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Top Car Detailing Service Providers Near Me in Mumbai

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Ananya Car Cleaning Service

Ananya Car Cleaning Service 5.0 (0 Reviews)

Borivali East Mumbai

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ECO SMART WASH 5.0 (0 Reviews)

Vardhaman Krupa Building, 5, 6, T.T, Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Rd, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra Mumbai: 400012

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Engine Car Spa

Engine Car Spa 5.0 (1 Reviews)

CTS No. 300, Saheb Singh Compound, 59, Bhavani Nagar, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

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Blue Star Auto Garage

Blue Star Auto Garage 5.0 (1 Reviews)

Opp.Keytuo Ind. Estate Ram Krishna Mandir Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

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Wash Care Services

Wash Care Services 5.0 (1 Reviews)

Vasant Oasis, Makwana Rd, Gamdevi, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069

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KleenTouch Automotive Detailing

KleenTouch Automotive Detailing 5.0 (1 Reviews)

Shop No. 3, Solkar Compound, Tikuji Ni Wadi Rd, Manpada, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400607

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The Detailing Hub

The Detailing Hub 5.0 (1 Reviews)

The Detailing Hub, Taricha pada, behind padmavati temple Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400607

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The Driveway Detailing

The Driveway Detailing 5.0 (1 Reviews)

Krishna Estate, B Wing, Pokharan Rd Number 1, Upvan, Thane, Maharashtra 400606

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Car Detailing Charges in Mumbai (Approx)

Service Name Minimum price Maximum price
Hatchback Car Rubbing & Polishing ₹ 1199 ₹ 1499
Hatchback Ceramic Coating ₹ 8999 ₹ 11999
Hatchback Teflon Coating ₹ 1699 ₹ 2299
Hatchback PPF ₹ 31999 ₹ 41000
Hatchback Anti Rust Coating ₹ 1100 ₹ 1699
Sedan Car Rubbing & Polishing ₹ 1699 ₹ 1899
Sedan Ceramic Coating ₹ 11999 ₹ 13999
Sedan Teflon Coating ₹ 2099 ₹ 2499
Sedan PPF ₹ 4499 ₹ 4699
SUV Car Rubbing & Polishing ₹ 2199 ₹ 2399
SUV Ceramic Coating ₹ 11999 ₹ 12999
SUV Teflon Coating ₹ 2299 ₹ 2499
SUV Ceramic Coating ₹ 13999 ₹ 14999
SUV Teflon Coating ₹ 2499 ₹ 2699
SUV PPF ₹ 49999 ₹ 51999
SUV Anti Rust Coating ₹ 1499 ₹ 1699
MUV Car Rubbing & Polishing ₹ 1999 ₹ 2199
MUV Ceramic Coating ₹ 10999 ₹ 12999
MUV Teflon Coating ₹ 2199 ₹ 2399
MUV PPF ₹ 53999 ₹ 56000
Anti Rust Coating ₹ 1399 ₹ 1499
Coupe Car Rubbing & Polishing ₹ 3199 ₹ 3399
Coupe Ceramic Coating ₹ 16999 ₹ 18999
Coupe Teflon Coating ₹ 3199 ₹ 3299

Frequently Asked Questions

We speed up your searches by providing quotes as the first step and not the last.

The charges depend on what you want to get done to your car. The time it takes in the cleaning activity requested by you and the chemicals used will decide the final charges.

They are all registered with us and we have verified their commercial details. Please read customer reviews about them on our portal and you will find out what they think of these service providers.

Usually the period between booking and cleaning is not much. You must make these service providers aware of your change in plans as soon as you can, so they can free slots for other customers and they will reschedule if they are available.

Most of them would clean your vehicles at their garage, where they have all of the facilities, but if you want them to clean at your premises, that can be arranged too. Please discuss your requirements clearly with these service providers before you hire them.

Car Detailing Services in Mumbai will assist you in keeping your vehicle in excellent condition

car detailing in MumbaiCars are an expensive item to buy and maintain. They consume lots of costly fuel too. Once you have made a huge investment purchasing them, you will want to look after them. When you drive your vehicle you want to feel comfortable driving it and this will only happen if the interiors and the exteriors of your car are completely clean. Any marks on your car will attract rude looks, as you drive on the road. Mumbai, just like other major cities in the country, has a large number of car owners. Most cars need weekly cleaning and they all have the option of cleaning their vehicle themselves or getting it done by the professionals. When you hire car cleaning services they will offer you a number of packages and options. One of them will be the Car Detailing Services in Mumbai. This service includes complete cleaning of all parts of your car.


Your car exteriors are cleaned up more often than the interiors

Detailing as the name suggests, involves looking into every detail of your vehicle. Exterior Car Detailing involves the cleaning up of the painted area of your car, windscreen, indicators and lights, wheels, car windows and rear view mirrors.You must not use any rough cloth as that may cause scratches. Use of Microfiber Car Cleaning Clothes are recommended. You must use a decontanimate soap which is stronger than normal soap. Once that is done use a clay bar to clean these exteriors, these can be used as liquids or solids. You can apply wax to your car surface to give it a glossy makeover. There are different cleaning products for the windows too. You must rinse your car before you dry it.  


Cleaning of the interiors is as important as cleaning exteriors

The seats, the dashboard, steering wheel, the mats, the air conditioner, the doors, all need to be cleaned up. They are cleaned up separately with different types of tools and chemicals. Interior Vacuuming is done to the parts of the car interiors that can be cleaned up by vacuum cleaners. You will need a connection point for this electronic equipment to work.


Different car cleaners advertise differently

There are a number of service providers willing to assist you with car detailing, out there. Some of them advertise themselves as Brushing & Cleaning Services for your cars. They will clean all parts of the cars with the methods listed above or with their innovative methods. They use branded products that they have tried and tested.


Glasses are an important part of cars

Car glasses must always be clean or else you will not be able to drive comfortably. Even those not driving and sitting in the cars need to admire the views outside and only clean glasses will allow that. The car cleaning services provide Glass Cleaning services to clean your windscreen and windows.


You will get what you are paying for

Most of these service providers charge at affordable and competitive rates. The Charges depend on the type of services you want, whether you want the interiors or the exteriors  to be cleaned up or you want complete detailing services for your vehicle. They all offer different packages that you can go through and select, as per your requirements.

If you are looking for Car Detailing Services, Near Me, you must try ZoopGo. We will assist you with your search and hiring of these services. You just need to fill a small requirements form and in moments 4 best quotes, free of cost will be on your mobile. Alternatively you can connect with us at 1800-12312-9655 to discuss your requirements and queries.

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