7 Emotional “Vidaai” Moments Clicked by Wedding Photographers

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

In India, a daughter’s wedding is full of emotions and love. The different shades of rituals begin with all the enthusiastic vibes like –Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Varmala, Joota-Chupaai, etc. And the bittersweet ceremony of “Vidaai” it took courage to say the last goodbye! The bride’s farewell from her parent’s house forever is not that easy as it seems. To celebrate this new chapter of her life we want to share some of the most heart-warming vidaai pictures by professional wedding photography in Delhi


So many emotions in just one frame! Hold on with your tissue box while scrolling! These pictures will definitely make you sound “aww”! 


Here is the final stage of Vidaai moments:


1. The Father and daughter moment when his little princess is all grown to leave her Dad’s home. 


Father and daughter



2. From childhood to till now he always teases you. But, never end to protect you and love you the most in the world. This brother and sister bonding makes your heart out of the mouth.



brother and sister



3. She carries you in her womb for 9 months and in her lap for many years and now saying goodbye to her big girl. This Mother-daughter picture is the heartiest bond forever. You will never deal with her tears. 



With Moments with Mother



4. Now your BFF can’t hold her tears. As her half-sister starting the new journey with her better half.





5. I am always with you sweetheart! I promise you this is the last time when you cry and I will always love you in every up and down of our life. (Awwwwwww!)




6. Once I leave this home please never cry. And the younger daughter is all grown up and patiently dealing with the flood of emotions. 





7. Welcome, Home! Now the entry into the new world of husband’s home. Lots of good wishes to you. 



New House Entry


Isn’t it Heart-warming! 

Well, these are some candid moments that show the importance of hiring Wedding Photography in Delhi. It’s hard to unnoticed the super those super candid. 


Apart from photography, smudge-free bridal make-up looks always the first priority. The sleek winged liner and the perfect mascara will never leave your lashes during “VidaaiKeAasu”. 


Here’re we are sharing some flaunting make ideas by Makeup Artist in Delhi


Hey! Bride-to-be –2021’s inspirational Iconic Bridal make-up 


1. The Gazing winged eye look always displays a chic and elegant look. While it goes any color and eye make-up because a perfect stroke is the first choice from the era 90’s to till now. 



Gazing winged eye look




2. The maroon lip shade is the reason for the vivacious bridal look. Bong bride always gives you the best bridal make-up look with all red Lehenga with sandalwood paste on her forehead. 




Gazing winged eye look



3. The traditional Passa is the charm of the Muslim Bride. The dusky contour with nude pink lipstick is a perfect choice. 



The traditional Passa is



4. Following the traditional bridal look doesn’t mean losing out on-trend, glamour, and confidence – thereby this metallic eye-shadow enhances the charismatic look for your wedding. 





The philosophy of “ less is more” always ends up with the classic touch. The clean and decent look always is on top. 



Old Bridal Makeup



How do I know about professional photographers and Make-artist?

  • Use your Internet wisely and explore them on the internet. 
  • You can use various hashtags. 
  • Ask for the quality of Make-up products. 
  • Is it smudge-free or not.
  • Meet with them and know how politely they’re consulting you.
  • Even you can also ask about the budget and packages.
  • Don’t forget to know about hair styling according to the theme or bridal make-up look.
  • They consider a better touch of blush according to your skin type. 
  • Therefore, you can ask for their previous projects and the way they work.  
  • For photography know about their working flexibility for both days/night occasions. 
  • The punctuality and quick delivery of the album is necessary. 


Without and elegant photography the wedding is truly incomplete. If you already finalize your make-up artist then go with professional photographers. 



Just Add Sabyasachi Lehenga – Bold and Beautiful

A Designer Lehenga with embroidered dupatta is the secret of the sophisticated bridal look. It leaves the impression and catches all the attention with the blend of perfect make-up and perfect photography.


Last but not least:


Still unsure about your bridal look? Visit on ZoopGo for better-satisfying services from sorts. During Vidaai occasion the quality of make-up plays a significant role. So, there is no chance for smudgy eyes or face. We always offer you the best photographers in DelhiYou can research them on our web portal to hire an experienced provider. Take a try and customize the list for wedding make-up artists and overview their portfolio. Make an unforgettable bridal entry at your wedding.


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