Overfill your plate with the best Indian wedding food menu lists in 2021

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

What makes your soul happier? Is it your favorite food on your plate? Or it can be your favorite cocktail? Obviously, that last piece of cake and the last scoop of ice cream are the real jewels of your faithfulness. However, an Indian wedding is all about, delicious sweets, good food, and mouth-watering platters. That’s why the best Indian wedding food menu lists in 2021 can be a center of attraction.


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So, what’s on the menu, Incredible India?


Within the next 3 minutes, you’ll know about different wedding dishes in just one plate of ZoopGo.


Statewise Wedding Menu 2021
State Popular Dish Remarks
Tamilnadu MeenKozhambu Traditional dish of South-Indian wedding
Kashmir Mutton Rogan Josh Heart of the Kashmiri wedding
Delhi Naan&Daal-makhni Speciality of Delhi
Rajasthan Dal BatiChurma The oldest tradition of Marwari menu
Uttarakhand Kafuli Highly admirable for Pahaadi wedding
Punjab  AmritsariKulcha Unbeatable
Gujrat Shrikhand Mind-boggling
Or Much More...



Catering service style:

The way of representing the dishes leverages the reputation in front of your guests. So, here you should know about various serving styles. 


  • Buffet: Well, it’s a way in which guests are served on the table by waiters or they serve themselves. 
  • Stations: A self-serving mode in which guests serve their meal on their own. 
  • Family-Style: A large platter serves to the family by the waiter staff.  
  • Plated: You can order a well-prepared plate of your favourite dishes.
  • Cocktail: A twilight feast with a variety of drinks is suitable for bachelor parties.


Well, it’s all up to you to know about which type of catering will be beneficial for your north to south Indian wedding food menu. Even it will be better to make a list and know which platter you want to add for an ideal wedding. 



What are the better ways to finalize professional catering services?


  • First, it will be better to make a list of those dishes and guests.
  • After that research on the internet and overview their official websites.
  • Then it will be better to know about their verified customer’s reviews.
  • Even, it will be beneficial to know the way they work. 
  • Meet with them and ask about some tasting tests.
  • Know about the fresh ingredients they use. 
  • Hence, it will be beneficial to know about 0% wastage of food. 
  • Ask about how many chefs and waiters they’re going to offer us.
  • Decide the venue and theme.
  • Accordingly, ask about an affordable budget and finalize them. 

Well, it’s a way to know about how and where to hire professional wedding caterers in Delhi. Accordingly, you can explore more and more to make your wedding unexpectedly good. 


Still, having craving for any dish at your wedding?

No, matter what’s the tradition and the theme of your wedding our south to north Indian wedding menu is enough. So, before you’re going to say goodbye! Explore the web portal of ZoopGo here you will only get suitable plus an affordable one. Now, you can contact us at 1800-12312-9655, or you can email us at [email protected]


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