Here are 5 Easy Tips to Save Your Home from Summer Pests

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Mites. Roaches. Rodents. These are the unnoticed but the most toxic pests. These tiny beasts make healthy into unhealthy and tidy into filthy. It all boils down to the cozy homely zone. So how you can get rid of common summer household pests to protect your family? How can you be sure about - “Finally! I saved my home from pests.”, instead of - “Honey! I saw one more rat in the kitchen.”? 


Ugh— Those winged cockroaches are partying in your kitchen! And this is enough to spread bacterial infections and germs. If you already have DIYs or any domestic measures, then you’ll get rid of them for a short period. And best of all, a deep-rooted solution of experienced pest control can solve many problems at once. 



summer pest



What are the types of summer household pests?



Summer is coming and welcoming the season of insects. If you’re living in India then you’re most probably experiencing the hottest months ever. And, it’s a season that increases the population of bugs and worms. 

The mild warm weather is best suited for Common Summer Household Pests. Because they end up in their hibernation period and this makes them thrive more.


Types of Summer pests:



  • Mosquitoes and flies

  • Ants and fire ants

  • Bees and wasps

  • Bed bugs and fleas

  • Termites and ticks

  • Grasshoppers and stinging insects



Some people living in extremely dry or hot climates in western areas have such severe pest issues. According to the professional Pest Control Services in Delhi, these predators are most likely to bite to catch their prey. 

Mosquitoes are responsible for nearly 800,000 deaths every year. On the other hand, termites cause 65% of damages to the infrastructure mostly in dry areas. Even rodents destroy approximately 200 million people's food and groceries. 

No doubt pest control is the hero to save our home and health from pests. Here are some guidelines: after all you need to get away from flies and wasps. 


The 5 Expert's secret to getting rid of pests 


If you ask me - “How did the mosquito's buzz sound?”, I might give you a dizzy reaction because it was a rough night. I never wanted to be bitten by such bloodsuckers and having bumps on my skin.

Ummmm…!! Seems harmful for your skin. These 5 guidelines will offer you some better solutions. Here we go..!! 


(1) Serve White Vinegar to the Ants:


Dear Ants, why don’t you pack your ant colonies to find a neighbor’s home to live in!! Believe it or not but ants leave trails to follow the same route multiple times for the other ant colonies. All you need to do is dissolve 2 cups of vinegar, peppermint, or salt in water and mop it around every corner of your home. It will eliminate them frequently. 


vinegar for pest control



(2) Cover the cracks and holes:



You can use copper mash instead of wooden pieces. It reduces the chances of termites and paper wasps. Even rodents will be unable to enter your kitchen areas. 


Crack Holes Cover



(3) Deep clean your home:


Effective cleaning with chemicals and equipment will be beneficial. Now, there will be a few effects of cockroaches in the washroom and kitchen areas. 


Deep Clean House



(4) The heating solution:


Did you know that your quilts and cushions also need some sunbath? Well, it’s a temporary solution to bed bugs. You can try some heating pest solution that kills the bed bugs and their eggs as well. 


Heating Solution



(5) You really need Pest Control Services:


 In case you're facing an excessive amount of bugs and mites, flies, and mosquitoes. Then it’s time to appoint an ultimate Pest Control Services in Delhi. They will understand what you need and accordingly resolve them all. 


Pest Control Services



Want more tips to stay away from chronic pests? Ask your queries in the comments section below. 



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