15 Best Wedding Destinations in India, According to Popularity

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Top 15 Wedding Destinations in India That Will Add Starts to Your Shaadi Celebrations

Some people like to take the wedding vows with their special someone on the sands in front of the ocean's blue seas. For others, it's a formal event held in a lavish setting. Indian weddings can be a costly affair, and exchanging vows at a sprawling farmhouse or a garden is no longer the norm. Today's couples fantasize about being married in an exotic location with immaculately kept gardens, exclusive beaches, and lavish forts.


Plan a Dreamy Destination Wedding Just Like a Bollywood Couples

Bollywood Destination Wedding Places in India


What better way to start the new chapter of your life than with a destination wedding? It will leave a lasting impression on you both and will feel like something out of a romantic Bollywood movie.  However, only when the wedding location is breathtakingly lovely will your destination wedding be a retreat to remember.



There are a lot of enchanted settings for destination weddings in India that may charm any engaged couple with their beauty. India is home to a variety of stunning locations, including snow-capped mountains, white-sandy beaches and royal palaces, which will satisfy any couple's desire for an unforgettable destination wedding. Here is a comprehensive list of the magical wedding destinations in India that will certainly blow you away:



(1) Delhi NCR for Destination Wedding

Wedding Destination in Delhi NCR


The magnificent capital of India, Delhi, together with the NCR region, adds its regal atmosphere and captivating presence to weddings, enhancing the splendor and wonder of the priceless important moments. Every element of the wedding at this location is designed with romance, flamboyance, and exuberance, including the glitzy attire, the delectable food buffet with classy cocktails, the energetic music with dhol nagara, and the vivacious and lavish celebrations. There is no place else in the world that can compare to the magical and amazing atmosphere of a Delhi NCR wedding. The region is more desirable since Delhi NCR is home to the wonderful and opulent locations for weddings of any kind, from the extravagant and grand to the intimate ceremonies.



(2) Udaipur for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Udaipur


If you have seen the famous Bollywood film "Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani", then you may certainly recall Kalki Koechlin's lavish marriage ceremony in the magnificent palace. You must have dreamt to take the seven pheras with your partner with the splendid fort or mahal in the background. Udaipur is proud to have hosted the royal wedding, which attracted attention as a possible location for an India destination wedding. Truth be told, if you adore lavish royal celebrations, there is no better spot to get married than Udaipur. The City of Lakes, located in Rajasthan and surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains, has a variety of palaces and mahals to choose from for anyone organizing a destination wedding.



(3) Jaipur for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Jaipur


A large percentage of the people adore having lavish weddings just like the Royal Kingdom. For splendid weddings, Jaipur's palaces are the ideal setting. The bride loves to dress up in traditional Rajput attire, including a hefty lehnga and beautiful jewelry. The grooms are eager to dress like a king in a heavy and hold a sword in their hand to resemble a maharaja. One of India's best locations, replete with grand forts, Jaipur is well known for lavish wedding celebrations that will remain glued to your heart forever.



(4) Kerala for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Kerala


Kerala is the best location for those who enjoy being in nature and for those who prefer a peaceful, quiet wedding ceremony to a crowded event. The wedding functions taking place in the calm backwaters, surrounded by palm palms and rich green plants, are very stunning. Kerala is the ideal location for couples who want to get married amidst the natural beauty of the beaches and the surrounding beautiful landscape. For most couples, having a small, intimate destination wedding on the exquisitely decorated houseboats cruising the backwaters is quite a magical feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Imagine walking hand-in-hand with your special someone along a beach surrounded by coconut palm trees. A destination wedding in serene Kerala's backwaters would transport you to a completely other world that you will cherish forever.



(5) Shimla for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Shimla


Ever dreamt about exchanging jaimalas in the picturesque mountains? In addition to being one of the most well-known mountain attractions, Shimla makes a wonderful location for small destination weddings. There are many opportunities for an unforgettable wedding celebration in this lovely city, which is home to numerous exquisite locations, some of which are among India's best-preserved. The event will undoubtedly be visually appealing due to the bewitching surroundings and snow-flaked hills.



(6) Jodhpur for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Jodhpur


For many prospective brides and grooms, getting married in the Rajputana manner can be the fulfillment of a dream. The elegance of a destination wedding in Jodhpur can easily make the bride and groom feel like the Rajput prince and princess because the city exudes a kingdom like feeling because it features a plethora of forts, castles, lakes, and gardens that can provide a royally beautiful location for your wedding amid the serene Aravalli’s. Just imagine walking on a red carpet in a fort dressed like a king with your beloved partner. It will certainly give you goosebumps, won't it? So, for a lavish destination wedding, Jodhpur is one of the most sought-after destinations.



