Covid 19: Points of Differences Between Omicron and Delta Variant

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Noooo! Not Again! It is so heartbreaking and distressing!

This will be your first reaction when you see the news of the new Covid variant called 'Omicron' dominating the headlines of every news channel. 


As the world is beginning to reopen after 15-20 months of the deadly effects of the Delta Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown, the scientific community has again broken our hearts by detecting a new Covid-19 variant Omicron that has already started to create panic and fear among the people and rattled the stock markets around the world.


People have now started to follow the precautionary Covid guidelines set by the government, securing services of the providers of the sanitization services in Delhi and securing their believed family members from the Covid variants.




Difference Between Omicron and Delta Covid Variants

Since there has been a sudden spike of the Omicron cases in the world, people are still clueless about this new covid variant. So, without wasting any further time, let us try to learn everything about this 'New Entrant' in the Covid Family and determine how different it is from the Delta Variant, to be better prepared and safeguard our loved ones.


Symptoms Omicron  Delta
Fever Yes Yes
Tiredness Yes No
Headache Yes No
Sore Throat Yes Yes
Cough  Yes Yes
Runny Nose No No
Sneezing No No



Difference between onicron vs Delta


Omicron Vs Delta: Place of Discovery


The Omicron covid variant that is touted by the scientists to give tough competition to the Delta variant in terms of the transmission was first discovered in South Africa and is believed to be highly contagious and lethal than the previously known variants. What's more, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared Omicron as a 'VARIANT OF CONCERN' on 26 November 2021. This is enough to skip the heart beats of the people who are still recovering from the devastating effects of the Delta Variant.


When we talk about Delta Covid 19 variant, then it first originated in India in December 2020. It wreaked havoc into the lives of the people in India with millions getting infected and losing their loved ones. The Delta variant spread through other parts of the world rapidly leading to the second wave of the coronavirus and causing devastation and spike in the hospitalization cases.



Omicron History



Omicron Vs Delta: Transmission Levels

The Omicron variant is believed to be highly infectious and transmissible than the Delta strain. Keeping in view of the Omicron cases getting multiplied at a very high rate in most parts of the world, the variant is infecting the people and according to the scientists and doctors, it can even surpass the record set by the Delta variant, which was very fast and spread at an unbelievable rate. According to William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist and professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, every time the newly discovered Omicron virus enters a human body, it tends to get multiplied millions of times and provides a perfect opportunity for the Omicron virus to mutate.

Omicron Transmission Level

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Omicron Vs Delta: Vaccination and Effectiveness


There is both the ' GOOD NEWS' and the 'BAD NEWS'. The heartening news is that the Covid vaccines developed by the scientists are highly effective against the Delta Variant, which reduces the need for hospitalization and chances of death. However, the disappointing news is that the effectiveness of the vaccines, especially developed for the Delta Covid 19 variant, is still not known to treat the Omicron variant.


Omicron Vaccination



Omicron Vs Delta: How the world is dealing with two variants


You can certainly breathe a huge sigh of relief after knowing that no deaths have been reported from the Omicron variant. However, this does not mean that you do not follow the safety precautions mentioned by the government like washing your hands on a regular basis, wearing masks, sanitizing the things we buy, maintaining social distance and so on. During the time of Delta Variant, the people and scientists were still solving the puzzle of the Coronavirus. However, during the Omicron, the doctors are informed now. The governments all over the world are taking swift action and banning the flights from the affected countries. With the large number of the people taking the vaccination shots, the antibodies have been strong and helping to fight against the now covid variants.


Flight Ban Due to Covid 19



The points of differences between the Omicron and Delta virus does not matter. What is MOST IMPORTANT here is to follow the covid safety guidelines provided by the government, hire the reliable sanitization services in Gurgaon, get your house cleaned and make your environment GERM FREE and HEALTHY.


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