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Kitty parties can be arranged in any place, provided you have a table and chairs or couches to sit on. You can go for your own home, a club, or even a poolside area.
Kitty parties can be arranged in any place, provided you have a table and chairs or couches to sit on. You can go for your own home, a club, or even a poolside area.
If you are arranging in your home, homemade snacks would be ideal. For some other places, try to keep the snack light with juices or coffee.
That is entirely up to you. If you want to go for some gifts, make sure they are within the budget range.

Where there is a group of women, there should be something classic for entertainment. And that’s where the kitty parties come into the foreplay. With equal contributions from the women of the group, these occasional parties are too much to miss.

But no kitty party can be a proper social gathering unless you arrange for some spicy snacks, some tangy drinks, and some interesting games. Gossips will always be there but that isn’t something which can make your kitty party the best.

So, if you are the host for this month, then why don’t you think of some ideas, which will heighten the frenzies of the event?

Considering the light decorations that are usually done in the kitty parties, you can arrange for that on your own. However, the main worrisome matter is the food. When a number of women are there, criticisms are a must. And that’s why you have to keep everything on the top.

This is the reason why Gurgaon, especially, have a large number of kitty party caterers who plan the main part of the event quite efficiently. These firms specialize in dealing with the kitty party dishes, starting from the snacks to the main course meals, serving and even arranging the cutleries.


Gurgaon being an industrial space, it is very important to arrange the parties in the finest way. This is why choosing a kitty party caterer is ideal, especially if you are planning to make your impression the best.

·These catering firms will help you in dealing with the party stress, which usually comes with the kitty parties.

·You can make the finest dishes with professional help, the best way to impress your women company.

·The kitty party caterers in Gurgaon sometimes offer packages for the decoration too. This might be an additional bonanza to your pack.

·They know how to cook different dishes and so you won’t have to stick to the stereotypic snacks and other foods.

·They are proficient in their job and know what to do when in a small gathering.


You will have hundreds of different kitty party services. But to choose the best from them is actually the most difficult part. After all, it is always said: “Never judge a book by its cover”!

So, only going on the looks and the names aren’t enough while hiring a professional catering service for your kitty party. You have to make the event topmost and that’s why your choice should also be of the high-grade.

·Always consider the recommendations of close relatives and friends.

·Make sure the one whom you are choosing are familiar with different dishes and can cook them without any difficulty.

·If the catering service comes with cutlery service, then that will be a fruitful addition.

·Hire a catering service who will be willing to work according to your place and time.

·Communication is a must and the caterers should be flexible with that. After all, their behaviors will be taken into consideration by your women friends.


You can keep the menu light if it is a lunch kitty party. But if you are arranging for a night schedule, then choosing a main course meal is preferable. For the snacks, keep the menu light and it would be best if you choose a combination of Indian and foreign cuisines. Drinks are must but try to keep this menu according to the climate.


Zoopogo is a platform where you can get connected with numerous kitty party caterers within Gurgaon. These catering firms are some of the most preferred ones in the entire city.

Our partners are all certified and we choose only those who are known for their high-quality services. So, considering these advantages, you can choose any caterer on your own and get to know what they have to offer.


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