Which are the trendy colors for house paint in 2021?

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Every room is a canvas waiting to be colored with hues of an artist's imagination. 

Life came to a grinding halt in 2020. But 2021 gives us hope to add beautiful hues to life as well our homes. And what can be the most effective and straightforward way to enhance the aesthetics of a house than wall painting. In this blog, we've mentioned the top nine trendy colors for house paint that will help you create a relaxed and soothing space. Read on. 


Spruce Up with Earthy Tones - The allure of nature always lures one's heart. Adding calming earthy tones to the house walls is the best way to be one with nature. You can paint your walls with a stylish palette that has Mother Nature's seal of approval and create an intimate, soothing, and calming atmosphere. 


Spruce Up with Earthy Tones


Go with Brown - Brown is one earthy hue that is stealing the spotlight and ruling the design world in 2021. Soft browns and beige tones are incredibly deep and relaxing. They bring a soft and homier appearance to spaces and create a sense of calm. It's an excellent choice for bedrooms. 


Go with Brown


Enliven the Walls with Greens - Strongly associated with nature, green is another beautiful hue that helps to bring nature's lush abundance into your home. So turn your home into a serene sanctuary and spruce up the atmosphere with beautiful greens. 


Enliven the Walls with Greens


A French kiss on the Wall -Inspired by French and Swedish interiors, this soft grey and the gentle color are dominating the design world. Representing simplicity, this hue goes with blues and oranges and works pretty well in any room. 


A French kiss on the Wall


Move to Moody Hues - Gorgeous Aubergine is quite a rage right now. Being a rich backdrop, this deep and decadent hue brings a sense of warmth to the indoors. It's ambient and makes a room more intimate; the very reason it is called moody. It's best for bedrooms and large living spaces where you can spend an evening of deep conversations. 



Bring Sunshine with Saffron - With a hint of the shades of autumn leaves, saffron is an excellent wall decor for an eclectic modern home. It can be beautifully paired with charcoal gray, soft black, or white and looks stunning. This cheerful shade brings sunshine and warmth indoors and adds a slice of wanderlust into your décor. 


Bring Sunshine with Saffron


Smear a Timeless Appeal with Blue - Blue is the most versatile hue that enhances the grandeur of indoors. This color can be paired seamlessly with other hues. The relaxing and serene qualities of this hue set it apart from others on the color wheel. Antique/vintage blue creates a soothing atmosphere and a nostalgic mood when applied to walls. While inky blue adds a feel of heritage into the interiors and provides a perfect, rich backdrop. 


Smear a Timeless Appeal with Blue


Think Pink - Pink is a sweet and elegant color that represents happiness, harmony, and femininity. Pastel-infused punch with Boho style, muted rose with enormous warmth is going to last for 2021 and beyond. The shade is not only limited to the girls' bedroom, you can also blossom your living space with a warm pink hue. 


Think Pink


Calming Aqua for a Yearning Heart - Beautiful aqua hues are the best way to give your home a soothing update. Aqua hues are bright, refreshing, and look great on an accent wall. The shade creates a spa-like vibe and is perfect for bathroom, bedroom, and living spaces. 


Calming Aqua for a Yearning Heart

Parting note - These are some hues ruling the world of décor in 2021. Moreover, you can hire top-notch painters in Delhi through our website ZoopGo and smear the walls of your home with the hues you love the most because beautiful homes are made with love.


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