Don’t Let Your Beloved Home Become A Playground for The Monsoon Pests

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Common Monsoon Pests at Home




Sala Ek Machchar Aadmi Ko… No offense but during the rainy season, the sound of loud claps coming from households tells a lot about the mosquitoes’ terror. Even when you are asleep while totally minding your own business, they hum and sing in your ears, and if you ignore their ‘Loris’, the next act is to bite you, suck your blood, make you sick, and give you malaria and dengue as gifts. Sometimes don’t you feel like the life motto of a mosquito is “Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Main Tumhe Dengue, Malaria, aur Chikengunia Dunga."  




Mosquito is Dangerous



On a serious note, the first drops of rain on Earth bring both heaven and hell for us. During this time, increased pest presence is evident. And not only mosquitoes but various spooky bugs and their kind sneak into houses, seeking shelter, food, and a drier climate during the rainy season, spoiling premises, health, and peace of mind. So, bro, instead of singing Pani Da Rang or dancing on Tip-Tip Barsa Paani, take proactive measures to eliminate these rainy season insects/pests from your home to keep fatal infections and diseases at bay.



Why do pests consider your home as their own during the rainy season?  

Pests are cold-blooded. They do not just love??, but thrive in humid and moist conditions. The outdoor temperature affects their behavior, feeding habits, reproduction rate, etc. Although seeking shelter is one of the reasons some pests invade your home during the rainy season, high levels of humidity help moisture-loving pests live comfortably. Additionally, reliable food sources help them keep their tummies full and happy and produce to keep their population ticking.


As aforementioned, bugs are at their happiest when the air is thick with water vapor and heat. Their love for humidity makes the monsoon one of their favorite seasons. The names of some common pests in the monsoon that may be found chilling at your home and causing deadly infections, diseases, and financial damage are listed below. 


10 Common Pests in monsoon & issues caused by them


(1) Mosquito - Chikungunya virus, dengue, malaria, etc.



Mosquito Pest Control



(2) Cockroaches - Salmonella, typhoid, asthma, food-borne infections, etc.







(3) Rodents - Food-borne infections, damage to property, etc. 







(4) Termites - Structural damage, valuable wood damage, & financial loss. 







(5) Ants - Food contamination, ant-bite, and venom cause life-threatening allergies, etc.







(6) Houseflies -  House Flies transmit 65 diseases to humans, including cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, tuberculosis, tularemia, leprosy, etc. 




House Flies



(7) Bedbugs - Allergies, blood loss, itching, lack of sleep that leads to insomnia, etc.




Bed Bugs



(8) Millipedes - Allergies, infection, nausea, vomiting, etc. 







(9) Ticks & Fleas - Harmful for pets, spreading allergies and infections to humans, etc.




Ticks and Flees



(10) Spider - Spider bite causes itching, restlessness, difficult breathing, nausea, blisters, vomiting, etc.







Save your home from pest invasion with professional pest control services


Monsoon pests are destructive and cause severe diseases and infections. Every pest is different and can’t be eliminated with a one-size-fits-all solution. The DIY route for pest management does more harm than good as pesticides and chemicals are toxic. Overuse of these chemicals damages property, ruins health, and pollutes the environment. So the best way to get rid of monsoon pests is through professional pest control services.


5 Major Reasons for professional pest control services 

(1) Licensed and experienced exterminators ensure 100% safe removal of pests.


(2 ) Professionals incorporate cutting-edge technology, equipment, and industry-grade pesticides to address the issue without damaging health.


(3) Professional pest management is effective and cost-friendly when compared to "YouTube-inspired" DIY remedies. 


(4) Proficient exterminators eliminate the entire population of pests with one or two follow-up treatments, saving your home and health and giving you much-needed peace of mind.


(5) Reliable pest control companies provide effective, environment-sensitive pest control treatments to protect your home and health without adversely affecting the environment. 


Bottom Line

Home is a place where love resides and not pests. So, don’t let these monsoon pests capture and control your house. Keep them at bay with professional pest control services. You can use our platform ZoopGo to connect with the best pest control services in Delhi and other cities to say goodbye for these unwanted guests once and for all.


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