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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the house painters are meant to prepare the walls before applying the paint.
White washing the walls will increase the longevity of the walls, but the ultimate choice will be yours.

Staying in a house isn’t the same as living in it.

Have you ever wondered how much significance this single statement holds in our life? Obviously not, after all, you don’t have time to dwell on such trivial matters. But, have you ever taken a look around yourself or spared a glance at the four walls in whose confines you feel safe and protected?

If not, then that is something which you shouldn’t continue for too long. A house isn’t just a shelter which protects you from weather adversaries or other things. The four walls are the pillars of your abode, which makes your life more beautiful. Those walls give you a sense of protection and belonging, and so, it is your responsibility to take care of them.

What could be the needs of walls, ceiling, or the floors?

What exactly does your house need to stay healthy for eternity?

It isn’t food or water, after all, they are non-living. You have guessed by now what could be answers of those two questions. Yes, your house needs proper paints, one that will not only ensure its health but also will magnify its ethereal appearances.

It is often believed that a person’s mood and his persona are reflected from the walls of the house. And so, a dull paint won’t make a very appealing impression. If not for outsiders, you have to consider painting the walls in the most beautiful manner for the sake of your own sanity.

And that is why the professional house painters spend so much of time in painting a single wall. They exercise utmost care and concentration in beautifying your home and making it come alive.


Before you jump into the decision of painting your house, here are some of the things you must know. These will help you a lot in getting a vivid imagery about what things need to be done prior to and during the house painting.

1.Painting the house isn’t just a matter of obligation. In fact, it is an art. So, whatever you have in your mind, just tell your painter and be creative.

2.You cannot expect the painter to run the brush along the walls. Before that, a few preparations should be taken whose time is not fixed.

3.For the interior painting, clear the rooms.

4.After the painting is completed, a touch-up is a must. This ensures no gap in the quality of the work.


Hiring a professional painter is easy, but hiring a professional quality painter is difficult. Really? Not anymore though!

1.Consider the timing when your house was built. If it was before 1978, hire one who is proficient in lead paint.

2.The painting company should arrange for the preliminary preparations before starting the painting work.

3.Make sure the painters are paying close attention to what color you want and what designs you would have on the walls.

4.Talk to them about the finishes and make sure they are applying the finishing touches properly.

5.Take suggestions from your friends and relatives to get a clear idea about the painters.


Nowadays, walls are not painted in a single color. As people are getting more creative, you will have a lot of options to develop on your walls, and not just a single color. Here are some examples for your help!

·A one-sided tree with the leaves covering the entire top margin drawn on the wall against where your bed’s headboard will be.

·Textures done using two contrast colors

·Butterflies or leaves drawn in a linear group with ascending size

·Theme color with two opposite walls being painted in the same color


When you will be hiring the house painters, it is suggested that you make yourself familiarize with the different house paints.

Generally, following the very common ones used to give the ulterior look to the walls.

·Matte paint

·Matte enamel

·Satin paint ‘

·Eggshell paint

·Semi-glossy color


ZooPogo is an online platform where you will find many trusted house painters within the city of Noida. We only have those painting firms as our partners who provide top-quality works with guarantee and assurance. So, you can now choose the ideal painting firm for yourself without any hustle-bustle.

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