Navratri Special Catering Services - Delight Taste Buds With Delectable Navratri Fast Food

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hai, Mata Ne Bulaya Hai. When you hear the famous Durga Mata Bhajans in every household in Delhi, chanting the mantras especially during the months of March or April (celebrated as Chaitra Navratri) and September to October (Sharad Navratri)  every year, then it is time to celebrate the auspicious festival and seek blessings of the Goddess Durga for the nine consecutive days of Navratri. 


Navratri Festival Enjoy



It's Time to Revamp Navratri Vrat Ki Thali with Scrumptious Dishes With Caterers in Delhi



Vrat Ki Thali



Navratri is a prominent festival celebrated by the Hindus across India most people observe fasts, perform many rituals and one major among them is eating certain delicacies on particular days. For those people, observing a fast for nine days, then the preparation or eating can be quite a challenge, especially when there is a long list of NOS - no meat, onion, garlic, certain spices, regular salt, and the list goes on and on.  



If you are also observing the Navratri fast this year, then you do not have to miss out on all the delicious food items. Yes, you read it right! Want to know how this is possible? This Navratri gets immersed in the aroma of the unique delicacies made with pure butter or desi ghee that fills up the environment. Just think of Aloo ki Sabji, Samak Khichdi, Raita, Kuttu Atta Parantha, Sabudana Kheer, Lauki Dessert, and Khatta Meetha Kaddu ki Sabzi - slurping already? The home caterers in Delhi come up with some unique or special Navratri Vrat ki Thali to give you a feast like never before.  


There is More to Vrat ka Khana Than Traditional Navratri Cuisines


Traditional Thali Cuisines



Who said that you cannot feast on finger-licking food items during Navratri? Gone are the days, when people had no choice but to eat fruits, curd, or drink juices. Today, there is more to the Navratri fasting food with the professional Delhi caterers experimenting with the unique taste in the Navratri menu.



Many Navratri caterers in Delhi either at home or in restaurants are preparing unique food that will certainly provide an unforgettable experience to the devotees. For example, rock salt is used instead of regular white salt for food preparation. Furthermore, Kuttu ka Atta or Singhare ka Atta is being used instead of wheat flour. From Kuttu ka Dosa fruit salad to the Banana Walnut Lassi, the caterers are revamping the Navratri fast food for the people to relish the unique flavors.    


What About the Hygiene Factor While Making Navratri Food?


Navratri Hygiene



This is one of the top questions that will definitely crop up in your mind when you either plan to hire the caterers in Delhi for making the Navratri dishes at home or eat at restaurants. While the caterers take every precautionary step like wearing masks, sanitizing their hands or tools, regular temperature checks, etc to make the food at your house, it is the takeaway orders, that concern the people. 



If you are eating at renowned restaurants, then they take care of hygiene and sanitation. The ingredients used for the purpose of making Navratri Vrat Thali are properly washed and sanitized on the regular basis. Most of the top restaurants have adopted a unique approach to Navratri food. To ensure the safety of the customers, during the Covid-19 times, they have now started to give sachets of the sanitizers. Furthermore, the temperature checks of the delivery boys are carried out to ensure the customers get to eat the hygienic food and have a memorable experience.


Navratri is All About Relishing Good Food and Maintaining Sattvic Diet


Satvik Diet



The festival of Navratri means showing utmost devotion to the Goddess Durga and savoring the sattvic diet - food that is free from onion, garlic, and spices. So, whether you want to go out to restaurants or make the cuisines at home, make it a point to eat to your heart's content and worship the different forms of the deity.



Jai Mata Di!!


Do you have any other unique Navratri fast food recipes to share? Let us know in the comments.


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