QR – Digital Menu Making Your Catering Business More Sustainable

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

To start your catering business after the era of COVID-19, you should focus on contactless services. This goal will be worthwhile with completely digitize facilities. Yes! Here I am talking about the implementation of the QR digital menu for your all-new food supply business. Believe it or not! But Caterers in Delhi are transforming their regular menu cards with QR – code scanners.


The QR-digital menu fosters an excellent management system where the users can meet with the next generation of technologies. It improves the overall operational performance of the staff and improves the strategic system.  


What is a QR code Digital menu?

The QR Menu is a digital version of the physical card menu. It’s the best way to manage the online orders where the customer points their back camera to the QR code and the list will display on their smartphones. 


But the thing is that how it will be beneficial for the catering business? Here we go!


How does QR – Digital menu grow your catering business?

Take a note of how the QR menu nurturing the catering start-ups. 


  • Contactless Menus


Now caterers can show their menu with easy-to-scan mode. It is safer to check out the menu in your Android/IOS and saves your time. 



contact less  food menu



  • Customize the Menu



According to any wedding or any other feast occasion, customers can easily customize the menu. It makes the parameter wide where it is easy to save the customize features and deliver the services on time. Restaurant staff can update the charges and edit the menu to add on the new varieties of dishes. 



Customized Menu



  • Cut-off the wastage



QR digital menus minimize the traditional card menu that means it prohibits the use of excessive papers. For any updates of prices or any minor changes in the menu; restaurant managers need to print, distribute, and pick up the card menus – This Digital table d'hôte is easy to operate and uncomplicated for any further changes. 



Cut off the Wastage



  • Upgrade the brand Value



There’re numerous users where every customer will sign-up with your app. It’s a way to leverage the traffic on the official website.



Upgrade the Brand Value



  • More app downloads



The QR code revolution cultivates more progress in the app. It promotes the downloading ratio that redirects the users directly to the app store. So, the customers can share the reviews and ratings of the services. 



Food App Download



  • The smart ways of quick order system 



Instead of rushing and waiting! – The mode of easy-to-scan order helps in customizing any favorite dish or platter. There is no confusion to finalize the cuisines and the list of the dishes. 



Quick Order  System



  • Keep-on track



The catering business is all about multi-tasking and responsibilities. The QR – scanner is now foster to add new features for the complete management of decoration, sitting arrangements, platters, feedback, etc. It’s an easy end-user experience that shortens the extra efforts to run a catering business. 



Food Tracking



  • Expand the presence on social media 



Every fresh start-up requires the gig of social media. So, professional caterers should advertise their social media platforms on their digital menus. It will be easier for the user to land up on your social media page by sharing the stories and tagging you on his/her account. 



Food Sharing on Social Media





Keep the benefits in the mix

Being with extraordinary ideas always level up the businesses whether it’s your old food business or a new start. Remember Haldirams? It helps them in their 35% of growth in their ordering system. Even, McDonalds, Zomato, etc. are also investing with the wave of QR – Digital Menu. After, introducing this digital solution the food business experiences a mega turnover. 


  • The QR – the digital menu is a great time savior.
  • It makes the catering business manageable.
  • A perfect solution for expanding the online business.
  • QR-code scan eases the secure payment system.
  • Reduces the chances of rush hours and queue. 
  • Easy to order and booking solution.
  • Track on delivery and the status of your daily payments and orders. 
  • Even you can implement multiple features for the attention of the users. 
  • The end-user experience will easily operate it.



There was a time when Masahiro Hara introduces created QR code in 1994 and now it is rapidly Escalating in every field. Especially, with caterers in Delhi where the youth believes in the new generation of handy technologies. 


But, the QR-generated menu still requires to be aware because there are minimal people who started using it. Many catering owners still doubt its complete security system. 

The estimation shows that the upcoming years will have the era of QR – menu in food businesses.



The Bottom line:

It cost nothing to utilize the tools of today’s generation. Be wise and grow the food supply business with QR digital menu. The Wedding Caterers in Delhi are now having the best solution for better profitability and easy payment terms.


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