(7) Goa for Destination Wedding 

Wedding in Goa


Goa is the most popular location in India for the lavish destination weddings in India if you want something a little different and trendy. Getting married on the beach is a terrific idea when the love is greater than the ocean itself. Goa fully realizes the dream of a memorable wedding on a tropical beach. Goa has everything you need for a perfect wedding ceremony, whether you prefer a coastal vista or a grand venue with a sea view.



(8) Agra for Destination Wedding 

Wedding in Agra


With the majestic Taj Mahal serving as the backdrop, what better location could there be for a wedding? The Taj is a beautiful monument of love, making it the ideal setting for an amazing destination wedding in Agra in front of this stunning white structure. Agra is home to a variety of hotels and resorts that were purposefully built to offer wedding venues with views of the enchanting Taj Mahal.



(9) Neemrana Fort for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Neemrana Fort


One of the nation's oldest historic buildings is the Neemrana Fort Palace, which dates to the fifteenth century. The impressive and amazing architecture of this historic fort close to Delhi makes it the ideal location for the memorable destination wedding. Over the years, the Neemrana Fort Palace has gained a lot of popularity as a weekend escape from Delhi where couples may hold a lavish wedding ceremony and share some priceless moments. Here, the courtyards enclosed by finely carved walls, and lush lawns can transform your wedding into something unforgettable. The Fort is a breath-taking location, regardless of whether you select a private ceremony during the sunset or an extravagantly lit setup under the stars.



(10) Rishikesh for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Rishikesh


Rishikesh, a holy city, may be the ideal place to begin your married life. The presence of Mother Ganga, mantra chanting, and bell ringing will all raise the spiritual level of the wedding. The resorts in Rishikesh provide a variety of options, and one can even choose to get married outside with the Himalayas as your backdrop. Rishikesh is the perfect location for a destination wedding if you want to make your nuptials unique and ethnic in style.



(11) Jaisalmer for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Jaisalmer


Ever wanted to have a fairytale wedding? For you, Jaisalmer is the ideal location! Make your destination wedding fantasies come true in the city of Jaisalmer with a magnificent and lavish affair. Nothing nearly compares to the splendor of this city's opulent palaces, enormous forts, and breathtaking sunsets. With the Jaisalmer destination, imagine what it would be like to be married if you were a Prince or Princess!



(12) Amritsar for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Amritsar


One of the best cities in India is Amritsar, located in the province of Punjab. In terms of food and culture, Amritsar, the city of foodies, won't let you down. In recent years, Amritsar has become a very sought-after location for the destination weddings in India. Most people agree that Amritsar's Golden Temple is the most stunning temple in the entire city. Where people go to finish their wedding rituals by swearing to live together forever. A Punjabi wedding, aside from that, is always a wonderful and regal occasion.



(13) Jim Corbett for Destination Wedding

Wedding in  Jim Corbett


Exotic with a hint of the natural world, this stunning location offers all the flavors of nature. This beautiful location is a smart choice for the couple to make their big day greater because it is surrounded by thick trees and kept in good condition by a permanently flowing river. The destination wedding in Jim Corbett is convenient; it's only 250 miles from Delhi. The location is also convenient, rich in natural beauty, and apart from the bustle of the metropolis. This lavish-free location will realize your dream of a destination wedding and is quickly gaining popularity as an economical wedding destination.



(14) Andaman and Nicobar Island for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Andman Nikobar


A genuinely unique venue for a destination wedding that is close to the lake and far from people. If you choose this wedding location, it will undoubtedly improve the grace and beauty of your big day. It is a heaven on earth because of the pristine waters, blue skies, and golden dunes. And implementation should take place in the same place where wedding decisions are made. Tourists can only access a small portion of this island, known as Havelock Island. There are several tranquil coastal resorts there for a happy occasion. Additionally, if it suits you, you can reserve the entire island resort to exchange vows while the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal look on. Your soul will be satisfied thanks to the island's pleasant weather.



(15) Mussoorie for Destination Wedding

Wedding in Mussoorie


For a picture-perfect wedding setting, look no farther than Mussoorie. In addition to being one of the top wedding locations in India, Mussoorie exudes a wonderful romantic atmosphere thanks to its lovely hills covered in trees, picturesque vistas of the sun setting behind the Himalayas, bright skies, calming breezes, and brilliant stars at night. In this charming hill town, summer weddings are a beautiful and joyful occasion set against the backdrop of picturesque mountain views. There are some fantastic resorts in Mussoorie that are perfect for small weddings.



So, Get the Dhols, Nagada’s Out and Dance to the Amazing Beats

Spoiled by the wonderful options? Who wouldn't be excited about having their destination wedding at one of the many destinations that provide breathtaking vistas and romantic settings? So, to make your wedding a special occasion, sit down with your partner and share your budget and preference with a destination wedding planner in Delhi to organize your wedding events at your dream destination that you both would enjoy. The places on the list above were specifically chosen to fulfill every couple's dream of an unforgettable big day.


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