The Upcoming 2022 Trends for Catering Services and the Reasons Behind Them

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Trends are based on what the market is responding to i.e. what the foodies are interested in, in this case. These can be driven by innovations, something new that seems appetizing or something like the robots of New york, who prepare the meal in front of you. Trends also depend on the food situation in the country or the world in case your country depends on food imports, which thankfully India doesn’t.


Corona Pandemic and its effect on catering

The trends this year just like last year will be decided in part by the Corona Pandemic as it limits the way caterers can prepare and serve food. The seating arrangement that you can have and the number of guests will be limited. There may be sanitizing liquid on each table to help the guests keep themselves sanitized. Availability of the veggies and meats will vary too as the stores opening times are limited. The staff, if allowed, will be in protective gear and will make sure that proper standards are followed. We all can enjoy the bottled beverages and over the counter services, which require minimal physical contact in terms of preparation and serving. So, can be enjoyed, the delivered food, which the Caterers in Delhi prepare and deliver, and they will give you their gadgets to keep the food hot or cold, as per your requirements.


Robot is Serving Food



Stay healthy with veggies


Healthy food as always will be in demand to guard you from sickness and to keep you healthy, the food that is high on vitamins and low on fat. Going green is not a new topic in a country where almost the entire population has vegetables as part of their staple diet. With the farmers protests over, all northern cities can expect normal inflows of food supplies. Yes this is winter here, so what harm does a little hot non-veg good will do. Well, it's against tradition, religion and some of us believe that it can have an adverse effect on your health. That is, vegetarian food is risk free as it's low on fat and guards you from heart problems and obesity. So, you must learn to replace your sweet dishes with fruits. Simply, your chances of getting fat with veg meals is much lower than with non-veg meals.


Prefer Veg Food



Chefs for a small party


A small gathering never does a harm and the government and health institutions concur on this. A new trend is becoming increasingly popular and that is hiring chefs for the day or for your small party. They will come with nothing and everything will be provided by the family or individual hiring them. The crockery, cutlery and glassware will be provided by you as will be the serving pots and pans. You will need to have the right cooking equipment and utensils for what you need to be served. An advantage in this case is that you can make instant requests. The chefs prepared to work on your premises are expected to bring their vaccination certificate and a recent RT-PCR report. And you will be expected to keep ready the ingredients listed by the chef. There will be no serving staff and only the chef will be entering your premises.


Chef for Small House Party



Caterers will keep adding new cuisines to their list


International cuisines a couple of decades ago were unknown to the Indian palate. Now you go to the local restaurants and you will Mughlai, Chinese food everywhere. Those with deeper pockets can afford Italian and Mexican cuisines too. With a large diaspora the caterers now are being requested for cuisines they are not familiar with. There are not many Lebanese cuisine or Israeli cuisine restaurants in Delhi, but these caterers will head hunt the right chef for you, for your party. The charges may vary but these caterers will make every effort that you and your guests get items from the cuisine chosen by you.


New Cuisines



Environment is a friend that we all must protect


Eco-friendly is the name of the game for every business today, with governments requesting everyone to minimise activities that have a negative impact on the environment. This is no different for caterers, who are looking for organically grown vegetables that are grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.


We at ZoopGo, will find the right caterers for you, no matter what the circumstances are.


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