8 Mouth Watering Punjabi Wedding Food Menu List to Delight Your Taste Buds

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Popular Punjabi wedding menu Items List




Punjabiyan di shaan aur tasty khana!



A delicious and authentic Punjabi wedding food has an unforgettable magic in itself. A state known for its gastronomical wonders, the dishes are so mouth-watering that it will make you sing
Balle Balle! Punjabis have an excellent taste of food, isn't it? The Punjabi wedding menu has a wide assortment of cuisines that have the right essence of spices that will flirt with your taste buds and offer you a soul-fulfilling experience.



Gud Naal Ishq Mitha: Yummylicious Punjabi Wedding Cuisines that will Rule Your Heart

Punjabi wedding food is known for its rich and finger-licking buttery flavors along with the delicious vegetarian and meat cuisines prepared by the professional caterers. From butter laden parathas, spicy tandoori chicken, tangy kadhi pakoda, delectable rajma chawal to the heavenly lassi, the scrumptious taste of the food will make you crave for more. If you happen to attend a marriage ceremony in Punjab, then you must unquestionably treat your tummy with a dose of Punjabi Tadka and go Burrraahh!


Slurping Already? Let us quickly have a look at the various lip-smacking Punjabi wedding delicacies that will surely make you craving for more:


Chhole Bhature - Punjabi Food Delight!

Chole Bhature


Its taste is so heavenly that you just cannot have one. The fluffy Bhatura made with flour, dipped into a boiling oil, served with spicy chholes and pickled onions is one of the best ways to begin your yummy journey in a Punjabi wedding.


Sarso Ka Saag and Makki di Roti: King of Punjabi Wedding Dishes


Sarson Ka Saag



Any Punjabi wedding menu vegetarian is termed as incomplete if it does not contain the mouth-watering Sarso Ka Saag and Makki ki Roti. If a wedding is organized in the winter season, then you will definitely find this dish on every individual’s plate. It is healthier and tastier that will simply make you go WoW.



Tandoori Chicken: Irresistible and Mouth-Watering


Chilli Chicken



It is one of the most popular Punjabi wedding foods that has a special place in every Punjabi marriage ceremony. These are basically the medium sized cut pieces of chicken. The meat is grilled to perfection by the caterers and when served with the mint chutney, then it certainly provides a divine experience, particularly for your taste buds.  



Rajma Chawal: A Match Made in Heaven


Rajma Chawal



A proud member of the Punjabi wedding food menu, Rajma Chawal is an absolute delight. No marriage celebration in the state is complete without this delectable delicacy. The dish when served with the finely cut pickled onions just enhances the flavors and provides you a wholesome experience. This authentic cuisine will surely keep your fingers licking.



Butter Chicken: A Punjabi Food Fiesta!


Buttor Chicken



It can be said without any doubt that if Italy gave the world Pizza, then Punjab did the same with the Butter Chicken. This juicy chicken, creamy, gravy delicacy is an ABSOLUTE MUST in a Punjab wedding menu non vegetarian list. It tastes the best when eaten either with the buttery naan or rumali roti.



Dal Makhani: Signature Dish of any Punjabi Wedding


Dal Makhni



This lip-smacking buttery Punjabi cuisine is found in every wedding menu. The dal is made with the black lentils (Sabut Urad ki Dal) and red kidney beans. It is generally simmered for around 3-4 hours over a low flame to enhance the flavors and make it thicker. It is a dish not to be missed in a wedding.



Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda - Heartbeat of Every Punjabi


Kadi Pakoda



Punjabi's just love Kadhi Pakoda, there is no doubt about it. This delicacy is tangy made from the curd with the besan pakoras. This delectable food is best eaten with rice and loved by everyone.



Lassi - Surely Win Over Your Taste Buds





It is one of the most common drinks that you will find in any Punjabi wedding menu. It is consumed by either adding sugar or salt. In weddings, it is generally served in huge glasses that will surely delight your tummy.



Your Mouth Must be Watery By Now


Punjabi food, whether it is available in a wedding, roadside dhabas or restaurants are highly nutritious. It is prepared with the quality species, ingredients and most importantly with lots of love by the caterers in Delhi. So, go ahead and explore PUNJAB DA SWAD and indulge your taste buds with finger-licking cuisines.


If you are a food fanatic and want to share some foodie experiences or recipes, then keep the comments pouring in.



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