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Frequently Asked Questions

This completely depends upon the company whom you will, be finalizing.
Yes, one of the most crucial benefits of the catering services in Faridabad is the customization of the menu.
If you want to prepare a cake, you will have to tell your firm first.
No seasonal charges are added when you will choosing any catering firm for your birthday party.
If you want to take the leftover food, then you will have to inform the catering firms first, during the time of booking.



No matter how old we get, we always wish to at least celebrate one of our birthdays in a grand way where we can have a dream birthday party and enjoy till our heart contends. No matter if it is a small family celebration or a grandeur party, birthdays will always hold a special place in our lives even if we are some big CEO of some multinational company.

So, this year, why don’t you take an initiative and plan something extravagant for yourself or your loved ones? After all, birthdays are said to be special for a reason!

But, take a back seat and think for a moment, what will happen if the food is not up to the mark or the serving isn’t too good to impress your guests, let alone yourself and your family members.

Now, that is something you couldn’t allow to happen, especially when you are planning to arrange for a top grade birthday party. This is the reason why the birthday party caterers are always eager to help you out with the foods, the cuisines, and even the arrangements in Faridabad.

All you will have to do is choose the perfect one!


Birthdays are uniquely special events, where you need to make everything perfect, if not for anyone else then for the birthday person. This is why birthday party catering services in Faridabad are too crucial to neglect.

If you are still not convinced with the importance of a catering service in a birthday party, then these reasons are definitely going to change your mind!

·You don’t have to take tensions and unnecessary worries about food serving, drinks, and so on. You can enjoy the party completely, without any overhead chaos.

·Hiring a catering service mean you have the entire cuisine planned out, including the arrangements of the tables, the food stalls, and even the dishes.

·They are well aware of the light ambience of a birthday and so they accordingly serve the foods.


When you are hiring a birthday party caterer, first you need to know certain answers to certain questions and they you can go ahead with the finalization of the firm. And what are these questions?

1. How many variations can they introduce in their packages?


All that matters during the choice of the best catering service for the birthday parties are the variations in the food menu. As kids and elderly people will also be present during the party, it is crucial to maintaining the types of foods.


2. Can they relocate themselves at the day of the event?


Always ask your catering firm whether they can migrate somewhere or not if the venue lacks any area of cooking.



3. Will they be able to arrange for a theme-based menu?



Sometimes, birthdays are based on themes and due to this, a catering firm should be aware of the menus and the types of arrangements pertaining to the theme parties.


4. Where will they prepare the food?



The place of cooking should always be decided at first before finalizing to avoid the further chaos.



ZooPogo is an online platform where you can get connected with some of the best birthday caterers within Faridabad. We choose partners on the basis of their work quality, punctuality, and even their flexibility. We have the feedbacks so that you can go through them and decide who is the best for your party.


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