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2 Verified Catering Services Near Me In Dlf

Average Rating (4) - 2 reviews
Chawla Caterers Private Limited
5 reviews: 1


T15/11, DLF City Phase 3, Near DLF City Phase 3 Metro Station, Gurgaon - 122010

Darshan Singh

The services of Chawla Caterers Private Limited are simply amazing. Their food was quite delicious. Their staff was thoroughly professional and well-trained. All-in-all, the services provided exceeded my expectations and they are highly recommended.      

Dark Rose Caterers and Events
4 reviews: 1


V-12/42, DLF Phase 3 Sector 24, Cyber City, Gurgaon - 122001


I live in Gurgaon and needed caterers for my anniversary party. Dark Rose Caterers & Events made excellent arrangements for me and the way they served was brilliant. We all enjoyed the day, thanks to them

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Best Rated Wedding Caterers In Gurgaon

Date: 08-09-2022

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ZoopGo Team

Caterers in DLF GurgaonThe High-end Caterers in DLF: Serving the Best in Gurgaon


DLF is the biggest real estate company in India. It’s biggest projects are in Gurgaon, which include residential building, office buildings and retail space. Most of these accommodations are well designed and built for the higher end of the market. People living and working here know that they are in world class surroundings. There is a large partying crowd here  both for residential and venue based parties, with requirements for Caterers in DLF. Money is never an issue and for every occasion the best are required. These caterers always serve multiple cuisines, delicacies and drinks your guests will love.



The menu and how everything else is selected

In terms of menu most of the caterers give you the option of choosing food items and drinks from Mughlai, Punjabi, South Indian, Bengali, Italian, American and other cuisines. The food is usually prepared at the venue, where the caterer brings everything from the ingredients,  utensils and everything else required for food preparations. They may also bring some re-prepared items which require some time to prepare and cannot be prepared fresh.


Catering for your every requirement at any occasion

There are caterers for every occasion here. Wedding Caterers in DLF cater just at weddings as the name suggests. They specialize in serving large crowds of people. They usually bring their crockery, cutlery and glassware. The service staff is always ready to serve your requests. Bearers and bartenders serve with smiles on their faces.

There are quite a few young people around here with over a 100 schools. The Birthday Party Caterers in DLF are always busy at their birthdays or on birthdays of individuals of any other age group celebrating their day. These caterers can even arrange the birthday cake if you like. The serving tables are always designed nicely and the food is presented in such a way to look extremely appetizing. The aim of these caterers is that the guests should remember the parties for the food that was served here, more than anything else.


The corporate party culture

The partying crowd includes the professionals working in the large commercial spaces that exist in DLF Gurgaon. The Corporate Party Caterers in DLF are required at these events organized by this office going crowd. There will always be drinks to start off the party and all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served. The starters are always special, both veg and non-veg for guests with different type of tastes. The main course is always served as a buffet, you can eat till your stomach and your heart’s desire are full. There are sweets served afterwards to make you feel relaxed.

If you are looking online for caterers in the DLF area of Gurgaon, ZoopGo is one of the best options available for your catering needs. You just list your requirements by selecting through a small requirements form and in moments 4 best quotes, free of cost from the best matches for your selections will be on your mobile.




How will ZoopGo help me with Caterers in DLF?

We will help you by shortening the search time. We will give you quotes directly and you won’t have to spend hours requesting and analyzing them.


How much do Caterers in DLF charge?

The charges vary from Rs 3,00 to Rs 3,000 depending on what you want to be served.


Will there be serving staff available for the party?

These caterers provide services for everything. If you need serving staff, these can be arranged too.


I am planning to hold a party for over 300 guests, will you be able to serve?

There are different caterers with different capabilities. You can select from the requirements menu the range of the number of guests. Then we will send the quotes from caterers serving over 300 guests to your mobile.


I have a limited budget, can I hold a party in DLF?

There are caterers for every requirement here. Just search with ZoopGo and discuss your requirements with the caterers.


What type of decorations will there be on the food serving tables?

The food serving tables always have excellent decorations on them. Food is served in large pots and pans and the designs usually indicate the food being seved.

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