Get Transported in the World of Culinary Delights with Old Delhi Food Tour

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

It is no doubt an exciting and memorable experience wandering in the streets of Old Delhi, popularly known as the ‘Street Food Capital of India’. The lip-smacking delicacies, colorful markets, beautiful monuments, and endless memories remain etched into the heart forever. Old Delhi is nothing less than a ‘Heaven’ for the food enthusiasts. The different mouth-watering varieties of food available here just compel you to forget your calorie intake. From sizzling kebabs to freshly made samosas, it is certainly quite a challenging task to resist your temptation from the various delicacies prepared by the street food caterers in Delhi when you are wandering in the narrow lanes of Old Delhi.


A Food Lover’s Paradise


The old city shares a close relationship with the irresistible dishes that started during the Mughal era. Here, the magical history of India can be experienced through the sumptuous food which is adorned with the unique culinary delights that stimulate your appetite. Every lane of the city is packed with the food stalls and shops offering overwhelming varieties of food that are not to be found anywhere in the world. If you are a foodie, then taking an Old Delhi food walk or tour is one of the best ways to delight your taste buds with the different and unique cuisines.




Old Delhi is nothing less than a heaven for the chaat lovers. One can savor different kinds of chaats like dahi bhalla, khasta kachori, samosa, tikki and lots more. Natraj Dahi Bhalla, a shop located near the Chandni Chowk Metro Station is famous for selling a variety of chaats. Anybody can dig into the different delicious chaats during their old Delhi food tour that is not only worth the taste but also reasonably priced.







Parathas are one of the top most reasons to take a food tour to Old Delhi. Ask any individual what to eat in the old city and most of them will give you the answer ‘Parathas’. The famous PARANTHE WALI GALI is a must visit to taste the heavenly paranthas. As the name implies, this narrow street has various shops offering tasty parathas (Indian Flatbread) stuffed with radish, paneer, cauliflower, potato, cheese, and lots more than one can imagine.






One could use a lot of adjectives to define the various mouthwatering curries available in Old Delhi. Delectable is one such word thanks to the tasty curries such as the potato, pumpkin, lentil and so on available here. Eaten with the Bedmi Poori, the curries provide a heavenly experience for the food lovers. Furthermore, if you have a marriage ceremony around the corner, then the professional wedding caterers in Delhi can also be hired from Old Delhi for preparing the lip-smacking curries and making the event truly unforgettable.    






A trip to the Old Delhi cannot be termed as finished if you have not tasted a jalebi at the Old Famous Jalebi Wala. One more reason to take a food tour. Jalebi is essentially a flour-based batter that is deep fried and then soaked into the sugar syrup. It is best eaten hot. Anyone with a sweet tooth would certainly love to savor this famous sweet delicacy.




The Last Words...


Hence, an Old Delhi Food Tour can be termed as the DIVINE, especially for the food lovers. Carving out your path like a snake through the narrow lanes just to satiate your hunger is nothing less than a magical experience that cannot be expressed in the words. The beauty of Old Delhi is in its delectable cuisines and one visit this charming city at least once to experience a rich culinary heritage.


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