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Select the Best South Indian Food Caterers you Need for your Special Occasion

Get The Best Dosa, Idli, Sambhar And Many More south Indian food

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Share Your Event Date and Location

Get Free Quotes and Hire The Best

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Generally, South Indian food provides you with the complexity of tastes. In Delhi, people love to have South Indian food having a separate corner on any occasion as the craving arises for the things that usually not in common. South Indian food is very uncommon in Delhi as the youngsters and modern people want to have western food and trends prevailing in the era.

In order to have scrumptious south Indian food, you will have to hire the best South Indian Caterers in Delhi who can not only serve the delicious meal rather know well how to garnish it properly. Garnishing the food before serving can completely change the mood of the eating-person.

Now, the question arises that from where you can hire the memorable and unbeatable Andhra and Kerala Food Caterers? So, simply that you can get from the platform of ZoopGo, which is a bridging company having a plethora of caterers including south Indian caterers as well.

What are the dishes that South Indian caterers can serve you?

You will get both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian south Indian food including the given cuisines:

  • All kinds of Dosa including Masala Dosa, RawaDosaetc
  • IdliSambar, Upma, Pulihora, Appam, etc
  • South Indian style chicken
  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Nadanmeen curry, Malabar fish curry etc
  • Dalcha, Dopiaza, Mirchikasalan, Chakna, etc
  • Chettinadkozhi, Madras curry, etc 
  • Karuveppilaisadam
  • Ishtu
  • All the sweet dishes including sweet Pongal, Moong dal Payasam etc.

Why ZoopGo is the best platform to opt for south Indian caterers?

We have an astute team that is very dedicated and committed to offering you the best cuisines with the help of fetching services for the caterers that you want for any specific event. You will be given the unbeatable and supreme Dosa Caterers in Delhi NCR as per the expectations and requirements. No matter whether you want veg or not veg food. We will be providing you with both.

Why choosing us is the best option for you?

You need to choose us for getting:

  • Authentic South Indian Cuisines: There are a plethora of south Indian dishes that you need to get in your event but not everyone likes all kinds of south Indian food. So, we will be providing you with those items that you will want in your event.
  • On-time delivery of food:You will get the delivery of food straight on –time. You will be having basically two types of the cooking system. The first one is on-premises and the second one is off-premises. You can opt for any one process and go for the same.
  • Reasonable prices:Whatever cuisines we will be providing you those items will be reasonable in prices. You can check out the prevailing prices in the market as per the norms of the industry.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best South Indian Caterer Charges of per Plate system then you will need to give us a call at the toll-free number i.e1800-12312-9655 or you can shoot us an email also at We will be fetching you impeccable service providers. So, all the best!

FAQs on South Indian caterers in Delhi

How do I know about the credibility of the south Indian caterers in Delhi?

ZoopGo has served more than 1500+ customers in Delhi and fetched top-notch south Indian caterers that have further served in many birthday parties, wedding parties and kitty parties. We have been trusted by the Delhiite whenever it comes to prepare South Indian food on any occasion.

Will the South Indian caterers provided by you offer food tasting before the event?

Once you will hire the caterer from our platform, the south Indian food will be prepared in bulk in a central kitchen. Hence, the caterer will allow the customers to visit that kitchen and taste the food. You can also customize the food if you are feeling like something is missing or the taste is not scrumptious then you can ask the cook to get it done.

Will the rating and reviews of the caterers provided by you genuine?

All the reviews and ratings of the south Indian caterers are genuine and verified by our end. The dashboard where you will see the reviews will be true.

Why there are only a few reviews and ratings on the dashboard provided by you?

The reviews and rating can’t be created unless the customer would not create an account. These caterers do not get frequent orders as not all the people in Delhi interest to get south Indian food on their special days. They go for western foods nowadays. However, we try to extract the ratings from all the customers after the receiving of the services and they are 100% genuine.



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