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Top Painters & Painting Services in Delhi For Home And Office

Home is said to be one’s safe abode, a shelter whose confines seem to be welcoming and warm. And you being the feeler, it’s a part of your daily schedule to ensure that this warm abode is living a healthy life.

Just like you need a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, and comfortable clothes to live on, your house too needs the same, though in some other form. Now, if you are going to offer food to your house, it won’t simply gulp it down with an imaginary mouth.

However, if you ever get the time to think a little bit about this contrasting comparison, then you will get to see that your house does need some care- extensive care to be precise.

And perhaps this is where the professional painters in Delhi enter the stage!

Now, the first and foremost question that arises when you hear about the painters is why you need them. After all, you have painted walls and the paint is in good condition, isn’t it?

Well, in that case, all you are seeing is the external condition of your walls. Paint isn’t just to beautify your walls. Rather, they serve multitude purposes, some even unknown to commoners.



Let’s have a look at some of the necessities of having a good paint for your walls!

  • ·The vibrant hues lend a charismatic look to the walls, both exterior and interiors. If you choose ambient colors according to the internal decor of your home, then the sight is definitely going to be remarkable, both for your eyes and for the visitors’.
  • ·You will have the additional benefit of choosing from the plethora of protective coatings. Some will prevent your architectural structure from abrasions, while some will protect from UV rays or excess moisture deposition. Not only walls, but even furniture are also protected from mites, damage, or corrosion by the paints.
  • ·Painting will save you from unnecessary expenditure overheads. For example, you have your wall painted with a poor grade paint. Now, after a few months, the wall will start to damp because of moisture. Or you could have weeds or fungus growing out of the walls. Now removing them is quite costly.
  • ·Paints make the wall more resilient and heighten its functionalities. At least, the lifetime of the walls will be increased if you choose to consider the actual needs of the walls.



When it comes to an important function like painting, taking professional help is better, not because they know different painting techniques but because they understand what your wall needs and act accordingly.

Delhi is a small city but crowded and not to forget, it a city that perhaps never sleeps. To choose a professional painter who can give an eccentric look to the walls of your house in the best possible way can be tiresome.

Different professional painters have different techniques, which they employ while painting the walls or the furniture. In fact, they will give you a lot of different options to protect your walls, to enhance their beauty, and to make sure that your house sports a welcoming vibe.



Hundreds of painters and you can’t even choose one right?

This is why we, at Zoopogo, connect you with the best of best painters of the city itself. These painting firms are legalized and they have insurance covers for their employees. We choose only those who are best in their fields and abide by the market rules.

Atour platform, you can easily find out the painting company who can fulfill your demands. Now, with Zoopogo’s platform, getting in touch with a professional painter has become easier than what it was in the earlier days.

You can make a list, go through the portfolios of different firms, take a look at what’s best each of them has, and then select the one for you. The best part of our services is that you will get the finest painters at affordable and flexible rates.

  • ·Always choose a painting company which has gained enough experience to not let you down.
  • ·Choose the firm who will offer the preparatory works like stripping, cleaning, filling the clicks, and so on before applying the coat of the paint.
  • ·Always ask some questions about the techniques they will use, type of paints and the coatings they will offer.
  • ·Look for ones who offer a high-quality guarantee and promise to make the walls more resilient and sturdy.


Services Offered By The Proffesional Painters In Delhi

The professional painters in Delhi are engaged in offering a number of different services, pertaining to the painting of walls on both the interiors and the exteriors, the furniture and even coating the walls.



If you want to renovate your entire house or add some eccentric changes to the paints, then these painters will make your dream come true. They are proficient in adding textures, designs, and even three-dimensional graphics to the walls using different painting techniques. They are proficient in painting the walls of the bedroom, living room, and other parts of the house.

At Zoopogo, you will get different house painting firms who deal with various sections of the interiors as well as the exteriors. They make sure to make the paint smooth and increases the quality of the walls. You can choose different color patterns and designs and ask them to paint the walls according to your choice.



Furniture should always be protected against every wear and tear. These professional painters use different kinds of coatings to give the furniture the ultimate polish they need. Different furniture polishes are there which increase the shine of the wooden pieces and heightens their longevity.

If your furniture’s surface isn’t in good condition, they will first make the surface smooth via manual chiseling and filing. After the surface is even, the will apply the paint and then the lustrous coating.



Whitewashing the new walls prior to the application of the paints is crucial. This form of painting has many advantages, including the one being anti-bacterial in nature. A thin layer of hydrated lime is mixed with water and salt to form the primer. This is applied to the fences, walls, and mainly on the exterior part to keep the surface safe from the environmental abrasions.

The painters are well versed with the proportion in which lime and salt are to be mixed to enhance the natural carbonation. They use high-quality hydrated lime so as to lessen the amount of heat released from the mixture.



The wall painters are specifically for painting the walls in the most exquisite fashion. They will add eccentric hues to your walls which once used to look suffocating. These painters are acquainted with different forms of painting and also the proper color combination that will make your abode fresh and welcoming.

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