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Frequently Asked Questions

This is recommended to book the services at least a few days or a month prior to the date of the housewarming function date.
For a housewarming party, we accept an order for a minimum number of 50 people. However, in special and exceptional cases we accept an order for a lesser number of people as well.
Yes, definitely you can taste the food before you finalize the services.
The following information are mandatorily required before booking a catering service: You necessarily need to communicate the total number of guests that you have planned to invite. The date of the event has to be revealed. The occasion, of course, has to be discussed. The exact location where the catering service is required. ? The time of the day when the catering service is required.

The Best Housewarming Party Caterers in Faridabad

If you are organizing a housewarming party in Faridabad, then you can find the best housewarming party caterer in Faridabad through Zoopgo. Zoopgo is the best platform for finding the best housewarming party caterers. The best caterers from Zoopgo offer the best and yummy foods for your housewarming party. They adhere to the best hygiene standards and offer the best food at the best rates in Faridabad. The Zoopgo caterers take the order for different services and adhere to world-class catering standards.

This goes without any doubt that the food and hospitality are a crucial part of any Indian wedding. Of all the things that the guest remembers after visiting an engagement or wedding is the food. Thus, catering is one of the important parts of any party especially a housewarming party. The Zoopgo housewarming party caterers do not merely serve food to your guests but that create an overall experience for the guests by offering the wide range of the sumptuous cuisines from all across the globe. We at Zoopgo empathically understand the overall significance of the eye-pleasing and great tasting food. So, we at Zoopgo connect you to the best catering professionals in Faridabad. It is now easier to find the best housewarming caterer in Faridabad so that you can successfully create an impression amongst your guests by serving them the most delicious food with an unforgettable taste.

Why Us?
  • Zoopgo offers freshly prepared food under the most hygienic conditions.
  • Zoopgo partners with the most trusted and experienced caterers in Faridabad and thus the assurance of getting the best food is guaranteed.
  • The partner caterers are very punctual in offering the best services.
  • We vouch to offer the most competitive rates for the catering services.
  • All our partner caterers are background checked. So, there is no point doubting the expertise of the caterers.
  • Our caterers offer the most delightful experience to their clients.
How it Works?
  • If you are planning a housewarming party, firstly you place a request for a housewarming party caterer in your region in Zoopgo. Your request is then being passed on to at least 3-4 partner caterers in your specified area. This facilitates our partner caterers to thoroughly understand your specific requirement and then prepare a feasible budget as per the scope of the work.
  • The final price quotation is then being provided by our partner caterers based on the specified requirement of the client.
  • This is suggested to read the Zoopgo terms and conditions and agree to the mentioned terms with the partners in regards to the catering supplies, the food items and also the final cost prior to the catering service is undertaken by our partner caterer. This would prevent any conflict in the future.
  • There is a wide range of food delicacies, mock tail and cocktail combinations that are available to choose from.
  • There are also several pre-defined menus that you can opt to choose.
  • Both the vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian menus are readily being served by the Zoopgo housewarming caterers. So, you can opt for either of them or a mix of both as per your preference.

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