OMG! These Yum-Yum Cooling Delights are refreshing enough to beat the Indian summer

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Do you remember the days when our “Daadi-Maa”, used to make "Thandi-Lassi" in summers? And, That “Chuski-Vala” always stands outside our school? Such sweet-feasts are one of the popular cooling foods for the Indian summer. This time the Scorching Heat with the peak of High mercury level is intolerable. The Cotton Clothes. Sunglasses. Watermelon. Sunscreen. AC….These are the ways to protect us from harmful UV rays.


But we still have to party Right? No matter if it’s 43 degrees Celsius or the sweat is rolling down to the nose. All we need is good food and dance. So, why don’t you go for Rooh Afza and Pista Kulfi? Or, you can hire any professional Caterers in Delhi. They will suggest the best chilling feast Menu to make your party coooool!


“If Summer is Hot, Eat Melons to Stay Cool!”


Whoop it up at the Spring-Summer party with these delicious cooling feasts!


Indian summer is witness to watery Fruits and Milky dishes for the wellness of your health. Here are some Lavish Meals for a summer spring party. The professional caterers can add such items to the menu for a complete celebration.


(1) Kulfi-Falooda - The Queen of Summer Dessert!

The blend of Milk, rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil, and Kesar is so freaking good! Serve this traditional dish with a perfect Kesar syrup garnish that calms you completely from the inside out.





(2) Pista Kheer - The white beauty!


This Amazing white delight with the sprinkles of chopped Pistachio will impress all your guests. You can serve cold and hot Pista Kheer. Because it is loaded with royal flavors.


Pista Kheer



(3) Rooh Afza - Daawat-e-Nawab!


The meaning of Rooh Afza is Soul Refresher. It's a traditional Nawabi drink that hydrates your body. You can serve it during your Ramadan Dawat.


Rooh Afza



(4) Lemon Rice - Healthy + Tasty


This South Indian masterpiece has a light lemon taste and is easy to digest. It is completely refreshing and also looks good for the setup of a food buffet.


Lemon Rice



(5) Pineapple Mousse - Elegance at its best!


The Mouth-feel fruity flavor steals the heart of foodies. Even the vibrant color and its beautiful garnish are just wow! Serve it chilled to get rid of the scorching summer.


Pineapple Mousse



(6) Fresh Citrus Fruit Salad - Side dish at its best!


Without salad the meal is nothing. So, you can add citrus fruit salad to the menu. Chopped Blood Orange, Mandarin, Clementine, or more with some sprinkled chaat masala will make it marvelous.


Fresh Citrus Fruit Salad



(7) Jal Jeera/ Shikanji - Khatta-Meetha Taste!


This refreshing lemonade has a punch of spices like pepper, roasted cumin, and black salt. The professional Caterers in Delhi set up the big red Mataka with ice bricks. And, they will serve it as brain freezing chilled drinks to your guests. 





(8) Thandai - Healthy drink for instant cooling agent


This one is made with fennel seeds, almonds, watermelon kernels, pepper, rose petals, poppy seeds, saffron, cardamom, milk, and sugar. It is full of flavourful herbs that maintain your health and boosts immunity.





(9) Amritsari Lassi (Meethi & Namkeen) - Everyone’s favorite drink!


Did you know you can blend it with different types of flavors? You can blend it with dry fruits, rose petals, Kesar, pista, etc. Your Punjabi guests will be more than happier after drinking this ultimate refreshing drink.


Amritsari Lassi



(10) Mango Mastani - There’s no Bajirao with Mango Mastaani!


This drink is named after Mastani the princess of Bundelkhand. Basically, it’s a Mangoshake with whipped cream with chopped dry fruits. Pune’s famous street drink is flavorful and kids can enjoy it at your summer spring party.


Mango Mastaani



Pheww! These are the most popular feast suggestions that will make your party completely relaxing and cool. Even if they're healthy enough with better hydrating components.


You can consult your professional Caterers in Delhi. They will set up the entire buffet according to the theme with better decoration. Make your party amazingly good in summer.


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