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Unicorn Fotografie

Unicorn Fotografie 5.0 (1 Reviews)

C-216, Vivek Vihar, Phase-1, Delhi

Start From ₹20,000 Get Quote View Profile

Shivam Bhutani

Shivam Bhutani 5.0 (1 Reviews)

8/31 B Tilak Ngar delhi

Start From ₹20,000 Get Quote View Profile

SP Digital Photo Studio

SP Digital Photo Studio 5.0 (1 Reviews)

05, Arjun Park, Dwarka More, Delhi

Start From ₹20,000 Get Quote View Profile

Soulmates Studio

Soulmates Studio 5.0 (1 Reviews)

1/11585 Street No-3, Subhash Park Extension,Naveen Shahdara Delhi-110032

Start From ₹55,000 per day Get Quote View Profile

The third Eye Photography

The third Eye Photography 5.0 (1 Reviews)

W/O Salman Mustafa,House No.1252,Kalan Mahal Pataudi House, Darya Ganj, Delhi-110002

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Baby Cuppycake and Company

Baby Cuppycake and Company 5.0 (1 Reviews)

E-315 Tagore Garden Extn. West Delhi Delhi Delhi- 110027

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shipra and Amit chhabra photography

shipra and Amit chhabra photography 5.0 (1 Reviews)

D-238, Dron Marg, Shiniwas Puri, Block D, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024

Start From ₹12000 Get Quote View Profile

Guru mantra photography

Guru mantra photography 5.0 (1 Reviews)

c/o ved parkash, 395-A, Gali no-7, east delhi, delhi-110051

Start From ₹24,000 Get Quote View Profile

Marble Production House

Marble Production House 5.0 (1 Reviews)

C-10, near dwarka more metro station, sewak nagar, uttam nagar, west delhi, delhi-110059

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Wedding Photographer ₹ 60000 ₹ 150000
Maternity Photographer ₹ 10000 ₹ 25000
Birthday and personal party ₹ 12000 ₹ 25000
Corporate event Photographer ₹ 7000 ₹ 10000
Product Catalogue Photographer ₹ 50000 ₹ 100000
Special occasion Photographer ₹ 12000 ₹ 25000
Fashion Portfolio Photographer ₹ 15000 ₹ 30000
Baby photoshoot ₹ 10000 ₹ 18000
Pre wedding photographer ₹ 20000 ₹ 50000
Videography ₹ 24,999 ₹ 99,999

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We are here to provide you with quick quotes from couple photographers, when you need them. The service providers listed to serve you will be according to the requirements you have provided.

Most photographers we list have been associated with us for some time. They are still with us, because they offer services of the highest standard. They are all registered before we list them for you and they are genuine, we are sure of this having verified their commercial information. You can even read customer reviews, at our online portal, about them.

You will need to be at the photoshoot venue on time, with all the dresses decided for the day.

It depends on the package you have selected. Most pre-wedding photoshoots can last an entire day. 

We are here to give you quick quotes from photographers when you need them. These will be from service providers who are an exact match for your requirements and this means that they will be local to your area.

Most photographers associated with us have been with us for sometime and they are still with us because they deliver quality photos to the customers. Their details are registered with us and we verify their commercial data to confirm that they are a genuine business. If you are looking for customer reviews about their services, just come to our online portal.

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Excellent services from experienced Couple Shoot Photographers in Delhi


Couple Photographers in DelhiMost couples have their first photoshoot together at their wedding though today pre-wedding shoots are also in trend. Apart from this they are captured together celebrating different occasions and some hire Couple Shoot Photographers in Delhi just for fun. These professionals help you remember the time you were together. Couple shoot is one of the services among numerous offered by service providers like maternity and newborn photoshoots. These service providers have good communication skills and interpersonal skills which allows them to give exactly what you are demanding. Once you have made plans for such photoshoots you must try to hire a photographer as early as possible, just to make sure that they are available on the day you want to hold the shoot. 


