Know The Reasons Why Washing Machines Stop Draining?

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Who knew that one day Alva John Fisher will bring a revolution in laundries? Yes! The inventor of the first domestic electric washing machine in 1901 replaces the wooden tanks and manpower for washing the cloths. Well, these metal boxes are updated time after time and provide the most facilitated features. But, have you ever think about why do washing machines stop draining? And how to maintain it for long?


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We’re not limited to any two or three services so we serve limitless services according to the requirement. So, be on the topic and know the reasons behind the malfunctioning of water draining in your washing machine. 


Possible reasons about why your expensive laundry machine is not draining properly?

  • The major reason can be a jammed and clogged drain hose 
  • The pump may be broken
  • The switch lid and belt can be broken
  • Any other internal issues 
  • Or more 


How to fix the draining issues easily?

  • First, you need to read the instruction guide because h every laundry machine has its own highlighted features.
  • You drain hose carries dirt and cloth lint so straight it and shake it but avoid to twist and kinking it. 
  • Even you can reset the laundry it will be better for all kinds of malfunctioning.  
  • Cross-check your lid switch is working is it working or not?
  • Unclog and clear the drain hose


If the above-mentioned instructions are not working properly then it’s time to hire professional washing machine repair services in Delhi


Know the ways of maintaining your clothes washer in 7 easy steps:

  • Inspect the hoses every month to know if it is not clogged, any cracks or bulges or any stuck lint. 
  • Never try to overload it as the excessive load internally damages the washer. 
  • Try to use quality of low-sudsing HE detergent it saves both your clothes and laundry. 
  • Don’t forget to clean the dispenser and the interior. 
  • You can wipe the door, drum, and gasket. 
  • You can try vinegar or some citric agent to get rid of pungent odor.
  • Carefully clean the lint and avoid using any tool without any expert advisory.


However, these are the things to follow to enhance the years of usage of your laundry machine. Rather it’s LG, Whirlpool, Haier, Onida, Godrej or more these instructions will help you to maintain it well.  


Pro tip:

Ask your retailer about its time to time maintenance services. Use the suitable detergent for the long run of your washing machine.  


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