Let’s Watch Out the Top 7 AC Problems in Summers & Get Solutions

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Siya, sitting on a balcony, was reminiscing about the old days of the nineties. She used to come back from school, when it was the time for power cuts. She used to scream mummy my t-shirt is getting sweaty and I feel irritated. Poor chap Siya only gets hand fans as a savior. Of course, there were no affordable A.C’s as a blessing in disguise to save the little kids, and other chaps from the scorching heat of summers. Thanks to the advancement in technology, as A.C has overshadowed our lives to a great extent. With this blessing in disguise, people still face Common AC Problems in Summer.


What Changes Revolution of Technology Has Brought Forward for Us in Summers?


Envision a scenario, Rohan, a little munchkin was taking an online class with his room having A.C facility. Living in cities like Mumbai, demands A.C for everyone in the house as it saves us from the humid environment. Voltas AC gave a cool and blessed atmosphere to him. Suddenly A.C broke down and he screamed, Mumma, such a humid environment. I can’t study at all. Suddenly mother could not find out the fault and hence, Rohan had skipped the studies the entire day. No, no, don't let your kids skip their study schedules when you can call for services of A.C Repair in Mumbai. But before that cast a look at problems that homeowners face related to their brand new or old AC.


Common AC Problems in Summer Homeowners Face & their Quick Solutions:


Summers have arrived and we are facing the same problems: scorching heat and flowing sweat. Well, let the AC show its magic by blowing cool wind so that we can have a gala time consuming ice-cream with our entire family.  But what if the AC machine ditches you in between? Well, as the famous idiom goes, where there is a problem, there is a way. Let’s focus on problems and their solutions.


Let’s focus on Common House AC problems and Identify the Solutions:


Like any other problem, the AC machine also causes glitches. Therefore, like other electric appliances, AC machines also need regular service and maintenance. But as we are always busy accomplishing our regular pursuits, we overlook the issues related to AC machines. Let’s focus on the Top 7 AC problems.


 Problem 1): AC not Blowing Cold Air:

 AC not Blowing Cold Air


The very Purpose of an AC machine is to blow cold air. Therefore, we invest our huge money in buying the AC of top Indian brands such as Voltas, Daikin, Bluestar, Hitachi, Panasonic, LG, lloyd, Whirlpool and the list is endless. But what is AC is not cooling properly. Let’s sum up the probable causes of AC not cooling properly.



Causes of AC not blowing Cold Air:

Major Reasons of AC not blowing cold Air or creating cooling problems are:


  • AC filters are clogged with dirt
  • Use of wrong Air conditioner mode
  • AC fan motor is not in proper order
  • C gives insufficient cooling because of AC refrigerant issues




  • Clear AC dirt from time to time.
  • Set AC on a proper mode
  • Amend AC motor from time to time by calling experts



So, if you are residing in Mumbai, quickly book professional services of AC repair in Mumbai to solve the issue of AC not blowing cold air or is not cooling properly.



Problem 2): AC Refrigerant Leak Issue:

 AC Refrigerant Leak Issue


Only a few of us know that an AC refrigerant is accountable for cooling the air in your air conditioner. So, whenever an AC refrigerant has leakage issues, our AC machines stop blowing cool air.



Causes of AC Refrigerant Leak Issues:


  • Wear and tear of AC machine because of long use
  • Poor installation by the technicians
  • Refrigerant is low on charge




You can fix a minor refrigerant leak issue yourself, but if you find that the leak is big, you should call for professional ac repair services.


Problem 3): Dirty AC Filter

 Dirty AC Filter


We keep the same AC machines for years and therefore, dirt accumulates over our AC machines and we face the problems related to Dirty AC filters. It can prevent cooling of even the top brand AC like Voltas.



Causes of Dirty AC filters:


  • Not cleaning AC over a long time
  • Your house is exposed to dirt frequently
  • Frequent Use of AC over a long time
  • Pets in the house can also cause dirt in AC filters


Solution of Dirty AC Filter Problem:



Keeping our air conditioning machines in order is necessary, therefore, we should always pay heed to dirty ac filters as quickly as possible.


