Office Makeup Tips and Tricks That Work For Indian Skin

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Amp up Your Looks with Crazy Tips for Everyday Professional Makeup for Indian Skin!

“Makeup is the Art and Beauty is the Spirit.”

We love attending parties and for every growing girl parties mean wearing flawless makeup, and become the shine of the party. Wao! Ensuring stunning looks, hiding the blemishes by wearing foundation, mascara, and lipsticks is an art that comes by practice.


Wait, wait, and wait! Are you the one who keeps preserved great makeup looks for parties? Let’s ditch your old thoughts by making you learn everyday professional makeup for Indian Skin. Look around you to observe the college-going girls, corporate professionals all want to look presentable.  These lovely ladies are so meticulous about the looks that they love to hire professional Makeup Artist in Delhi.



Let’s enhance the aesthetics of your face by learning these classy tips by learning Everyday Professional Makeup Hacks.


# Wash &Cleanse Face: Directly applying makeup on your skin tone? No, no, refrain from committing this blunder. Create a magical base for applying the makeup by washing your face with lukewarm water and cleanse it to remove extra oil. Use a gentle towel to dry your face.



Wash &Cleanse Face:




#Show Magic with Moisturizer: Moisturize your skin with a suitable moisturizer it will help you keep your skin hydrated. Wao, irrespective of your skin tone, a wonderful moisturizer will maintain the warmth of your lovely skin. So, young ladies, get ready to invest in a professional moisturizer!



Show Magic with Moisturizer



#Apply a Right Foundation: Choosing a foundation for an Indian skin tone can put you in trouble. Girls, get ready to learn the trick of selecting the right foundation to impress your Boyfriends….. Always choose a light tone of foundation than your skin color. The right one will assimilate deep into your skin.



Apply A Right Foundation



#Ditch your Dark Circles with concealer: Go for a creamy concealer and swipe it over your dark circles, and acne marks. Feel blessed young ladies with spotless skin. This is the magic created by concealer.



Ditch your Dark Circles with concealer





#Bring Hues to Your Skin with Blusher & Highlighter: It’s time to dump your boring makeup looks. Explore the world of dusty pink rose, pearly pinks, and peach hues for highlighter and experiment with bronze blusher. You will get professional yet glam looks!







#Caste a Magic with Eye shadows: Facing a conundrum if applying an eye shadow is the right choice? Go for it if you want to look your eyes a little more defined and sculpted. Lovely ladies! Neutral eye shadow pallets are in vogue!

Eye Shadows



#Eyeliner & Kajal will make you Shine: A perfect combination goes with all the skin tones are applying deep black eyeliner along with Kajal. Dusky tones, fair tones, and normal complexion Indian skins are incomplete without a deep black eyeliner and Kajal. Open your purse, and invest in suitable eyeliner and Kajal.




EyeLiner and Kajal



#Do not underestimate the Lipsticks: Lipsticks define your lips and even a small girl learning makeup is open to creating wonderful magic with lipsticks. Those black and pigmented lips can become shiny with the magic of lipstick. Go for bold shades, nude shades, or bright hues, it all depends on your skin tone.






#Master the Art of Drawing Eyebrow Pencils: Eyebrow pencils are the last stroke to complete your professional makeup looks. If blessed with black hairs, go for dark grey and black-brown pencil. With this little investment of time, you will glam any Indian makeup skin look glam and professional.



Eye Brow Pencils



Top Makeup Brands Every Makeup Enthusiast Should Try:

  • Lakme
  • Maybelline
  • Colorbar
  • Oriflame
  • Mac
  • Ravlon
  • Ellie 18
  • Avon
  • NYX

Over to You:

Hope you like these tips to adore you with lovely makeup products to get a glam and professional look. We will be back with some great tips in the makeup series. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs on specific makeup series with us. Goodbye till then!


Job Interview Makeup Do’s and Don'ts

Amp Up Your Makeup Looks Professionally for Job Interview & Grab a Perfect Job

Grabbing an offer letter in hand always lands us all in a sense of ultimate pleasure that no one can compare. The happiness of being employed from the state of unemployment and handing over the first salary to your family is unsurpassable.

