best quotes, free of cost will be on your mobile. Alternatively, you can connect with us at 1800-12312-9655 to discuss your requirements or queries.


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