  • Change AC filters at least once a month
  • Clean AC filters from time to time
  • If still the problem prevails, calling air conditioner repair services is a quick solution.


Problem 4): Air Conditioner is making Noise

 AC Making Noise


We love to use AC uninterrupted but sometimes in summers we see that AC is making a continuous noise. It is the perfect time to look for the causes of these AC noise and get quick solutions:



Causes of Air Conditioner Making Hissing Sound:


  • Rattling AC sounds indicate that there can be a problem with the AC motor. Inspect your AC motor if the sounds come in regularly.
  • If AC has refrigerant leak issues, it may result in sound.
  • Faulty set up AC machines can cause hissing sounds.
  • The AC compressor is not in order and it can cause continuous AC sounds.


Solutions of Air Conditioner Making Noise:


  • Check for loose wiring and parts of your AC machine
  • Clean AC from time to time
  • Clean AC condenser coils from time to time
  • If the problem is not resolved yet, think of hiring AC repair services immediately.


Problem 5): Issues related to Damaged Compressor

 Damaged AC Compressor


Issues related to the damaged compressor may cause a lot of issues for all of us. It can prevent the cool air of our air conditioning system. So, let’s see what are the probable causes of damaged compressor and their solutions:



Causes of Damaged Compressor:


  • AC compressor remains uncleaned always
  • Faulty compressor settings at the time of installation
  • Overheating of compressor may lead to the issues related to the damage
  • Lack of lubrication may cause damage compressor issues


Solutions of Damaged Compressor:


If your compressor is completely damaged, you should take a quick action of replacing the compressor. If you feel that the compressor can still be amended, book ac repair services.


Problem: 6)  AC Water Leaking Issues

 AC Water Leak Issue


When we list common AC troubleshooting charts, we also keep AC water leaking issues on the top. Normal water leaking is considered regular especially when your AC machine is running, but excessive water leakage becomes a problem for house AC owners. Let’s look for some major causes and their solutions:



Causes of Outside AC water Leak:


  • Improper installation of AC machinery
  • Low cooling levels on a regular mode
  • Dirty and unclean air filters
  • Blocked drain pipes of AC


Solution of Outside Water Leakage Issues:


If you find this problem with your AC machinery as well, we would recommend you to take the following steps:


  • Turn off the AC immediately
  • If you still feel that this problem is not solved, you should go ahead and hire for the services of professionals.


Problem 7) Blocked Condenser Coils:

 Blocked  AC Condenser Coils:


Sometimes in summers, home owners face the problems related to blocked condenser coils. It can also lead to the malfunctioning of AC machinery. Let’s introspect causes and solutions. It can result in a lot of problems like high humidity, low air flow, and increased air flow, etc.



Causes of Blocked Condenser Coils:


  • Blocked air flow
  • Dirty coils can also lead to blockage issues
  • AC fan issues can also cause the problems of blocked condenser coil issues




Clean the dirt regularly from the condenser coils. If the problem does not get resolved, the best choice is to call the services of professionals.


Other Common AC Problems that are Faced by Homeowners in summers:


  • Lack of lubrication issues
  • Debris and dirt found in the outside AC unit
  • Problems with AC suction lines
  • Overheating of AC motor.



Wrap Up:


Hey, I have tried to cover every issue that you all can face with your AC machinery in summers. I also prefer to use AC without any malfunctioning but of course, it is difficult to stop the breakdown of machinery. So, I would recommend using AC of start brands like Voltas, Panasonic, LG, and other such brands. I hope that in this summer season, you won’t face such troubling issues and you will feel extreme pleasure in munching cool desserts with your family. Happy summers to all of you, and hope you liked the sincere efforts. Spread the word by giving your love to the write up to solve the issue of AC not blowing cold air or is not cooling properly.


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