Here are the Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks, for a complete cleaning experience

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Car cleaning can be divided into simply two parts - interior cleaning and exterior cleaning. The interiors and exteriors of your car require different tools, chemicals and methods to clean them. While the outsides of your car are rough and tough the insides are soft and comfortable. Regular cleaning will improve the life and price of your car.


Most of us don't have the facility of a garage to park in and when outside most of the time, your car is open to the elements of nature. You must choose quality cleaning products and read the instruction clearly before cleaning your car. You must try to use gloves and masks when cleaning your car to minimise bodily contact with the chemicals until their effect has evaporated away.



Tips and tricks for Interior cleaning


Car Interior Cleaning Tips



  • Choose your cleaning cloth carefully. Use a microfibre cleaning cloth if you can. It goes deep and cleans much better than the average cleaning cloth. A combination of microfibre cloth and clean water will clean everything on the seats of your car.

  • You can even vacuum clean the carpet of your car and the sliding portions of your seat.

  • Before vacuum cleaning try and use a brush to get the big bits out and smaller bits will be taken care of by the vacuum cleaner.

  • Clean your air vents properly for fresh air.
  • Use aerosol sprays on the interiors of your car and leave it closed for a couple of hours and your car will be smell free.


Tips and tricks for Exterior cleaning


Car Exterior Cleaning Tips



  • Clean the exteriors of your car once every week.

  • Clean your car’s windows with a sponge.

  • Clean the sliding part of your car window.

  • Keep your car in the shade to keep it cool for cleaning.

  • Use a water hose to clean your car's metallic exteriors and tyres with force.

  • Use Car wash shampoo to clean your car exterior. This will avoid harm to your car paint if you try to clean the dirt and dust off it any other way.

  • You must try to keep your car covered to protect it from rain and dust.

  • You can wax your car to protect its paint. The wax layers will guard the paint against anything that can affect it. Only expert cleaners will be able to tell you when you need to get your car waxed. You must thoroughly clean the painted portion of your car exterior before applying wax.

  • Use car polish to cover the scratches you have on the car surface. Car polishing should be used only for minute imperfections on the car’s surface.



As you can see cleaning your car is important to keep your car in a good state, making it easy for you to use as a driver, others to relax as passengers and your car will be a pleasant site for others. However, some of you may have found the above description to be too much effort and time-consuming.

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