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Catering Price List

Preference Veg Price Non-Veg Price
0-25 800 1000
25-50 700 900
50-100 600 800
100-250 500 800
250+ 500 700

Catering Price List

Preference Veg Price Non-Veg Price
0-25 800 1000
25-50 700 900
50-100 600 800
100-250 500 800
250+ 500 700

Best Wedding/ Pre-Wedding Caterers in Delhi

If you are looking for some real-time quality wedding catering services in Delhi, this page might have just what you're looking for! No more worries about availing the best catering services in Delhi. ZoopGo is there to provide you with some of the top-class services for weddings as well as pre-wedding catering.  ZoopGo offers the chance to find the best wedding and pre-wedding caterers in Delhi through its safe and easy processes of connections. Our best and most popular wedding and pre-wedding caterers In Delhi city can reassure good quality service in any of the wedding or pre-wedding venues that you mention.

The hiring guides for caterers for the event

What is the most important aspect that comes to your mind even while merely talking about Indian weddings? The food and beverages are what brightens up the whole celebration every time. Even after the party is over, your guests should have a memorable impression in their mind about the food experience. Catering is one of the key components that keep the wedding or pre-wedding day memories alive among both the guests and the family who hosts it. Today, the industry has a lot more to offer you than just monotonously well-cooked food. ZoopGo services have brought up the menu experience which will allow you to indulge in choosing from a variety of cuisine options, from European continental to Middle-eastern delicacies.

Be sure about what you want for your event

As we all know, catering is a very significant part of ceremonies such as weddings. Wedding catering services can provide you with themed cutlery, crockery, hot plates, and drinks in a presentable manner. Apart from food and beverages, the overall service should never be an option to compromise on. You can choose the place where the food will be prepared; at the wedding or pre-wedding venue itself or anywhere else. Don’t miss out on the concept of live cooking stations which is also a rising interest in the wedding seasons. There is also an amazing series of budget ranges from basic (Rs. 500 per plate) up to Luxury (Rs. 1600 per plate). According to such per plate budget designs, the cuisines and dish items can be selected from.

Set some right expectations and relax

ZoopGo genuinely gives you access to the best catering professionals in the city. The first-class service along with undeniably efficient hospitality services have been provided by us to numerous families on their occasions. You may conveniently settle out the time, venue, and total project costs with the professionals themselves.

Few important details that are essential

  • The purpose for which catering service is needed
  • Preferences of food
  • Number of expected guests
  • Estimated budget per plate
  • Date of event
  • The location of the event

LIST OF 6 wedding and pre-wedding caterers in Delhi

Mentioned below are the names of 6 wedding and pre-wedding caterers in Delhi that you can select from on your big day:

Karachi caterers

When it comes to high and efficient professionalism, the Karachi Caterers should be in your preference list. Many customers have sent their thankful letters to us for referring to this institute in order to complete their event requirements. The service providers are still on the go for promoting their excellence to a unique level.

The Mint Leaf

The Mint Leaf is an ideal option for your catering needs at any occasion, be it a wedding or a pre-wedding party. Their quality, quantities, and innovative cutlery skills are going to get you in your comfort zones. It has a wide range of good quality Western cuisines from Mexican salsa tacos to Italian continental specialties.

Bharat’s F&B

Our clients cannot thank Bharat ji enough for their excellent and impeccable catering services. If you want eye-pleasing, rich, flavor-full dishes made with good quality food materials, Bharat's F&B could be a considerable option.

The Chef’s House Catering Professionals

Delicious foods and beverages are all that the reviews speak of. You can comfortably give the responsibility of pleasing your guests to their prompt and organized services.


Another one of the best catering services around includes the Celebrations365. Services can satisfy your breakfast to lunch to snack requirements. You can place customized orders, and chose from a menu that offers a tempting variety of good quality food.

Fusion Hospitality Solutions

The services assure you quality, quantity, hygiene, safety, and amazing hospitality services. Don’t delay to choose on Fusion Hospitality Solutions to cater to your big events in a perfect manner for real.

So if your wedding date is already fixed and you wish to treat your guests with scrumptious food then do not worry and wait for long. Contact us and we will help you to get hold of the best wedding as well as pre-wedding catering services in Delhi India.


Wedding Catering Services FAQS

How can ZoopGo help to choose the best wedding caterers in Delhi?

As there is a number of caterers to choose from, ZoopGo helps you choose the best one by letting you know who has the highest ratings, which caterer has received the best reviews from customers, and which caterer is near to your current location.

Where do Wedding Caterers prepare the food?

Wedding Caterers, either prepare the food at their centralized kitchen then bring it to your event venue, or they prepare the food simply at the event venue in a makeshift kitchen. You need to confirm your choice while booking.

Can my caterer prepare special (on request) vegetarian food with no onion and garlic for a few guests?

If you're expecting Jain guests in your wedding who have a strict no to onion and garlic then you need to serve them with special food. For Veg Wedding Catering in Delhi, Caterers often provide special packages for Jain food. So it is requested to talk in advance to the concerned Caterer. Mostly, caterers agree to prepare the special food but that to for a little extra cost.

Will my wedding caterer provide a dress code for the staff?

If you are planning for a themed wedding you would want every aspect of the wedding to match the theme. You would also want the serving staff to be well-dressed according to the theme. Most of the time, reputed wedding caterers in Delhi provide an exclusive dress code for their staff. Thus, it is advised to talk with them in advance regarding the dress code; so that the staff can match with the tone and style of your wedding party imagination.

Do wedding caterers offer food tasting before the final deal?

Most wedding catering services in Delhi provides a complimentary tasting of their dishes to their clients before booking. Although some caterers offer the food tasting service for free, yet, others take charges for the same. Sometimes, food tasting services are offered by the vendors only after signing a contract with them (tasting is for suggestions only).

Why should I consider ZoopGo for finding reliable and affordable wedding catering in Delhi?

ZoopGo is a leading business listing portal that lets you contact numbers of reliable and verified wedding caterers providing reliable catering services in Delhi and other cities in India. To find the best caterers near you, just fill the form above with the specifications and within a few minutes, the top caterers listed at ZoopGo would get in touch with you. You will get quotations and then it will become easier to contact with the most favorable one.

What about crockery, cutlery, and extras? Do the wedding caterers supply these?

It is based on the wedding caterer that you choose for your wedding ceremony. It is advised to consult with the team regarding the extras.

When should we hire our caterer?

It is highly recommended to hire the caterer a few months before the wedding date.

Where should we start?

Initially, you will require sending an email or calling the caterer and giving them the essential details including name, wedding time, date, guest count, and place.

Does the caterer charge for tasting?

Luckily, the wedding caterer does not charge any amount for tasting the sample foods

Can the caterer custom a menu for our wedding ceremony?

Yes, the wedding caterers do provide custom packages.



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