How to Celebrate Holi in the Office Without Colours?

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

5 Eco-friendly and fun ways to celebrate the spirit of Holi at workplace without colours! 

'No Colours at workplace!' Has your HR manager spoiled your plans of a fun & frolic Holi by putting up this notice on the board or email? Par Ruko Zara, Sabar Karo! Yes, Take a chill pill. Indeed, Holi is the festival of colours. Colours of happiness, love, freedom, hope, spirituality, forgiveness, and life! Trust me, you don't need any artificial colours when you have got these bro. 


Also, you don't need colours to be mischievous and celebrate a funfilled Holi. We have curated a bucket list of alternate ways to play laughter-filled and carefree Holi and make your colleagues laugh out loud. If your Boss stares, then go close and say - BURA NA MAANO HOLI HAI! Don't worry! Your HR is not that Aunty jo Police Bula Legi(She will not call the cops). Now, let's check out these cool alternate ways to play an off colour fun and frolic #OfficeWaliHoli! 


(1) Paani Da Rang (Water Balloons)- Your playful mind must be thinking, 'Colour Nahi To Kya Paani to Hai' (No worries! If not colour, we have water.) Indeed, there's water, but don't forget the slogan, 'Save Water, Save Life'. Don't throw a bucket full of water on others. You can fill lots of balloons with one bucket. Toss water balloons at your teammates and you can throw one at a senior colleague but beware of your BOSS. 


Pani Se Holi



(2) Phoolon Ki Holi (Floral) - Aayiye Aapka Intezaar Tha... You got this my friend! That's how you need to greet your seniors and bosses on Holi and ask them to, 'Do me a favour let's play Holi... Uff Ye Holi Haye Ye Holi…' Joking apart, Holi lets you bid adieu to all miseries, problems, hatred and get ready for a fresh start. The festival marks the arrival of spring in the Hindu calendar; hence, what could be a better way to celebrate and rejoice during Holi than spreading the lively colours of spring among loved ones in the form of flowers.



Phoolon ki Holi



(3) Cake & Ink Wali Holi -  No grease, no oil and no lubricants! Don't even think of bringing such things to your workplace for the Holi celebration. Instead, you can buy some inexpensive pastries and ink and throw that on your teammates, if they scream it’s okay cos Daag Ache Hain! 



Cake Wali Holi



Caution - You can try this on your manager and Boss at your own risk. Don't blame us! We don't take responsibility for any aftermath. 


(4) Rotten Eggs & Tomato Wali Holi - Throw eggs and tomatoes on your fellow members because Zindagi Do Pal Ki and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, to Ja Simran Ja Jee Le Apni Zindagi... Flash your evil grin, get your hands laid on some entirely rotten eggs and tomatoes and ATTACK!


Tamatar Ki Holi



(5) Sustainability Ke Rang - Having fun guys! Now, it's time for some sensible talk. Sustainability and celebration go hand in hand. So don't forget to convey your HR department to send an email on a discussion on 'Ecological Prudence’ while keeping the festival mood on. You can discuss the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle during the session. Topics like healthy lifestyle, vegan or keto meals, green-wedding, building a sustainable wardrobe, etc., could be discussed in the session.



Eco Discussion



Now, let's move on and check some other aspects that need to be incorporated into your #OfficeWaliHoli to make it more fun and unforgettable! 



Relish & Rejoice! 

From Thandai to Sweet Gujiya, Malpua and Dahi Bhalle... Feeling hungry! Don't forget to book the best catering services for Holi in Delhi to lit up your party with lip-smacking food and delicious beverages, because this joyous festival is incomplete without binging on a variety of dishes and delicacies. On diet! Consider it as a cheat day, now Happy! 


Relish & Rejoice!



Add a pop of colour at your workplace!


Are not you thinking about adding a touch of colour to your workplace this Holi 2022? If you are short of ideas and inspiration or just a lazy bum, book professional decoration services in Delhi for Holi to brighten up your workspace. 


Pop Up of Colours


Freeze colourful memories forever in time! 

Moments fade, memories stay forever! Book professional photography services in Delhi for Holi to capture your candid, fun-filled #HappyHoli moments forever in time. 


Freeze colourful memories forever in time!



It's time to bid adieu


We hope you like these alternate ways of Holi Celebration and some of these Holi ideas are really epic, to say the least. Smear others with love this Holi! We suggest you not hurt sentiments with your acts, have fun but not go overboard with it. 


It's time to bid adieu



Wish you a Happy & Safe Holi!


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