10 Ways To Get Creative With Office Diwali Celebration Of 2023

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Office celebration – or a casual get-together – whatever you want to call; the festive season is all about spending a good time with nears and dears. To celebrate the occasion of Diwali, our Event Planners in Delhi wanted to share some mesmerizing celebration goals.  


Being an employee with the never-ending excitement of celebrating the festival of lights with your fellow colleagues is great working ethics. Yes! It’s an occasion of showering the wishes of “Happy Diwali - s” and exchanging sweets with each other.  


And, the most exciting things are holidays and a bowl full of wishes. Right? So, this festive season – light up your office cubicles with these extraordinary celebration ideas. 


Hold on to your reading glasses! These awe-inspiring Diwali celebration ideas in the office are all you need. Let’s start!


  1. (1) The Indian wear – Say yes! for the ethnic dress

Nothing can beat the vibrant festive shades with contrast colors. Try some official look with kurtas for men and suits/sarees for women. A decent look with not too little or too extra is ideal for a perfect professional personality.  

Indian Wear



  1. (2) The sweet treat – No more “soanpapdi”

Diwali is all about passing the boxes of soanpapdi. Yes! The game of exchanging this epic sweet will never be enough. So, be a good HR/Boss and think more about “KajuKatali” and “Shaahitukdaa”. Your employee will never settle for less so invest with the best.

Son Papdi


  1. (3) The colors of Rangoli – Be creative!

Rangoli is the heart of the festival of crackers and lights. Rather, it’s a digital rangoli or the real one. Passing the wishes of virtual Diwali celebration ideas for the office is incomplete without this art. So, share the happiness with these auspicious rangoli posts. 





  1. (4) The Decoration – Go and do some teamwork!

It sounds great! But the reality behind the Diwali decoration scene is the only member organizing the event with extra enthusiasm and the rest of them motivating him/her with sarcasm. So, make it easy and try some printed clothes or paper lampshades. Think smartly and work rapidly. 


Office Decoration


  1. (5) The Lunch Party – Is it free?

A feast with favorite dishes is surprisingly great. It will be good for both, work from home or office. You can offer a free lunch or potlucks that double-up the joy. 



Office Launch


  1. (6) The ready to dance employee – Move with the grove!

Organize the musical chair game or decorate the dancing floor inside your office. It will definitely light the party up for a refreshing moment together.  


Dance Office


  1. (7) The selfie – Say! Cham-chamsweeeet

Create happiness with the best! The photo booth area with all the wigs, colorful caps, props, etc. is the centric attraction and full of fun. 





  1. (8) The contest – The winner will get extra pieces of barfi

The soft games or contests can be one of the unique Diwali celebration ideas. You can organize any Bollywood quiz, entertain mimicry, guess what! etc. It will be entertaining and easy to play tasks. 


Winner Game Office



  1. (9) The virtual party – Work from home at its best

Say no! To the boring virtual wishes and organize some zoom meeting and interact with your team. Prepare some online gaming or fun Diwali activities for work from home. It will be full of surprises and refreshing for all the employees. For winners, you can gift Amazon gift vouchers or movie tickets. 



Virtual Party Diwali


  1. (10) The gifts from unknown – Don’t reveal the name

The team members surprise each other by gifting without revealing any name. Yes! It makes them feel special and happy. You can gift their favorite things without knowing them – Gift, something meaningful, or handmade.


Diwali Git


How do Event Planners in Delhi arrange the complete Diwali celebration?

  • They understand the requirements of yours.
  • After that, they organize the complete arrangements rather it’s catering, decoration, dance, etc. 
  • Even, they take care of each and every small thing about the complete arrangements. 
  • Some event organizers at ZoopGo are responsible for commercial webinars for work from home.
  • They can handle 2000+ employee facilities. 


So, whenever people are having doubts about – How to celebrate Diwali virtually? Then the professional team accordingly handles it wisely so it is hard to forget the occasion. 


How ZoopGo is best for the office event planner?

  • They are having experienced providers.
  • The web portal is easy to operate and handle the list.
  • Even, you can customize the list according to your requirements.
  • However, they offer the best budget accordingly where you don’t need to struggle in explaining every small thing.  
  • Our active customer support is available to consult with you. 
  • So, whatever the doubt you can connect with us at 1800-12312-9655, or email us at [email protected]


Last but not least:

This Diwali spread some happiness that leverages the productivity of work. You can follow the above Diwali game or decoration ideas for the office and hire professional event planners at ZoopGo. 


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