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3 Verified Couple Portrait Photographers Near Me In Gurgaon

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Rohit Ahuja photography 4

House no.A/42, New Pollce chow...

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Candid, Drone, Cinematic, Digital.

Just Click Photography 5

UG 15, Hong Kong Bazaar, Susha...

Start From 40,000 Per day View Profile     Get Quotes

Candid, Drone, Cinematic, Digital.

Deepak Photo Studio 5

Shop No 3, National Highway 8,...

Start From 20,000 Per day View Profile     Get Quotes

Candid, Drone, Cinematic, Digital.

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Photography Charges of Gurgaon
Service Name Minimum price Maximum price
Wedding Photographer ₹ 60000 ₹ 150000
Maternity Photographer ₹ 10000 ₹ 25000
Birthday and personal party ₹ 12000 ₹ 25000
Corporate event Photographer ₹ 7000 ₹ 10000
Product Catalogue Photographer ₹ 50000 ₹ 100000
Special occasion Photographer ₹ 12000 ₹ 25000
Fashion Portfolio Photographer ₹ 15000 ₹ 30000
Baby photoshoot ₹ 10000 ₹ 18000
Pre wedding photographer ₹ 20000 ₹ 50000
Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a couple photographers in Gurgaon ensures that you have professional expertise in capturing your love and connection in a unique and personalized way. They have the skills to create stunning images that reflect your relationship and preserve your memories.

To choose the right couple photographer in Gurgaon, research their portfolios, read reviews from previous clients, consider their style and expertise, and assess their compatibility with your vision and preferences.

During a couple photography session in Gurgaon, you can expect a relaxed and enjoyable experience. The photographer will guide you with posing and capture candid moments that reflect your love and connection.

Yes, you can choose the location for a couple photography session in Gurgaon. It can be a meaningful place for you as a couple or a picturesque spot recommended by the photographer.

The duration of a couple photography session in Gurgaon can vary depending on the package and the number of locations you choose. On average, it can last between 1 to 2 hours.

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