You will do your part and the photographers will do theirs 

Today it's easy to select photographers as most of them have Instagram accounts where you can see their portfolio which contains their best and recent works. You just tell them what you need and they will let you know what can be done. Most of them have experience of assisting numerous customers and they will give you good suggestions. For any  Couple Photoshoot in Delhi they will ask you to select a venue for photography and suitable dresses for the day. The venue can be your local parks, historical sites when nobody is there or you can go out of the city for which you will be given a list of possible venues. As for dresses they will show you their previous work, just to see if you will be requiring something similar. They will even suggest fashion retailers who sell or rent appropriate attires. 


You will be offered imaginative options

You must be familiar with photos of couples hanging from the walls at the houses of people you visit. The venue used by Couple Portraits Photographers In New Delhi is often their studios. These photos are more of a statement of your togetherness than anything else. These experts don't just capture ideal moments, they create them by selecting the right backgrounds and suggesting poses. They use the best equipment available in the market and they upgrade as better ones are introduced here. Today it's very easy to capture any type of photos through your smartphone, but these professionals will give you something fit for the walls of your drawing and bedrooms. 


The charges are flexible and depend on your requirements 

If you have enough funds, these professionals will travel with you on holidays to capture the two of you together. The photographers can be of different types, some experienced studio owners and others freelancers. The charges of the former are higher than those of the latter for obvious reasons. These service providers offer photo books, framed photos, posters, calendars, coffee mugs and printed T-shirts for you to remember your moments together. If you need videography services as well, they will be able to arrange these quite quickly. The charges of these experts are usually based on the time they spend with you and the number of photos required by you.

The Couple photoshoot will make you comfortable with each other

Once you have decided to marry, you have made the decision to spend the rest of your lives together. You may want to record the moments when you met each other and both of you gave an approving nod. Well, you may not be able to capture those first few moments, but you can relive them through pre-wedding photography. You will have lots of time and space, to get to know each other and express emotions that you will not be able to at crowded locations. Most wedding photographers for this reason are offering opportunities for Couple photoshoot in Delhi, known as pre-wedding photography. The experienced professionals have their portfolios, with couples at different locations, in different dresses and in different poses. You can have something similar done for you or if you have some original ideas, these service providers will be keen to hear them. 


The Couple photographers have seen it all before

Most photographers are adventurers at heart and they are not afraid of going to any location, within Delhi or outside it. The Couple photographers in Delhi will have a long list of suggestions for these and they will never choose one for you but ask you to select one. Different locations will have different charges. For instance, public places will be totally free while resorts, farmhouses and some palaces will charge a fee for use of their space. The next thing you will have to choose is the clothes for the day. You will be with the Couple photographers in Delhi for hours and you will have enough time to change into different dresses. Again, these professionals will suggest designers who will sell or rent out extravagant dresses. If you want to keep it simple, you have the option of choosing your T-shirts and shorts. 


The Couple portraits photographers will use the tried and tested methods

These professionals will give you different concepts that can be done at the venue of your choices. These will include activities like cycling, driving, riding horses among others. The Couples portraits photographers in Delhi will even have you stand in front of the smoke of color bombs or holding these in your hands as the color spreads around. They will even have you in traditional dresses with poses that suit a couple to be married soon. In photography you can classify photos as candid photos and portrait photos. The candid photos will be captured while you two are enjoying each other’s company and you will not even notice the photographer as they click away with their cameras. As for portrait photography, your photos will be captured the traditional way. The photographer will create the moments by making you stand in front of suitable backgrounds with you looking into each other's eyes or holding hands. 


If you are in need of a Couple Shoot Photographer Near Me, we at ZoopGo can be very useful. We will give you 4 best quotes, without any cost from verified photographers on your mobile once you complete our online requirements form. If you feel you need to verbally communicate with us, just connect with us at the Toll-free number 1800-12312-9655.

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