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7 Verified Sanitizing Services Near Me In Delhi
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Sanitization Experts


(1) Review’s

Building No F-181, Mansarover Garden, Delhi - 110015

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Sunita Bajwa

It has absolute and well-organized Sanitization services. The workforce is skilled as much as necessary to give germ-free treatment to the premises.

E to e Telelink India Pvt Ltd


(1) Review’s

A-5, Old Arjun Nagar, Gali No -2, Krishna Nagar, Delhi - 110051

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews


The skilled workforce of this company is powered with the best use of all the achievable techniques to make indoors germ-free.

Clean Bubble Company


(1) Review’s

Plot No 12, Manglam Place, Rohini, Sector 3, Delhi - 110085

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Krishna Kathuria

This company has extended efficient Sanitization services. The workforce is skilled enough to give germ-free treatment to the premises.

Proactice Corona Sanitization Services


(1) Review’s

602 A, T21, Mehrauli, Ward No-3, New Delhi-110001

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Sumita kamra

Sanitization services rendered by their team have given a sparkling finish and germ-free corners to my office and house.

Urban Disinfect Vapour


(1) Review’s

F-69/3, Gautam Nagar New Delhi-110049

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Seema Suri

Thorough sanitization was done by their team left my premises germfree. It has cleaned every corner of my house.

ARAI Healthcare


(1) Review’s

88/16 Shakarpur Khas Gali No.1, Laxmi Nagar, Near Metro Pillar No.34, Delhi - 110092

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews


Today I am going to share my experience with Arai Healthcare, they have provided me with one of the top cleaning facilities and sanitize my entire working area last week. Their workers are so good, you can hire them through ZoopGo. I highly recommend them for any kind of sanitizing service too. 

Home and Office Sanitizing Services in Delhi

Sanitization and disinfection of your home and office space service professional

Looking for the best professional for sanitization and disinfection service for your home or commercial space in Delhi, your search will end at ZoopGo. We are the best platform to connect the Top Sanitizing Services in Delhi. We have three step easy processes you can hire your profess to follow in these three steps. Choose your Sanitizing Services in Delhi, you need for home or commercial space and then go head and fill your personal details and place address where you want this service and with 1 minute you will connect with professional. You down load App as well, so you can see connected professional details and rating.


What is sanitization and why it’s Important to take this service

Sanitization is an act or a process to disinfect the surface or whole area of your office or home microorganism (germs, bacteria) are substantial eliminated the 99.9%

As we aware about the fact today sanitization and disinfection services in Delhi NCR are in high demand today because the COVID-19 impact.

To avoid the threat of spread the virus we need to sanitize or disinfect our touchable surface so it will decrease the chance of spreading of the virus. Simple cleaning off house not full fill your need, it does not matter how frequently you are doing. This is why professional service of disinfect your home and office needs to be used for sanitization process.

That’s why you should use the professional services of disinfection and Sanitizing Services in Delhi of surface here ZopGo will help you to get the professional services of sanitization with feasible rates. Here we are committed to connect with quality and trained professional with you and get your home or office space disinfect and sanitization from bacteria and germs and save your loved one from threat of viruses.


Service Offered by ZoopGo for Sanitization and Disinfection in Delhi NCR


Home Sanitization service in Delhi

Home Sanitizing Services in Delhi or disinfection of your entire home includes furniture, room and all touchable items with water and alcohol base sanitization which approved by EPA. This safe for use has no side effect


Commercial space Sanitizing Services in Delhi

Commercial space includes all type space like hospitals, educational institute, office, industry, mall and shop. A professional will sanitize the entire item like furniture, computer, and electronics items. Thoroughly done sanitization will help you protect from the spread of virus your employee and vendor. Our trained and qualified professional used always got approved chemical, fragmented, sanitizer which is highly effective and safe.


FAQ for Sanitizing and Disinfection of Services in Delhi NCR


What is sanitization?

Sanitization is the act or process to make your home or office germs and bacteria free so it will reduce the threat of spreading virus.


Why I Need to sanitization in Society?

As we all aware about the fact that Covid -19 life threaten virus spreading all over the world to stop the spreading of virus we need to take precaution social distancing, disinfect or sanitize the society.


What is the cost of the Sanitizing Services in Delhi for home / office?

Cost of Sanitizing Services in Delhi depends on the covered area. So it’s better to compare the price from 3 to 4 vendors for that no need surf more site you just put request on ZoopGo will connect with 3 to 4 vendors and get the best quote.


Why should I hire professional for sanitization or disinfection?

As we aware the vast spreading disease because of microorganism like bacteria, germs and virus to avoid the spreading of this type of diseases need expert sanitization service so it can be disinfected.


How long the service of sanitization and disinfection is effective?

The sanitization or disinfection service effective approximately 1week 



  • Keep your kitchen platform empty
  • Keep your eatable and medicine in a secure place
  • Keep your valuable at the cupboard
  • Keep ventilation



It’s hardly take 20 to 40 minutes or some time depend on area



During the spray of sanitization family can be there because it’s very safe of child, elders and pets



These services disinfect the contaminated surface of the office and house. The surface is safe as long as no further contamination is happening on the surface. Precaution is needed to be taken, though protect you, timely washing your hand, social distancing, and practice respiratory hygiene.



  • Quality approved sanitizing expert
  • Easy hiring process
  • Verified expert service provider
  • All are trained, equipped vendor

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