Planning an event, dealing with the service providers on your own, and managing everything on your own can be quite demanding, especially when we are talking about Noida which is one of the busiest cities in Northern India. This is where an event planner in Noida comes into the scenario. With their years of expertise and professional certifications, these planners have always transformed a simple event into the most exquisite one. That’s why they are quite popular in Noida, and perhaps that’s why they are hired for both informal and formal events.


In Noida, the event planners are familiar with most of the events, be it corporate ones or the normal family functions. But sometimes, there is huge confusion about choosing the best event planner according to the event type. So, here are some of the most common events for which people living in Noida hire an event planner.

·       Birthday events are widely famous around Noida and most of the times, the planners make these events quite extravagant.

·       Destination weddings and normal weddings are also arranged by popular wedding planners.

·       Corporate events like conferences, seminars, and even product launches are arranged by the event planners who are experienced in this particular field.

·       Social events like a gala, annual dinner parties, and charities need event planners who are familiar with these events.

·       If you are looking forward to arranging housewarming parties, barbeque, or a small feast, you can hire event planners in Noida.


Despite the fact that event planners are quite versed with the various planning stages and requisites, people still ask why they need a planner, or how the planners will help them when they can themselves arrange the event.

So, let’s have a look at how these event planners can help you in planning the event without making a massacre out of it.

·       When you are stuck with the venue and cannot understand which one will be suitable for the event and which will not add more expenses, an event planner will help you in the process. These people are well versed with various venues, the type of events being held there, the facilities and also the costs.

·       Most of the times, the events are based on themes and hence colors. Be it a normal gala or a housewarming party, you will find it difficult to choose the theme. An event planner will make the work easier because of their expert knowledge about the same.

·       Deciding on the menu is quite troublesome, not because of the variety of dishes but also because of the taste of your guests. So, starting from deciding the courses of the menu to choosing the best caterer in Noida, the event planners will do everything on your behalf.

·       You need to properly plan the layout of the entire event area, starting from the décor items, the sitting arrangements, the food section, and even the podium. An event planner in Noida will help you out with the layout and maximizing the free space.

·       If you want to add some form of entertainment to your event, these event planners in Noida will help you to choose the most amiable ones.

·       The best part of hiring an event planner is that they will help you manage your discussed budget properly, and also the various vendors.


Getting a reliable event planner in Noida is not easy, not when you have so many variant options and you cannot narrow down to a single planner. Trust issues are always there and to solve them, ZoopGo has brought forth the best solution.

With a new platform approach, we are trying to connect you with the most experienced and the best event planning firms in Noida, be it for a small event or a grand one where over half the city is invited. Even if you want an event planner for events out of Noida, we will help you to choose only the best.

But how?

Here’s how ZoopGo will help you to choose the best event planner for any event you are planning to organize.

·       We provide a 24x7 customer service to tend to any of your needs.

·       We have more than hundred event planning agencies in Noida as our partner.

·       All our partners are certified with proper knowledge and experience in the said field.

·       We make sure that you only the best of the best and that’s why we always partner with those agencies which are popular in the market.


Well, for starters, the process is quite easy since you need to visit the portfolios of our partners, choose the ones which look inviting to you and then make a list of them. Ring them and discuss the plan with them and then narrow down the list on any one of the event planning agencies in Noida.


1. Will I get my money back if I cancel the deal last moment?

Most of the event planners in Noida discuss the cancellation terms and conditions with their clients.

2. What if any of the vendors doesn’t come before the event?

The event planners always have a backup plan, so that they can fill in emergencies.

3. Will the event planner in Noida help in saving money on venues?

Yes, most of the event planners offer discounts on choosing a venue.

4. I am planning a destination wedding. Can I hire a Noida-based event planner?

Yes, the wedding event planners in Noida are always up for arranging destination weddings. 


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