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Planning your dad’s 50th birthday bash at your farmhouse?

But thinking that is the right move?

Of course it is! It is the perfect move. No birthday can be celebrated much better than a farmhouse. It is the place where you find peace in the lap of nature. Isn’t it?

Start with all your preparations. After all, it’s your dad going to hit half century. The celebration should be an exemplary style.

We are sure that it is going to be a hectic schedule to plan them all. But, be careful that you don’t miss out some important details in all that. Did you revised your to do list for the party?


Few things are still lagging?

Gift for dad, invitation cards delivery from the press and what about catering?

Don’t fill your head with tensed thoughts, everything will be settled. Start noting the things that are left and ask your friends to join hands in your work.

Moreover, the catering thing you can totally rely upon us. We will help you find your ideal match.

We will connect you to the best outdoor caterer of Gurgaon, Faridabad and whole around the Delhi. Are you confused with the outdoor caterer’s concept or are you totally unaware of it?

No worries. The concept is all based upon providing catering service not at your home but at places away from your home.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about getting one for your needs. You can hire them at ZOOPGO! We will help you find the best to suit your requirements while keeping the budget on our notes.

Know what is ZOOPGO

ZOOPGO is your leading guide in your requirements. It is an e-platform to help you fill the bridge between you and service providers. We help you to dive into a pool of different services from cleaning to catering, from painting to photography we are there for you always. Just toggle through the option of caterers and then search for outdoor caterers. A list of top outdoor caterers from Faridabad will be displayed on your screen. Scroll down to view all of them. Choose one, view the menu, view their prices, view the location and check all the details you wish. You will also be offered with a free quotation about the pricing according to your needs. It’s that simple!

Visited our website and chose your caterer for the day?

Did you meet?

Yes, but still not getting what to put up on the plate for that.

As it being a light farmhouse based birthday party, nothing can beat the trend of smoking sizzling hot barbeques. Did your caterers suggest you the same? But you weren’t clear about it?

So what if you were not clear about it. You have asked for a day’s time to confirm the same.

Therefore we present before you,

The best 5 BBQ plates you should definitely have in your outdoor party’s menu!

  1. 1. Panner Afghani

This amazing delicacy is made from cottage cheese dipped in marinating batter made from varied spices and then grilled till it holds a beautiful shade.

  1. 2. Mixed vegetables and cheese skewers

This dish is the perfect blend of vegetables with cheesy grilled cubes indulged in best harmony with varied Indian spices.

  1. 3. Barbequed pineapple slices

That recipe where freshly cut pineapple is wrapped in butter, cinnamon and brown sugar and grilled on the BBQ till it turns golden brown. It can prove to be the perfect side dish for your heavy menu


  1. 1. Sheekh Kebabs

The dish is the ultimate party cracker. It is made from minced meat dipped in the pool of mouth watering species mixes. It is served with onion chutney as its best companion.

  1. 2. Tandoori Chicken

This is an appetizing dish and absolute crowd attracter. Chicken marinated in the mix made form ginger, curd, and spices with a ting of lemon to add up to its taste. People are going to drool over it.

  1. 3 .Lahori Raseley

The king of juiciness in the kingdom of kebab’s. The Lahori Raseley is the signature dish from Lahore. The taste includes the aroma of Lahori styled cooking and the flavorful mix of spices. Served with tamarind chutney to balance the taste-o-meter!

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