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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually the photos are being shared in the very common and accepted formats like PDF and JPG. The clients can receive the photographs in any of the formats that they are comfortable with. The photographers can also share the photos as a downloadable link or can be given in a pen drive or CD.
Generally the cost of conveyance and also the cost of the equipment are being included in the package cost quoted by the photographer. So, we would suggest you to clarify every cost component clearly at the time of making the deal.
Communication is certainly the best key in order to receive the most fruitful creative output out of your appointed photographer. We would suggest you to discuss your expectations and planning with your appointed Zoopgo fashion-portfolio photographer and this would enable you to receive the best possible output.

The Fashion-Portfolio Photographers in Gurgaon

The fashion-portfolio photographers are high in demand in Gurgaon in the recent years as more and more youngsters are now aspiring to be models and join the glamour word to make a career. Gurgaon is a high-tech city with many corporations already operating from the city. This is indeed the corporate hub of NCR. The corporate companies and the advertising agencies often need models for photo shoots, for making their advertisements and also for several marketing and promotional events. So, Gurgaon is a city where the demand for the fashion-portfolio photographers is experiencing a steep rise.

There are several experienced and expert fashion-portfolio photographers who are featured in the Zoopgo platform and can be approached for making a fashion portfolio. No matter, whether you are an aspiring model or already made a niche in the fashion industry, you will get a perfect fashion-portfolio photographer to shoot your dream portfolio which can help you in bagging your dream projects in the fashion industry. The best fashion-portfolio photographers from Zoopgo shoot at both outdoor as well as indoor locations depending on the requirement of their clients. The best part is that Zoopgo fashion-portfolio photographers would offer you the one-stop solution when it comes to fashion photography. They provide the complete package which included the makeup, dress changes, styling, promotion, making your portfolio website etc. There are packages which are offered to the clients and the concerned client can choose the one as per his/her preference and affordability.

Why to hire fashion-portfolio photographers from Zoopgo?
  • The fashion-portfolio photographers from Zoopgo offer the most premium portfolio shooting as they have been working in the fashion photography industry for a long time.
  • The fashion-portfolio photographers offer the one-stop solution for the portfolio shooting which includes the entire package that include the makeup, styling, dress changes and promotion as well.
  • The portfolio photographers offer several networking opportunities to the aspiring models which help them in getting new modeling assignments/projects. This helps the aspiring models to move ahead in their career.
Fashion-portfolio packages offered by Zoopgo fashion-portfolio photographers  

Zoopgo is a platform where you can find the best fashion-portfolio photographers for males, females and kids as well. Here are the usual packages that the Zoopgo fashion-portfolio photographers usually offer to their clients. You can choose the one that fulfils your requirement and is as per your budget.

  • Platinum package- This package include the overall makeup, styling, six costume changes, promotion and website. This package also includes 1-day training before the final shot. There is also video shoot included in this package. The package presently costs around Rs. 65,000.
  • Gold package- This package includes the complete professional makeup, styling, five costume changes, promotion as well as website. The present market price of this package is usually Rs. 45,000.
  • Silver package- This package included the complete makeup, styling, three costume changes and promotion. This package is the basic package and costs approximately around Rs. 30,000.

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