Kannada Brahmin Wedding Menu - A Satvik Yet Scrumptious Affair!

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Popular Dishes in Kannada Brahmin wedding menu

With no pomp and show, a Kannada Brahmin wedding is simple, elegant, and meaningful. It's a reflection of deep-rooted customs, traditions, and heritage. Daytime rituals that continue for 2-3 days form an indelible experience. Not just the age-old customs, but these festivities are also about preserving and celebrating authentic flavours to ensure that they never get lost in translation. Even with the exclusion of garlic and onion, these dishes exude flavours and create art in the true sense. We've curated a delicious flavour-filled Kannada Brahmin wedding menu, incorporating the element of authenticity. Check it out:


5 Major dishes that are served in Kannada Brahmin weddings for breakfast -

1. Idli

When you take a bite of this cuisine, you get to indulge your senses into a rich culture. Kannadigas believe in simplicity, and humble making process of idlis is proof of that. Made of rice and pulses, these healthy, spongy steamed cakes are paired with the irreplaceable combo of sambhar and coconut chutney.





2. Dosa -


Like idlis, dosas are also an integral part of Kannadigas festivities. Who wouldn't want to savour these crispy golden brown dosas that can be made plain and also with mashed potato masala, served with sambar and several chutneys? The answer is everyone loves to relish this soul-satisfying wedding cuisine.





3. Mysore Bonda -


Mysore Bonda is meant to give a crispy touch to a brahmin wedding. Made with lentils, chopped fresh coconut, and vibrant spices, the Bonda is crispy at the outside, fluffy at the inside, and a perfectly delightful treat for the attendees.


Mysore Bonda



4. Pineapple Kesari -


Made with semolina, pineapple, sugar, and ghee, this fruity flavoured dessert has a melt-in-the-mouth texture and is enriched with lots of dry fruits. Ghee glistening on the top of the dessert takes it to another level, making it so aromatic, enticing, and tempting.


Pinapple Kesari



5. Kashi Halwa -


Also known as Ash Gourd halwa or Dumroot halwa, it's an authentic and delightful melt in mouth Udupi dessert, a treat that every sweet tooth craves for.


Kashi Halwa



7 Popular Dishes that are served in Kannada Brahmin weddings for Lunch/Dinner



1. Palya 


Also known as Poriyal, it's a dry steamed curry made with veggies of choice (beans, carrot, cabbage, beetroot, okra, potato etc.), savoury spices, herbs and freshly grated coconut. It's a healthy vegetarian side dish that pairs amazingly with roti and chapati. It's also a great side dish for sambar-rice or rasam-rice. Plus, it's one of the dishes that is served on Baale Yele Oota.





2. Rice Bath (Vegetable Pulao) 


This classic one-pot rice dish needs no introduction among the Kannadigas. Made with herbs, veggies, and spices, this aromatic and flavourful pilaf is a true crowd-pleaser.


Rice Bath



3. Puliyogare (Tamarind rice) 


Another #bananaleaf dish, also known as Puliyodharai, this authentic brahmin style flavourful rice dish is sweet, tangy, and savoury. It will surely amp up the standard of your wedding menu quite evidently.


Puliyogare (Tamarind rice)



4. Saaru (Rasam) 


This lentil-based soup is known for its simplicity and subtle taste and pairs perfectly with rice. It's one of the most popular dishes in Kannada Brahmin weddings.


Saaru (Rasam)



5. Kosambari 


Made with cucumber, grated coconut and moong dal, Kosambari is a traditional salad. Lemon juice, green chilli, and a tadka of mustard curry leaves raise the flavour and nutrition quotient immensely.





6. Pineapple Gojju


 Also known as Pineapple Menaskai, it is a pineapple curry and is very popular across Karnataka. The tasty curry has a wonderful confluence of sweet, spicy, tangy, nutty, and fruity taste, making any festivity an instant success.


Pineapple Gojju



7. Sabakki Payasa (Sabudana kheer)


 Made with tapioca pearls, milk, sugar, and cardamom powder, this delicious and creamy payasa is an amalgamation of authenticity and deliciousness. It will douse your wedding menu with delicious sweetness that will be remembered by your guests for the time to come.


Sabakki Payasa



Local brahmin catering menu items for the wedding in Karnataka



Breakfast Lunch/Dinner
Pongal Pacchadi(Mosru Bajji)      
Molagai Podi Kootu    
Sabakki Payasa   Majjige Huli
Kosambari Kuruma (Raita)
Sambar  Lemon Rice
Chutney Injipuli
Samosa  Jangiri
Coffee & Tea Paruppu



Breakfast Lunch/Dinner
Pongal Pacchadi(Mosru Bajji)      
Molagai Podi Kootu    
Sabakki Payasa   Majjige Huli
Kosambari Kuruma (Raita)
Sambar  Lemon Rice
Chutney Injipuli
Samosa  Jangiri
Coffee & Tea Paruppu


Brahmin Kalyana sappadu menu list


Dishes play a crucial role when it comes to defining and preserving traditions and rituals. Here is the list of some of the most crowd-pleasing dishes from the Tamil Brahmin menu:


Breakfast Lunch/Dinner
Ashoka Halwa Mangalore Bholi
Cabbage Vadai Curd Vadai
Rice Pongal Coconut Payasam
Rice Pongal Coconut Payasam
Rava Dosai Avaraikai Kari
Kosthu Vazaikai Karakari
Kasi Halwa Chow Chow Kootu
Medhu Vadai Malli Sadam
Idli Parupu, Ghee, Appalam
Rava Pongal Kalyana Urulai Kizhangu Kara Curry


Top Iyengar marriage food menu:

Iyengar weddings are fun & flavour-filled. Delectables are simple yet yum. The guests are treated with a huge variety of lip-smacking dishes that are rich in every form. We have incorporated the most popular ones:


Breakfast (Day 1) Breakfast (Day 2) Breakfast (Day 3) Breakfast (Day 4)
Kesari Sweet Pista Kheer/ Badam Kheer Vazhakkai Podi Curry
Ven Pongal Idli Appala Poo Beans Paruppu Usili
Medhu Vadai Ghee Pongal Bisibelabath Poosanikai Puli Kootu
Kasi Halwa Poori Masala Potato Kaara Curry Kadamba Kuzhambu
Lemon Sevai Spl. Chutney Cabbage Peas Curry Tomato Saathamadhu
Coconut Sevai Sambar Spl.Curd Rice Akkaravadisal



Go traditional with top caterers:

If you want your guests to never forget the authentic Kannadiga meal you serve them, ensure that you hire professional brahmin caterers in Bangalore. Your guests will relish authentic flavours of Karnataka on freshly plucked banana leaves. What a sight that would be!!

Happy Wedding!



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