Wao, now your mother will buy a new Shalwar Kameez, your brother will buy a wristwatch, your sister will go for branded jeans, and your father will buy a new outfit after a long time. Dear, this is not daydreaming, this can become the truth of your life, if you grab the chance of giving the job interview with confidence after brushing up your academic concepts, and land in the interview with confidence.


Enhancing confidence is directly correlated to wearing professional makeup, and being a female your love for makeup can be a positive reason to appear the best for your d-day. No, no, it’s time to say no to heavy makeup, we are just talking about professional makeup.


Let’s Accentuate Your Amazing Appearance for Interview with 7 Step Makeup Routine:


 Dreaming to become an Airhostess, or else, want to become a CEO, a professional makeup can do wonders apart from academic preparations. Apply this 7 step makeup routine to make your looks professionally appealing.


 # Moisturize Your Skin:


Remember your goal should be to make the professional makeup completely blend in. So, choose to properly moisturize your skin before one or two days of the interview and on the day of a job interview.


# Don’t forget the Primer:


The use of a primer can make your makeup look natural and keep your skin tone right. So, say a big yes to primer on the day of the interview.


 # See the Magic of Nude Makeup:


A nude lipstick, or else, a nude lip gloss will be perfect for the day of a job interview, you can complete your looks with a light bronzer and neutral color eyeshadow palette.


 # Use Matte Lipsticks:


Keep your goal crystal clear- you need to show professional aesthetics. So, don’t experiment too much but on a positive note, you can also try a natural-toned matte lipstick liquid version.


# Use a light color Foundation:


Always wear a light foundation on your skin so that you can make your skin appear natural. Say a big no to the heavy foundation on the day of the interview, always remember your looks can create the best first impression.


# Mascara:


Wearing mascara can be your personal choice, but if you choose to wear mascara during the job interview, keep it extremely light. The best choice is not to wear mascara.


# Pencil Eyeliner is the Right Choice:


The perfect pencil eyeliner look can make your makeup go complete on the day of the interview. Don’t keep your eyeliner so heavy that it disturbs your professional ethics.


Do’s of Professional Makeup For Interview Day:


# Follow an apt skincare routine before the final day of makeup


# Ensure to keep a soft lipstick shade on the day of the interview for a classic impression.


# The best way is to pick a neutral eyeshadow palette for the day of the interview.


# Stay in your comfort zone when it comes to makeup. Do not try new styles or shades while wearing makeup.


# Don’t forget to apply a very light blusher for the interview as it makes your skin look healthy.


# It is the best way to use makeup setting spray for applying makeup.


# Use a pencil eyeliner for the day of the interview as it will help you to attain a professional look.


Don’t of Interview Makeup to Look Professionally Appealing:


 #  Always avoid dark lipsticks when going for an interview.


 #  Say no to over makeup as big corporate houses can also reject you based on your looks


Say a big no to the false eyelashes as it can make you look unprofessional. Say no to such blunders that can snatch your dream job.


# Do not choose a heavy suit or unprofessional dress code with professional makeup looks. You will create the best impression only when you can match your makeup with a professional outfit.


# Do not match your professional outfit and makeup with heavy heels. Many females going out for interviews commit this blunder. So, we advise you to carry your outfit with professional boots.


Let’s Jump to faqs:


Is it unprofessional to wear makeup on the day of the Interview?


No, it is not at all unprofessional to wear makeup but if you are matching your outfit with makeup, always keep it professional.


How much makeup do I wear for the day of a Job interview?


Always keep your makeup light when planning to land in an office or a corporate house for a job. Heavy makeup will make you look absurd.


Would using eyeshadows be fine on the interview day?


Yes using eyeshadows will be fine but we highly recommend you to keep the eyeshadows neutral.


The Wrap Up:


I hope you like the effort on my part to keep you confident by wearing apt makeup tips and tricks. Hailing from an academic professional background, I have also faced a lot of interviews, and these are a couple of advice from my professional makeup routine. If you like my work, spread the word keep sharing, and do tell me whether these makeup tips helped you fetch your dream job or not. Along with the makeup don’t forget to keep brushing your academics.


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